Learn About the Different Types of Patio Doors

Learn About the Different Types of Patio Doors

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Choosing a new patio door can be difficult to do. Today, Milgard offers a huge number of options for homeowners who want to replace an existing patio door or add a new door to open up the space to the outdoors. Learn about the different types of doors available as well as what you might need to consider when choosing the perfect one for your home today.

What Types of Patio Doors are Available Through Milgard?

Milgard offers a number of different patio door styles to ensure homeowners can find the perfect one for their home. Styles include sliding patio doors, French-style sliding doors, In-Swing French doors, Out-swing French doors, pocket glass walls, bi-fold glass walls and stacking glass walls.

What Frame Materials are Available?

The patio doors are available in wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. Various colors are available in each option to ensure both the frame material and the color will complement the rest of the home.

What are the Product Lines for Patio Doors?

Patio door product lines include Tuscany, Montecito, Style Line, Essence, Ultra, Aluminum, and Moving Glass Wall systems. Each series provides a unique look and attention to detail intended to help the new patio door blend seamlessly with the home.

What Should Homeowners Consider When Thinking About the Style of Door for Their Home?

The biggest considerations are the wall space and the floor space in the home. Homeowners with limited wall space may want to consider French-style patio doors such as the French sliding doors, In-swing French doors or Out-swing French doors. If they have limited wall space and floor space, French-style sliding doors may be the best option. If the homeowner has more wall space they want to open up, they might want to consider one of the glass wall systems to let in as much light as possible and to really open the space to the outdoors.

What Patio Doors are Recommended for Areas with Limited Floor Space?

Many homeowners will want to avoid in-swing doors because of the space that needs to be left open for the doors to be able to open and close. These homeowners still have plenty of options to look into for patio doors. They might want to check out sliding patio doors, pocket glass walls or stacking glass walls to have a great view and an easy-to-open door without giving up floor space inside their home. These doors don’t require any floor space inside or outside to open and close, so they’re perfect for areas where the homeowner wants to maximize their space.

What Are French Doors and Do They Swing Inside or Outside the Home?

French patio doors are doors designed to enable a space to be opened to the outside easily and that allow a lot of light to enter the home when they’re closed. French patio doors can be in-swing or out-swing, depending on the homeowner’s preferences.

Which is Better: In-Swing or Out-Swing Patio Doors?

This depends on the homeowner’s needs. If they need more space inside the home, they may want to opt for out-swing doors so they don’t need to leave empty floor space where the door opens and closes. If they need more space on the patio but have plenty of room inside, they might opt for in-swing French doors to keep the outside area open.

What are French-Style Sliding Patio Doors?

Homeowners who want the look of French doors but who have limited floor space inside and out might opt for French-style sliding patio doors instead. These patio doors open on one side at a time but work like sliding doors to minimize the floor space that’s used. They let in a lot of light and offer the look of traditional doors without needing to swing inside or outside the frame.

What are Pocket Glass Walls?

Pocket glass walls are sliding glass doors that open into a pocket in the wall. When they’re completely open, they disappear from view and leave the full space open. This is perfect for entertaining, where an open space allows guests to gather inside or outside without being left out of what’s happening elsewhere as they offer a seamless transition between the inside and outside of the home. They do require sufficient wall space for the doors to slide into when the homeowner wants to fully open the doors.

What are Bi-Fold Glass Walls?

These doors provide an open view of the outdoors and slide open with each panel sliding on top of the adjacent panel. They do require some floor space to be available on the side they open to so the doors can slide together. However, this allows for a full wall to be opened up easily. These are perfect for homeowners who want the glass wall look but who don’t have the wall space for pocket glass walls.

What are Stacking Glass Walls?

Stacking glass walls open like sliding glass doors, but there can be multiple panels that open on top of each other. This provides a full view of the outdoors and the ability to combine multiple panels into a door like the bi-fold glass walls but doesn’t require floor space to be available inside or outside the home. This is the perfect option for homeowners who want a wall of doors to let in more light or a better view, yet who don’t have the wall space or floor space for pocket glass walls or bi-fold glass walls.

If you’re ready to purchase a new patio door, take the time to consider which style will work best for your space. Then, look into the product lines, materials, and more to choose the exact patio door you’ll want for your home. The right patio door is going to really open up your home to the outside, provide the added light you want inside, and look great with the rest of your home. Take a look at the options available today to see how amazing these doors might look in your home.