Are Patio Doors Easy To Break Into?

Are Patio Doors Easy To Break Into?


Are Patio Doors Easy To Break Into?

When adding a patio door to your home, security might be a concern. We’ve put together a list of some of the more common security concerns that customers have about patio doors.

What Mistakes Do Homeowners Make With Patio Door Security?  

Most homeowners don’t realize that one-third of burglaries are committed by opportunistic criminals who enter homes through unlocked windows or doors. It’s important to make sure that the patio door is locked while a homeowner is away from the home, sleeping, or not able to monitor the area of the home where the door is located.  

Another mistake that homeowners make is not buying doors that have advanced security features that can better protect against forced entry. If an individual has to place a piece of wood down to block a sliding door from being forced open, they have a door that doesn’t have the proper security features to deter a forced break-in.  

In order to deter would-be thieves, it’s a good idea to make it more difficult for them to see inside the patio door when there isn’t anyone home. Blinds or other coverings can be used with patio doors. Along with helping to act as a deterrent, privacy can also be enhanced.

What Are Some Weaknesses That Other Patio Doors Have?

Perhaps the number one weakness that other patio doors have is that they only have basic latch locking systems. Unfortunately, basic latch systems have been known to be bypassed simply by wiggling the handle back and forth. Experienced burglars usually don’t have any problems bypassing basic latches. If a door doesn’t have more than one locking point, its security is seriously lacking.  

Even if a door has a more advanced locking system, the buyer has to be aware of the quality of the lock. Is it made from the best material? Is it built to last? Does it meet forced-entry codes? Those are just some of the questions someone who is serious about buying a secure door has to ask.

What About Forced-Entry Codes?

Customers who want doors that offer top-notch security will know about force-entry codes. States will have different standards for forced-entry requirements as far as locks are concerned. California is known to have forced-entry codes that are among the toughest in the country. Our SmartTouch lock system actually exceeds the forced-entry requirements for California by a whopping 25 percent. That means that the locks offer superior resistance to forced-entry attempts.

What About Glass Protection?  

Patio doors have a lot of glass and that’s an area of concern to some. There are aftermarket security solutions that can help ease a person’s mind when it comes to their door’s glass. Films can be added to glass in order to keep it from shattering. There are also vibration monitors that can be attached to the glass to let a homeowner know about any attempts to tamper with their patio door.


Is It Easy To Tell When A Patio Door Is Secured?

With Some patio doors, it’s difficult to tell whether or not they are locked. A person can easily make a mistake and think a door is locked when it really isn’t. Kids can easily make mistakes with doors if the locking mechanisms aren’t easy to use and offer easy visible confirmation that the locking mechanism is engaged. With the SmartTouch system, it’s easy to tell when the lock is engaged.  

What Makes Your Patio Doors So Secure?

Our Montecito and Tuscany doors are offered with the SecurityMax package. The package has locks at multiple points and includes the SmartTouch Bolt. The SmartTouch bolt is easy to work and provides top-level security. A lever is flipped to activate the SmartTouch Bolt. With the SmartTouch Bolt activated, the door can be opened to allow for ventilation while remaining secure enough to keep an intruder out of the home.

Are Your Patio Doors Easy To Unlock During Emergencies?

Patio doors can be used as emergency exits in case of an emergency like a fire. When people using something like an end of a broomstick to secure their sliding door, they risk having a difficult time trying to remove it fast enough during an emergency situation. The locks on our patio door are easy to operate and shouldn’t cause any difficulties during emergency situations.  

Why Not Use Double-Cylinder Deadbolt Locks?

Although there are some who advocate securing double-cylinder deadbolts, others consider the locks safety hazards. Double-cylinder deadbolt locks require a key to unlock the lock even from the inside. While this does an excellent job guarding against burglaries, it can cause some serious problems if the key is misplaced. At best, a person is stuck looking for a key and being inconvenienced because they can’t use the door. At worst, the door can’t be unlocked when there is an emergency. It’s best to deal with doors that offer advanced locking systems than to add double-cylinder deadbolts.

What Can I Do To Enhance The Security Of A Patio Door?

There are some steps to having a secure patio door. The first one is buying a door with advanced security features. The next step is to make sure that those security features are used at the right times. Enhancing a door with aftermarket security alarms and sensors can help with security. Having a security system installed can help add security to patio doors and other areas of the home. Security cameras are quite affordable and can be a great deterrent to crime.

Anyone who purchases our doors or windows should know that they are getting some advanced security features that are hard to match. The SecurityMax package offers top-of-the line security. The SmartTouch handle is easy to use and fits in well with the doors appearance. The SmartTouch Bolt is an innovative security solution that helps to secure the door to the top of the frame. Homeowners no longer have to worry about securing the bottom tracks of their sliding doors. Buying the right door and using additional precautions is the best way to have a secure patio door.