Where You Should Install French Doors In Your Home

Where You Should Install French Doors In Your Home

April 25, 2022
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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Renovation is one of the largest investments made by a homeowner. The cost calculation versus the value extracted is continuously examined for reassurance that the home improvement project is worth the cost, energy, and time. All renovations have the objective typically to improve the enjoyment of the home. The most common reason behind renovating the doors is to incorporate features that enhance the space, beauty, and amount of light, which leads many savvy homeowners to consider installing french doors

Whether you're trying to improve your home's appearance or replace an old entry door, adding a new set of French doors is a great option. French doors are a beautiful addition to any home as they instantly give your home a brighter, more elegant look. Installing french doors also enhances the room's design and immediately creates the effect of a larger space in the home. Since French doors can be used for exterior and interior spaces, they are quite versatile in where they can be placed. Learn about the best places to install French doors in your home. 

Exterior Doors

Enjoy the picturesque scenes in your garden, dew settling on leaves, or the view of the pool, exterior French doors make all this possible. French patio doors are an excellent choice for an exterior door leading to a patio or other outdoor living space. They can be easily configured to swing in, out, or as sliding french door units. French doors are sometimes used as front entrance doors as well. 

These doors effectively function as windows, letting more light into your home. Replacing your doors with a set of French doors can be a wonderful way of allowing an increased amount of light and changing the overall atmosphere of your home. And, when the weather is warm, you can open your doors to expand the living space and let fresh air circulate your home.

Easy Access 

Installing a french door is a quick and effortless way to enhance the décor of your home. If your friends or family spend a lot of time in your kitchen or living room while hosting a party, purchasing an exterior french door will increase the amount of space you have. In addition, this type of door is designed to make it easier for guests to enter and exit the living space for pool parties, events, and family gatherings.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike your old patio door, an exterior french door can be manufactured with two panes of glass to enhance your home's insulation and energy efficiency. Dual glass panes are designed to block warm air from escaping your living and dining spaces during the winter. Conversely, the extra glass integrated with this type of door will prevent cold air from leaving your home during summer. Also, extra layers of glazing can be inserted into the windows to help you save money on your utility bills.

They bring in a lot of ventilation and light throughout the home, preventing the overuse of electricity. If you choose to install french doors in your home, you will immediately save on your energy bill each month. Consider choosing fiberglass material for your french doors since they are the most energy-efficient option. Fiberglass french doors tend to come insulated and are extremely airtight, which provides an energy-saving advantage over other french door materials.


Most people are afraid to purchase exterior french doors because they think they make their homes less secure. Although French doors are designed with large windows, these doors can be connected with adjustable hinge mechanisms to improve your home security. They can be linked with security locks designed to make it hard for intruders to break into your property.

Extremely Customizable 

French doors are available in various sizes, styles, and framing options, including steel, vinyl, wood, and fiberglass, so you can customize them to what looks best in your home. Install a pair of french doors in a bright color that compliments the brick or paint of your home. 

Once you've chosen French doors as your desired door type for your remodeling project, then you'll select the hardware and exterior color that best complement your home. Grid patterns can be used for french doors. They provide an extra design element and may match the architectural style of your home. You can also add subtle definitions to the new doors by painting the interior walls a slightly darker or lighter than the window and door frame color. A contracting color keeps the vision within the boundaries of your interior space, while a neutral frame color encourages the eye to look past the door. 

Bedroom Doors 

One way to take a comfortable, luxurious bedroom up a notch is to give it access to the beautiful outdoors. 

They add both beauty and utility to any primary bedroom, which helps to improve both style and livability. It's a refreshing luxury that more bedrooms could use. Not only does outdoor access make the room more useful, but it also adds a measure of convenience and privacy that's unmatched.

ultra series french door in bedroom

French doors are available in many styles, but they all share a common element: transparency. These doors not only allow you to walk onto the lawn or patio right from your bed; they let the sunshine into your room when closed. Better yet, with a set of French bedroom doors propped fully open, you can enjoy the fresh air. Not to mention, these doors provide an expansive view of the outdoors. The large windows help to give your bedroom an open layout, which can make the bedroom feel larger than what it is. 

Increase Your Home Value 

Since most buyers in the real estate market are looking for open living spaces filled with natural light, installing french doors to your master bedroom is an easy way to add value to your home. If you plan on selling your home and want to improve the appearance of any outdated rooms, you should consider purchasing french doors equipped with large glass panes.

