Why Are Milgard Windows So Popular In San Diego

Why Are Milgard Windows So Popular In San Diego

July 17, 2020
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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Imagine that you’re building the house of your dreams. Would you be willing to compromise on quality for the sake of a bargain? Probably not. Especially when, in the long run, bargains often end up costing you more. What you need is quality, durability, and sustainability.

Did you know that you can get all these precious qualities in just one brand? At US Window & Door, we have partnered with Milgard to give you the best quality windows on the market. US Window & Door is Milgard’s number one appraised seller in the nation, and we invite you to try out these excellently crafted windows that are equal to none. Keep reading to find out what makes Milgard windows so popular in San Diego.

Milgard Windows Look Great

Milgard windows come in many variations of colors, materials, styles, and modes of operation. The beauty in the diversity offered by our windows allows our clients to be as specific as they like in identifying the perfect window to frame the views from their house. Milgard explores unique material options for windows such as vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass; and previously with wooden features. For each material, they have invested vast resources to produce an aesthetically pleasing product that is both durable, and of exceptional quality. When it comes to vinyl, Milgard uses a coating technology that preserves the window’s exterior finish.

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This coating not only gives a beautiful finish to the windows, but it also makes them more durable and heat-resistant. Wood, as we know, is greatly affected by the natural elements. Milgard windows use an innovative advanced water management system to drain water away from the wood interior, thus ensuring durability. Some of our aluminum windows have an anodized finish that protects the windows against corrosion and ensures overall longevity.

A fairly new addition to our product list is the fiberglass window which undergoes a laminating process called pultrusion to protect them from rotting, warping, and swelling. Moreover, this new addition fairs well in both damp winters and dry summers.

Milgard Windows Offer Many Style Options

Let’s talk about styles. When it comes to style options for Milgard windows, versatility is easily synonymous with the brand. To start off, let’s discuss the basic styles that are commonly available. Most, if not all, windows are named after how they open.

♦ The ‘hung’ window style gets its name from the way it operates. The bottom half of the window opens outwards and upwards to allow free movement of air within the space. There are two options available in this category: single-hung and double-hung. The double-hung differs from the single-hung in that the single’s top half is permanently fixed, while the double allows both sections to operate both simultaneously and separately.

♦ The horizontal slider is a type of window that is mounted horizontally and opens in the same manner as the name suggests. This style also has two available options: single and double sliders. The operation mechanism of the single slider is such that one sash slides over the other. In contrast, for double sliders, both sashes slide over each other, thus allowing for more flexibility in their use.

♦ Awning windows can be classified under the ‘hung’ style as they open in the same manner. However, the main difference comes in the position of the screen. The screen of the awning is on the inside of the window where it is sheltered from natural elements like rain, sun, snow, etc.

There is also a metal piece that allows the window to stay open at a reasonably significant angle. These two attributes make this window style different and unique.

Casement is a window style that has the window attached to its frame by one or two hinges at the side. The windows open outward to the left or right, allowing full ventilation from the top to bottom of the whole window. This style is mostly employed in spaces that require additional ventilation, like the kitchen.

Milgard specialized windows are second to none. When it comes to these windows, the cost is no longer an issue of concern for our clients; making a statement is the priority. These windows are bound to have your neighbors and friends alike in awe of your home. We use different glass types interchangeably with our specialized windows to suit our client’s preference: from fiberglass to ultrathin glass, to gridless large window panes. You name it, we’ve got it!

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♦ The first specialized window on our list is the radius style window. This window is arched at the top while the bottom half has a rectangular shape. A similar version is the arch window style, differentiating itself by the type of curve it has. As the name suggests, the radius window has a semi-circle that originates from a single point, unlike the Arch which does not have one standard radius. A typical way for most clients to enhance their radius windows is by adding grids. Grids divide the window glass into smaller panes for aesthetics while simplifying the cleaning process of the glass.

Bay windows have three openings in angled projections. Bow windows, on the other hand, have either four or five entries and are mostly curved, giving them a Victorian feel. Other than the number of window panes as a significant difference, there is not much that differentiates the two window types.

