Who Makes the Best Vinyl Windows

Who Makes the Best Vinyl Windows

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Investing in new windows will completely change the look of a home. When homeowners choose Milgard windows, they select one of the industry’s leaders. After years of searching we believe we can answer the question, “Who makes the best vinyl windows“, with Milgard. Milgard’s vinyl windows are energy efficient, built for durability, and customizable to suit any home’s architectural style. To find out why so many of the area’s contractors and homeowners have trusted Milgard for years read our guide.

Vinyl Window Energy Star Certification

As one of Energy Star’s partners, Milgard is committed to meeting the stringent standards of the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency to conserve energy and reduce HVAC costs for all customers. When homeowners choose Milgard windows that meet Energy Star’s guidelines, they’re assured of optimum comfort and energy efficiency regardless of climate. Call today to select a glass package that suits the area, and enjoy impressive thermal performance all year long.

Custom Replacement Windows in a Range of Styles

When homeowners choose Milgard vinyl windows, they get their choice of custom hardware, colors, and materials. Buyers can make their new windows their own with these custom options, and the process is easy, quick, and convenient.

Improving Curb Appeal

Everyone is looking for ways to make their home look better, and new vinyl windows from Milgard are a great way to do it. New windows can revitalize the look of any home, and vinyl windows are so durable that they’ll provide years of great looks and timeless appeal.

Increased Home Resale Value

Specific home improvement projects can significantly improve a home’s resale value, and vinyl windows are no exception. While new Milgard vinyl windows make it more comfortable to live in the house, they also increase the home’s value substantially. According to information from Remodeling Magazine, installing vinyl windows can help a homeowner recoup almost 75% of the cost of the job. Call today to learn more about the cost of replacement windows.

A Dramatic Reduction in Noise Levels

Milgard doors and windows come with insulated glass that decreases outdoor noise levels so users can comfortably enjoy their homes. With insulated glass and vinyl window frames, outside noise stays outdoors.

Protecting Carpet, Curtains, and Furniture From Damage

Are the home’s current windows causing carpet, furniture, and curtains to fade? Milgard has the solution. The Low-E glass used in these doors and windows keeps harmful UV rays from getting into the home while increasing the entire structure’s energy efficiency. Visit us or call us today to learn more about our protective glass package choices.

Preventing Forced Entry and Increasing Safety

Milgard vinyl new construction and replacement windows aren’t just easy to operate; they help keep the entire home safe from intruders. All products are tested for resistance to forced entry, and our glass packages offer an additional protective layer.

Energy-Efficient Construction Methods

Because these vinyl windows are multi-glazed, they may offer homeowners substantial savings on their monthly energy bills. Multi glazed windows are advantageous because they help make homes more energy efficient by keeping heat in through winter and cool air in during summer.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

Replacement vinyl windows from Milgard are almost maintenance free, apart from an occasional washing. Vinyl is highly resistant to scratching, requires no scraping, sanding, or painting, and does not age as fast or as severely as other window frame materials do.

An Extensive Selection of Vinyl Windows

When considering vinyl window options, customers have numerous styles, sizes, and colors from which to choose. Whether a homeowner wants sliding or casement windows, with Milgard, they’ll have an abundance of great choices.

Reasonable Prices

The price homeowners pay to replace old, worn windows with energy-efficient vinyl ones is lower than that of other replacement window options. Not only are vinyl window materials and construction more reasonably priced, but installation is also easier, which decreases labor costs.

Resistance to Heat Transfer

Vinyl is an excellent insulator, which means that it stops heat from getting into the home when it’s hot outdoors, and it keeps warmth in when it’s cold out. With a set of vinyl windows from Milgard, it’s easier to keep the home at an ideal temperature all year long.

Although it’s summer now, winter is just around the corner. The time to replace a home’s old windows is now, and vinyl windows could be an excellent option for many homeowners. If a customer is curious about the benefits of vinyl replacement and new construction windows, they can give the experts at US Window & Door a call. Our trained sales representatives are ready and willing to answer questions, and they’re waiting to help homeowners find the most suitable options. Until then we hope our guide has proven who makes the best vinyl windows with Milgard Windows.