Basic Patio Door FAQs

Basic Patio Door FAQs

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Basic Patio Door FAQs

Anyone who just purchased a new patio door and has never owned one before might have a lot of questions. They will want to know the best ways to maintain the door so that it will last. Another concern might be about security. There could also be questions about warranties. Answers to some common questions can be found below. If an issue hasn’t been addressed on this page, an email containing your inquiry can be sent to customer support.

How Is the Sales Order Number Found?

When a customer calls about their patio door, they will be asked for a sales order number (SO). This is so customer care can find the product in the company’s system. This is a convenient feature since the door can always be tracked and information on it is easy to find. The SO can be found on either the top right or left corner of the door’s glass. There is a metal space that is located between the panes of glass. Five to eight numbers will precede a decimal and three other numbers. It’s best to have the SO before contacting a customer service rep.

How Can Sliding Glass Door Rollers Be Adjusted?

The rollers of the door can easily be adjusted to help the door function smoothly. The wheels are hidden behind two plug covers. A putty knife can be used to pry the covers open. Once the covers are removed, the Phillip head screws can be accessed. These screws control the height of the door. To raise the door, the putty knife needs to be inserted under the door so that it can be lifted. The screw should be turned clockwise to lift the door. To lower the door, the screw needs to be moved counter-clockwise.

The door can then be checked by moving it to towards the door jam. If the door is adjusted and working correctly, the plugs can be reattached.

How Can A Patio Door Be Cleaned and Lubricated?

For a door to keep working like new, it has to be cleaned and lubricated on occasion. This is a job for people with the right safety equipment and a basic understanding of how to use tools. Eye protection needs to be worn while cleaning and lubricating a door. Pets and small kids should not be in the area while the door is being worked on.

The door will have to be closed, and then a vacuum will be used to clean the visible track. Once the track has been cleaned, the door should be opened so that the other side of the track can be worked on. When the track is cleaned, a simple household cleaner should be applied to the track. The door can then be closed so the same can be done to the other side.

The track should then be carefully inspected to see if any areas need to be cleaned with steel wool. If the track is in bad shape, it might have to be replaced. After the track has been thoroughly cleaned, it will need to be lubricated. The lubricant needs to be applied to the entire track. The door should then be opened and closed a few times to make sure that it is well-lubricated and working smoothly.

Is There an Easy Way to Learn How to Care for My Patio Door Completely?

There are several do-it-yourself (DIY) found on the website. For those who don’t like to follow written instructions and follow videos better, these tutorials can be of great help.

How Does the Warranty Work?

The patio door comes with a warranty. To make it easier to use the warranty, door owners are encouraged to use the website to register their warranty. Understand that registering a warranty is not required for it to be honored. When a service call is made, having the warranty registered streamlines the entire process. Once a warranty is registered, it will be easy for the customer to get access to it via the website. When a customer needs a copy of their warranty, they just have to answer three questions to get it.

How to Get Service?

If a patio door owner needs service for any reason, they can fill out a form on the website. After the form is completed, a customer service rep will get back to the owner of the door as soon as possible. Service for the door can then be arranged. For windows that are out of warranty, Authorized Dealers can be contacted to handle repairs.

Are the Patio Doors Secure?

With our patio doors, there isn’t any need to use a piece of wood to secure the door. The doors come with several security features already built in. Naturally, there are other precautions that people can take to help with security. Having a home alarm system can help to enhance the security that is already provided by the patio doors.

What Type of Frames Can the Doors Have?

Patio doors can be purchased in wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Potential buyers should learn as much about each material as they can. That allows them to ask sales representatives the right questions. Homeowners have different needs and desires.

How Can the Glass Be Kept Clean?

Patio doors can be protected by traditional window coverings. A common way to protect sliding patio doors is to use blinds. If there is any dirt on a door’s glass, it can be gently cleaned with mild soap and water. It’s important not to use abrasive chemicals on the glass. The glass can be scratched and otherwise damaged by chemicals that are too harsh. A soft cloth should also be used with the solution. Windows can be cleaned as frequently as an owner desires.

Any questions that have not been answered can be relayed via email to our office.