This door type adds a touch of elegance that potential buyers will appreciate. French doors are extremely popular with buyers because they are timeless and won't go out of style. 

Create a Wall of French Doors 

If you have a master bedroom with a balcony, you may want to consider creating a wall of French doors. It's one way to truly make a statement of panoramic views. This unique design calls attention to the beautiful view outside, and the French doors now function as both windows and doors. 

It wouldn't be practical to use in-swing or out-swing configurations if you have a smaller bedroom since they take up floor space. Instead, consider French sliding doors so that you can enjoy a space-spacing door with the same wide French rails surrounding the glass for a classic look. 

Dividing Doors into Separate Spaces

Installing French doors to separate living and dining spaces can be helpful for making open spaces feel more intimate without removing the open concept option. These interior doors can make a decorative barrier between two rooms of a house. A set of newly-installed French doors between the dining room and living area of the house can make a beautiful and elegant statement. 

french patio doors in living room

They can be installed in any place with a wide opening between two rooms. These don't need to be conventional doors either; they can be sliding double glass French doors, which use less space while creating the elegant look you desire. Also, keep in mind that the glass panels don't have to be clear glass with French doors. Stained glass or decorative glass can be used. 

The division can create an extra room and let light pass through uninterrupted. These rooms are used for purposes that demand cutting down the sound from neighboring buildings or homes. For added privacy, the doors may be frosted, or curtains can be hung to bring an element of style. The sliding doors minimize the space that traditional French doors would otherwise take up.

Decorative Look

Furthermore, decorative handles and hinges could be used to complete the look. While you probably don't want interior French doors in every room, one or two strategically placed sets will sprinkle a touch of elegance to your home.

Since French doors contain glass panels, there are a lot of ideas for their Use. Interior French doors can be installed in a wide doorway between two rooms to generate the illusion of a bigger space while allowing additional light.

You can also replace some of the clear glass panels with wood to complement other wood decors in your home. You can leave the glass panes in the top half of the doors and add wood panels placed in the lower half. The doors could have alternate panels of decorative and clear glass for a distinct look.

With French doors, there doesn't always need to be multiple glass panels; rather, one large pane of glass can be enclosed in the door's wood frame. This glass could be clear or have a unique texture or design. Use your imagination, and you'll realize there are many interior French door ideas that can be incorporated into your home.

Home Office Doors 

Elevate your home office with French doors to provide privacy when needed while maintaining the option for an open feel.

Invest in solid core material like fiberglass or vinyl for your French door to create a quiet, soundproof space for you to work. Fiberglass can provide an authentic look that gives an instant wow factor from the outside looking in. 

Since the doors are likely to be located in your home, you can use solid wood material since you don't need to worry about weather protection. Wood wouldn't fair well in any location with outdoor access since it doesn't have protection against sun and wind. 


Just like you'd want to block outside noise from entering your home, using doors for your home office can be beneficial. You can add double-glazed glass windows onto your doors to reduce sound. For instance, blocking out distracting noise from the television lets you stay focused while working. 

Double glazed glass encompasses two layers of thick glass with a special insulating layer of air between them. Air is a great insulator using the space between the two glass panes. Thus, it generates a high degree of soundproofing. This prevents the need to cover the doors with 

curtains to block the sound. 

Combine French Doors with Windows 

If your office already has windows, consider combining windows and doors together. This creates a unique and stylish effect. The look is eye-catching and beautiful, like a piece of artwork. That's because French doors can be used as single or multiple panels for your needs, giving your office an expansive view. 

french doors and windows

Of course, if you're limited in space, you may want to convert your window into a French door. It can do wonders to open up the small space in your office. Converting a window into a French door creates a stylish and convenient entryway, especially an older home, which may not have another door except the front entrance. 

Get French Doors for Your Home Today

French doors provide an aesthetic appeal that achieves a timeless and elegant look inside or outside your home. At US Window & Door, we offer the highest quality french doors you'll find. We partner with Milgard to gain access to their myriad of customizable selections. Choose between any configuration, whether it's in-swing, out-swing, or sliding French doors. 

Ready to get started with your next home renovation project? Now that you know why French doors are worth having, you'll need a professional door installer who can quickly install them into your home without hassle. At US Window & Door, we offer generous warranties to highly-trained technicians and source the best quality French doors. If you need help deciding how you should customize them and where to place them based on your home, we're here to help! Contact US Window & Door about installing French doors in San Diego!