How to Clean Sliding Glass Door Tracks

How to Clean Sliding Glass Door Tracks

how to clean a sliding glass door

As property owners know all too well, sliding glass doors require proper cleaning and maintenance regularly. The steps are relatively simple and the payoff for completing the tasks is phenomenal. After their new patio door installation, Milgard consultants prepare the property owner for the task and help the homeowners protect their new investment.

What are the Preparations Steps for Cleaning Process?

Obviously, all draperies are removed first. If a screen door was installed with the sliding glass door it is removed as well. The screen is removed easily by lifting it up and out of the framing. The property owner should place the screen door in a safe place to prevent possible damage. Any furniture that is close to the sliding glass door is moved to provide a clear path leading to the door. Any particles on the flooring that could be tracked around the door should be swept up as well.

How Do You Remove the Doors from the Tracks?

Start by removing one section at a time. Grab the door section at each end. Push the section upward to lift the wheels at the bottom of the section and clear the track. The level screws on the wheels are removed to prevent damage to the bottom threshold. Next, push the other door section upward and pull it toward you. Continue to pull the section until it clears the door opening completely.

Place the door sections on a flat surface that is level and holds each section securely. The surface should enable you to walk all the way around the door sections freely. A sawhorse is a great option for holding the doors safely and providing adequate clearance for cleaning.

What is the Cleaning Process Completed?

Use wire brushes to remove dirt, debris, hair, and pet hair from the door’s wheels. Use a vacuum to remove all visible debris that remains on the wheels and all the way around each section of the sliding glass doors. Next, vacuum the door tracks and remove all debris around and inside the tracks. Use a wet rag to clean any existing debris from the tracks completely.

Do the Sliding Glass Doors Need Lubrication?

Yes, start by applying a non-stick lubricant to the wheels. Silicone lubricant is the best option for sliding glass doors. Next, apply the silicone lubricant to the sliding glass door tracks. It isn’t necessary to wait for the lubricant to dry before putting the doors back into place. You’ll complete the same steps in reverse that you did to remove each section.

What Should You Use to Clean the Sliding Glass Doors?

Once the doors are back in place and operate properly, you can use any window or glass cleaner to clean the glass itself. Aluminum framing requires that you clean it with appropriate cleaning solutions and polish it. Vinyl framing is cleaned with any mild detergent.

Property owners must follow all cleaning and maintenance steps to increase the longevity of their sliding glass door products. Debris that collects around the wheels and tracks prevent the doors from opening properly. If it isn’t managed, the wheels or tracks become damaged and won’t operate properly. Property owners who want to learn more about cleaning and maintaining their sliding glass doors contact Milgard right now.