Why You Need a Sliding Glass Door in San Diego?

Why You Need a Sliding Glass Door in San Diego?

August 2, 2021
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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Sliding glass doors can be a nice addition to any home, and they bring many advantages to you and your family. It maximizes natural lighting, increases airflow, and facilitates traffic flow in and out of your home. The opening created by a sliding door is large enough to allow huge bursts of air to enter, cooling the house and increasing the air quality, fragrance, and feel. 

It can also improve the energy efficiency of your home by lowering the need for air conditioning. It can also give a contemporary feel to homeowners who want to modernize their homes in San Diego, which is one of the most popular cities in the United States that hosts modern and stylish homes. Let’s explore more reasons your San Diego home needs a new sliding glass door.

To Take Advantage of the San Diego Sun

San Diego enjoys one of the most pleasant climates in the country. The weather in “America’s Finest City” is some of the greatest in the country, with plenty of sunny days, pleasant temperatures, and coastal breezes. San Diego has a Mediterranean climate, which is prevalent in coastal cities, with pleasant weather all year. The summers are hot, humid, and sunny. To safeguard against these conditions, energy-efficient glass is recommended. Winters are wetter and cooler, but temperatures and precipitation do not vary as much as they do in other parts of the country.

Sliding glass doors connect your home to the beautiful weather throughout the year. Sliding doors help draw light on sunny days and catch the breeze from the Pacific. They can open your home to the ocean and breeze and let you take advantage of the sunset. Sliding patio doors can also open the house into an outdoor entertainment area, making it ideal for outdoor dining and entertainment in summer. One of the two large glass panels glides down a track within the door frame, giving you an additional area to decorate and move around.

This type of sliding glass door comes with a low E glass, ideal for San Diego weather. It reduces heat gain in summer by reflecting warm sunlight. This keeps the internal temperature stable by isolating it and keeping the heat in during winter or out during summer, so it stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  Low E-glass also reduces harmful UV rays that enter your home, reducing the fading of furniture by 70% and reducing the amount of air pollution that is allowed in the house. If you are equipped with a low E glass, this means that your sliding glass doors meet the federal Energy Star standards. If it is too hot or too cold, you can close the door to maintain energy efficiency, at the same time get magnificent views and enough sunlight to fill your room throughout the day. You can keep your doors open to make your conservatory more accessible or close it at night for security.

To Save on Electricity

Natural light makes your home more inviting and cozy, and it’s also a great energy-saver. The large glass panes on sliding doors allow plenty of daylight into your home. The glass runs from the floor to the top of the door panels. This design maximizes daylight and ensures that you can enjoy an interior with floodlights all day long. Glass doors also allow for more interior lighting depending on where the doors are located. Turn off all the lights in the house for a day and help turn your house into an energy-saving zone. This feature will help you significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills.

Many homeowners are encouraged to install a sliding glass door because they believe it will reduce their home’s energy efficiency. Double glazing, which is much more efficient than single glazing, helps to keep your electricity bill down. Certain glass doors, such as those with double -pane glass, also use argon gas that acts as an insulator and is kept in the house. Glass can be coated or glazed to further improve its energy efficiency. The two layers of glass also have powerful spacers, which drastically reduce condensation and are also designed to be flexible to prevent the glass from breaking through the gasket.

Sliding doors have extra-large panes of glass running from top to bottom of the door panels and can be an efficient insulator that keeps walls, windows, and other parts of your home cool and dry. A sliding door with composite sealing ensures optimum thermal insulation. It acts effectively as weather and sound insulation for your walls and keeps dust, draughts, and rain away from your house.

To Save Space

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Sliding glass doors can create an optical illusion, similar to a mirror making the room appear larger than it really is. They not only give your home beauty and elegance but also create space in your home. The construction of a glass door allows you to leave the door open without cluttering the area. There is no need to make room for the door to open as it slides over one another instead of swinging outwards like a swinging door. Sliding doors work on hinges and simply slide through the side. By sliding one of the doors, no additional space is required to keep them open or closed.

By replacing solid, fixed, gloomy walls with sliding glass doors, you can get rid of this small, cramped feeling and make a room appear more spacious. Sliding glass doors also connect rooms as if they were dividing them into spaces. Many of them also include environmentally friendly and energy-efficient options. Choose a door that emphasizes the charm and personality of your home, such as a glass door with a large obscure glass window or a French sliding glass door with grids in a small room.


To Create a Seamless Transition From Your Home’s Interior to Its Exterior

Each room of your house can serve multiple purposes, there are countless ways to use a sliding glass door strategically to connect or disconnect your living space. Bi-fold doors, for example, are perfect for transforming an open concept kitchen into a living room, dining room, or even a family room with a kitchenette. Sliding doors divide a room into two, giving your floor plan maximum flexibility. They make it easy to bring the exterior inside and create a seamless transition between the home’s interior and the exterior. Sliding doors move easily on their rails, making it easy to slide open and access outdoor areas. You can stack the doors to the side or close the room completely, or keep only one or two panels closed.

Sliding doors have large glass panes and offer year-round views of your garden or backyard. Large horizontal glazing panels immediately create a relationship between indoor and outdoor areas. By letting them run parallel to each other, you can open up even more of your home by creating a free-flowing space. It is also a fantastic way to let natural light enter the dark interior of your home. Through a sliding door, the sun can stream in and brighten your home.

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A patio door that creates a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors is ideal to create the illusion of more space in your home. One of the most important aspects of creating seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces is the creation of a meaningful bridge or connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Some of the most luxurious homes in San Diego, for example, use sliding glass doors in many areas of the house. A master suite can be made to open onto the enclosed courtyard, with a spa right on the doorstep, which is particularly useful in the hot summer.

You can also incorporate bi-fold doors or a moving glass wall system with several panels that you can open and put into a stack to create a wide entrance. Bi-Fold doors or moving glass walls are designed to be stacked and folded to create huge openings from corner to corner. They work by folding the panels into adjacent panels, and they can be folded back and forth to create a huge opening. Depending on the wall area, there you can also install pocket doors. Pocket glass walls can similarly transform the interior into an outdoor retreat. Some homeowners have converted from traditional sliding doors to pocket doors to bring the beach closer to their home. The large panels run on stainless steel rollers that can easily be operated and, when fully closed, offer a picturesque view of the outside, which is an attractive advantage for homeowners. When the glass is fully open, the panel slides open and disappears into a pocket. A weatherproof structural locking system should be considered for improved efficiency.


Do You Need A Sliding Glass Door?

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The installation of a sliding door gives your home an elegant aesthetic and offers an incredibly functional and practical design that harmonizes the elegant and simple look with most architectural styles, maximizing natural light and exterior views and offering simple functionality. A sliding glass door is a great way to open the terrace to expand the living space as much as possible. You can open up your living room to your outdoor living spaces by using full-height sliding glass doors or bi-fold doors with multiple operable glass panels. While this will increase the cost of your project, the benefits you will receive will far outweigh the initial financial investment. 

Exterior sliding doors in San Diego can be customized to meet a number of needs, and they offer a clean, attractive aesthetic that is also long-lasting and sturdy. Sliding glass doors may improve the aesthetic and feel of any home with their large panes of glass that optimize natural light. At US Window & Door. We can assist you in selecting a door that complements your property, home, and style. Schedule a free in-home consultation and get a quote from one of our experts today!