The Latest Information on Milgard's Window Warranties

The Latest Information on Milgard's Window Warranties

April 8, 2024
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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Buying replacement windows can be an excellent investment when adequately protected by the right warranty. While many manufacturers offer a warranty, understanding the details specific to your purchase is crucial, especially if the warranty is unique to each window series. Milgard Windows & Doors, known for its high-quality products, has changed its warranty coverage after being acquired in 2019 to clarify what's available for each window series. As a homeowner, staying informed about these updates can help you make the best decision when investing in new windows. 

MI Windows' Acquisition of Milgard

In November 2019, MI Windows and Doors, LLC acquired Milgard Manufacturing Incorporated from Masco Corporation for $725 million. This acquisition brought together two well-respected window and door manufacturers with a strong reputation for quality and innovation. 

The transaction made MI Windows and Doors one of the leaders in the US market. Milgard, known for being a leading supplier of windows and patio doors to consumers across the western half of the US, greatly expanded MI Windows and Doors' operations, especially in the growing vinyl windows and patio doors product segments.

As MI Windows and Doors had significant production operations in the western region of the US, the acquisition further enhanced their capacity to supply the West's fast-growing local construction markets. Milgard's presence in the western US complemented MI Windows and Doors' historically strong position in the eastern and southern US, allowing for coast-to-coast coverage on residential window and door markets.

Following the acquisition, Milgard has continued to operate as a separate business unit within MI Windows, maintaining its brand identity, product lines, and commitment to customer satisfaction. While Milgard changed some warranty terms in recent years, these updates are part of a broader effort by the company to provide more transparent coverage for their customers rather than a direct result of the acquisition.

Changes in Milgard's Window Warranties

Milgard Window Warranty Comparison Chart

Over the past few years, Milgard has transitioned from offering a more general lifetime warranty to more clearly defined terms for its various product lines. This shift aims to give homeowners a better understanding of the specific coverage they can expect when purchasing Milgard windows.

Under the updated warranty terms effective October 4, 2021, Milgard's Tuscany and Trinsic Series windows still carry a Full Lifetime Warranty for the original owners of owner-occupied residential dwellings within Milgard's service territory. This comprehensive coverage includes parts and labor at no charge to correct any nonconformity in materials or craft for as long as the original owner owns and resides in the home, with some exceptions depending on glass and IGU coverage. The Tuscany Series also includes glass breakage coverage, while it is an optional upgrade for the Trinsic Series. There remains coverage for up to 10 years from the manufacture date for "all other owners." Some examples of "other owners" are if the property is sold from one residential owner to a new residential owner or, in the case of an original build, from the builder to the initial owner of the property. 

However, many of Milgard's other window series, such as the Style Line, Ultra, and HomeMaker Series, now fall under a Lifetime Limited Warranty. This warranty provides parts at no charge to correct nonconformities in the mainframe for the original owner of a residential dwelling. However, the insulated glass unit (IGU) and components have a 20-year limit. For all other owners, including subsequent homeowners and those with windows installed in non-owner-occupied or commercial properties, a 10-year Limited Warranty applies. 

Primary Differences & Other Considerations of the Warranties

The primary differences in these warranties surround Milgard's territories, time-bound labor coverage restrictions, and IGU and component coverage timeline differences. Furthermore, both warranties have modified coverages for specific frame types, painted materials, or special IGUs like glass with blinds between the panes or integral shades. Both warranties also specify when labor is included, but when it is, it's highly dependent on Milgard's service territories, which is dissimilar to the parts coverage.

The Lifetime Limited Warranty has a tiered approach, with window and door frames covered for life, glass, and hardware for 20 years, and labor for 10 years for owners within Milgard's service territory. In some instances, owners outside the service territory are responsible for inspection, labor, and shipping costs.

In addition to these main warranty categories, Milgard offers modified coverages for specific components and situations. For example, painted and fiberglass frames are covered for 10 years against excessive peeling, checking, cracking, chalking, fading, or color change. Blinds between the glass and integral shades are covered for 10 years for obstruction of vision or significant impairment in usage. Stress cracks, weatherstripping, and insect screens are covered for one year, while stainless steel hardware is covered for one year against corrosion.