Lighting does of course differ as it is proportionate to the overall size of either window. A point to note about the bay windows is that the middle window is permanently fixed while the other two open outwards. With these two windows, the most significant advantage is the beautiful view they offer, primarily if the window is at the corner of your house. As with all of our specialized windows, they have more individual panes compared to the regular flat windows.

Garden windows are very similar to bay and bow windows. This type of window also protrudes externally, giving the homeowner a feeling of being outdoors while being indoors. The protrusion starts from the sill point where the window pane meets the wall. The advantage of this window style is that protrusion width is not fixed, for starters. Its ventilation and lighting are also ideal for an indoor mini-garden, to grow your organic herbs, etc. This added advantage of having an indoor garden is a great reason why our clients integrate this window into their homes.

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Milgard Windows Are Energy Efficient

Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S Department of Energy (DOE). The main objective of this program is to assist in the reduction of energy costs and ensure the safeguarding of the environment through the adoption of energy-efficient products and practices. Energy Star maintains high standards that a developer needs to achieve to receive the Energy Star stature award. Some of the practices and requirements set by Energy Star are tailored to fit different communities. For instance, the provisions in Texas are not similar to those stated in New York. This flexibility helps to maintain the highest level of energy efficiency in specific various climatic conditions. No matter your location, you are assured customized comfort provided by our windows.

There is a myriad of components found in both windows and patio doors that can alter the energy efficiency of your home. Milgard San Diego has categorized these technologies according to the end-locations and suitability of a particular technique to the prevalent weather condition in the area of installation. Let’s have a look at some of these great energy-saving technologies that we offer our clients.

♦ To start us off is the dual and triple glazing component. In the past, most windows featured only one pane of glass. In modern times, however, energy-efficient windows use two or three panes of glass to better insulate and aid in the reduction of energy consumption of your household during the harsh, cold winters. The reverse is also true in the summer. The additional glass layers help protect the user against the expected heat build-up.

♦ Another feature often incorporated in modern windows is the use of inactive gases in between window panes. Argon and krypton gases are inert and have a common characteristic of offering thermal protection as they’re both multiple times denser than air. When placed in between panes, these gases ensure a reduction in heat transmission in the room, preventing the temperature exchange between the inside and outside of your home. Since inert gases are invisible, they, therefore, do not obstruct your view in any way.

♦ Milgard incorporates spacers in their windows to ensure that we maintain the optimal distance for insulation between two window panes.

Too much or too little space between window panes can significantly affect the energy efficiency of your windows.

♦  Milgard windows have a low U-factor.

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For the sake of clarity, U-factor is a measure of heat loss or heat gain. This factor indicates how a window, skylight, or patio door transfers heat. In more straightforward terms, the lower the U-factor of a window, the better the insulating property of the building element. Windows with U-factor ranging from 0.25 to 1.25 are considered fairly optimum and widely preferred.

♦ 4th Surface is an energy-efficient technology on windows that acts as an enhancement to the U-factor. It turns double-pane windows into triple-pane performers. It can achieve this performance by introducing a durable transparent conductive oxide (TCO) coating on the interior side which improves the U-factor of the window by reflecting the heat. For windows that are dual glazed with 4th Surface, their energy efficiency levels massively increase. Double glazed windows are comparable to triple glazed windows. However, their main added advantage is that they transmit more light indoors and offer less reflectance outside.

These are just a few of the technologies used by Milgard San Diego. Depending on the level of efficiency you require, you can combine some of these techniques to create the perfect energy-efficient solution for your home or office.


Milgard windows can provide you the benefits of being aesthetically pleasing while still offering versatility in style and energy efficiency. From windows that frame your views to unmatched energy-efficiency and cutting-edge features, Milgard has the best quality products to meet and exceed your needs. It is important to remember that our windows come with a lifetime warranty, which is a massive bonus for any homeowner. Unlike most windows that have a limited warranty, you can rest easy with Milgard windows San Diego knowing that you don’t need to worry about any problems in the future. Contact US Window & Door today for a free estimate. We’ll help you find the ideal solution for your San Diego home or office.