What is a Four Panel Replacement Patio Door?

What is a Four Panel Replacement Patio Door?

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Let a little more light into your home and open up your home to the outdoors with gorgeous four-panel replacement patio doors. It doesn’t matter if your patio doors need to be replaced or you’re just after a better view of the outdoors, the four-panel patio doors are an amazing option. With plenty of choices to look into, you’re sure to find an option you’re going to love. Take the time to read these FAQs to learn more about your options and what you need to know before choosing a four-panel replacement patio door for your home.  

What Are Four-Panel Replacement Patio Doors?

Four-panel patio doors are large, glass doors that include four different panels. They can be sliding doors or a moving wall that includes four panels, depending on what you’re looking for. They’re generally designed to bring in as much light as possible and to open up the view so you can see outside better. They’re perfect for any home that has a bit of extra space that can be opened up or that already has a large patio door that needs to be replaced.  

Do Four-Panel Replacement Patio Doors Work for Any Home?

The home needs to have enough room along one exterior wall for the doors to be installed. They can replace older patio doors, even if the patio doors previously used did not have four panels. Most homes can accommodate these doors provided there is enough space for the options you choose.  

Why Choose a Four-Panel Replacement Patio Door?

Four-panel patio doors open up the home to the outdoors. They let in a lot more light, let you have a better view of the outdoors, and make it possible for you to open up the home to entertain indoors and outdoors or just enjoy the beautiful weather. Most people who choose a four-panel patio door do so because they want to be able to see more outside, even when they’re stuck inside for the day.  

What Styles are Available?

Four-panel patio doors come in a variety of different styles. Sliding doors are available with a standard rail or a French rail. You can also choose in-swing or out-swing doors, bifold, stacking panel or pocket doors for your patio doors. All of these are available for replacement doors as well as new construction, limiting potential issues that could occur if you’re replacing a patio door.  

What Product Series is Suitable for Replacement Doors?

Milgard offers a number of different four-panel doors that are suitable for replacement doors. The Tuscany product series, Ultra series, aluminum series, and moving glass wall systems can all be designed with four panels and used to replace your current patio doors.  

Which is Better: Sliding Doors or Swinging Doors?

You’ll want to carefully consider the different types of patio doors to make sure you choose the right one. In-swing doors are fantastic for places where you want to be able to open the doors as much as possible, but there does need to be plenty of room inside the home for them to open up. Similarly, with out-swing doors, you’ll need the room outside of your home for the doors to open up. With sliding doors, you don’t really need to worry about whether something will be in the way of the doors when they’re open.  

Can the Sliding Doors be Adjusted?

If a four-panel door isn’t working properly, it can be adjusted. Follow instructions from Milgard to make sure you’re doing the adjustments correctly. This can help make sure the door slides easier or can be done to make sure the door can be locked properly so it cannot be opened while you’re gone. Most of the time, the adjustments are simple to do, so you can do them on your own with the right instructions.  

How Should Four-Panel Replacement Patio Doors be Cleaned?

Care should be taken to keep the doors clean and to make sure the doors are protected from damage as well. The glass should be cleaned regularly with a gentle soap and water to get rid of smudges and smears. As needed, use a gentle soap and water on the frame for the panels to clean them thoroughly. Always rinse after cleaning and wipe dry with a soft towel. This helps protect the panel frames so you avoid any damages like scratched paint.  

What Colors Should be Chosen?

There are two different ways to choose the color for your new patio doors: look for a bold color to stand out or choose a complementary color to help the frame blend in with the home. If you have light-colored walls, choose a color that’s dark for a bold look or a lighter color close to your home’s color if you’d prefer that the panels blend in with the rest of your home.  

What are the Benefits to the Tuscany Series?

The Tuscany style is designed using a signature vinyl formula for added durability and energy efficiency. It includes the SmartTouch hardware, a full lifetime warranty, and 11 different exterior color options for you to choose from. These doors are designed to withstand harsh climates, to continue to look beautiful for years to come, and to help keep your home safe when you’re gone. They’re a premium option for four-panel patio doors and can easily be added to your home to add to the appearance of your home and to help you bring the outside in. They are available as replacement patio doors in sliding, in-swing, and out-swing configurations.  

What are the Benefits for the Ultra Series?

With a beautiful, contemporary look, the Ultra series is a fantastic option for a four-panel replacement patio door. They’re designed to be durable and to stand up to the weather no matter what season it is. You can choose from seven exterior frame colors to ensure the doors complement your home perfectly. They’re energy efficient, include hardware that’s attractive and easy to use, and they include a full lifetime warranty. Choose the exterior color to look fantastic with your home and the hardware color you prefer for a customizable four-panel patio door. The Ultra series is available as sliding or swing French doors.  

What are the Benefits to the Aluminum Series?

If you really want the best view possible, you won’t want the panels themselves to get in the way. The Aluminum series features thinner frames for the panels to give you the best view possible. They also feature more strength and stability, a contemporary frame that looks great with any home, and energy efficiency. They’re designed to be durable and include a full lifetime warranty. Aluminum panel doors are sliding doors and can include, depending on the region, a thermally improved insulating ability.  

What are the Benefits of the Moving Glass Wall Systems?

The moving glass wall systems offer endless possibilities. They’re available in custom sizes for replacement patio doors and come in 5 main configurations. You’ll want to carefully consider which of the main configurations would be best for your home as well as choose the exterior color and other options that may be available to you. It’s possible to use four panels for the moving glass wall systems to really open up your home to the outdoors so you can enjoy the view.