Under the 10-Year Limited Warranty, laminated and impact IGU coverage is limited to five years for nonconformities, and simulated divided light coverage is limited to 10 years. It's important to note that there may be additional aspects of the windows or normal wear and tear that aren't covered in the warranties, so check with your salesperson for all final details. Don't assume anything online, including this article, is perfectly up to date or applies to your purchase without confirming with the manufacturer as part of your sales process. Warranties change, and legal interpretations of the text therein do apply, which is why having trusted advisors review the text with you is always recommended before purchase.

These warranty changes reflect Milgard's efforts to provide more precise coverage for their customers while still offering comprehensive protection for their high-quality window and door products. As a homeowner, you must review the specific warranty terms for the Milgard products you are considering and stay informed about any updates to ensure you understand the coverage provided.

Understanding the Different Warranty Types

Milgard offers two main types of warranties: the Full Lifetime Warranty and the Lifetime Limited Warranty. The coverage and duration vary depending on the specific window series.

Full Lifetime Warranty

- Applies to the Tuscany® Series V400 and Trinsic™ Series V300 windows and as an upgrade for the V450 or Style Line Series V250.

- Covers parts and labor at no charge for the Original Owner of an Owner-Occupied Residential Dwelling within Milgard's Service Territory for as long as they own and reside in the home.

- Includes glass breakage coverage for the Tuscany Series and is an optional upgrade for the Trinsic Series.

- For other owners of the structure, Milgard provides parts only with a 10-year limit from the time of manufacturing and labor in that same time frame but only if the structure is located within a service territory. 

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Keeping a close eye on window warranty changes.

- Applies to the Ultra™ Series C650 / V450 / V350, Style Line® Series V250 / V150, HomeMaker Series V450, Thermally Improved Aluminum A250, and Standard Aluminum A150.

- Provides parts at no charge to correct nonconformities for the Original Owner of a Residential Dwelling for as long as they own and reside in the home.

- For subsequent owners of an Owner-Occupied Residential Dwelling, parts are provided at no charge to correct nonconformities for 10 years from the manufacture date.

- The owner is responsible for inspection, labor, and shipping costs except for within 10 years of the manufacture date when the structure is located within Milgard's service territory. 

10-year Limited Warranty Considerations

- Applies to all other owners, including subsequent owners of Residential Dwellings and owners of structures other than Owner-Occupied Residential Dwellings (e.g., commercial applications).

- Provides parts at no charge to correct nonconformities for 10 years from the manufacture date.

- Skilled Labor is provided at no charge for claims made within 10 years of the manufacture date for owners within Milgard's Service Territory.

It's essential for homeowners to review the specific warranty terms for the Milgard products they are considering and to stay informed about any updates to ensure they understand the coverage provided. By familiarizing themselves with the current warranty information, homeowners make more informed decisions about replacement windows for their hom

Importance of Staying Informed & Getting Professional Advice

As recent changes to Milgard's window warranties demonstrate, homeowners should stay informed about the latest coverage terms when purchasing replacement windows. While Milgard continues its comprehensive product warranties, the details and limitations may vary depending on the window series, ownership status, and property location.

By familiarizing yourself with the current warranty information, you can make a more informed decision when selecting replacement windows for your home. Don't hesitate to ask questions or get clarification from your window installer or Milgard representative to ensure you fully understand the coverage provided.

Milgard Windows & Doors remains committed to producing high-quality, durable windows backed by comprehensive warranties. Despite recent changes in ownership and warranty terms, homeowners can still rely on Milgard's products and customer support to ensure their satisfaction with their replacement windows.

When considering Milgard windows for your home, take the time to review the latest warranty information and discuss options with knowledgeable professionals. At US Window & Door, we are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the process of selecting and installing the best replacement windows for their unique needs. Contact us today to learn how Milgard's windows and warranties can benefit your home.