When Do You Need To Replace Your Sliding Patio Doors?

When Do You Need To Replace Your Sliding Patio Doors?

July 19, 2021
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door

Patio doors play an important role in the functionality of your home, even if you don’t often think about them. Just as your front door serves as a formal entry into your home, your patio door provides access to your garden, a view of your backyard, or a quick path to your kitchen or entertainment.

when to replace sliding glass patio door

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your sliding patio doors. Is it difficult to open or close the door, for example? Is it prone to leakage during a severe downpour? Is there moisture trapped between the glass panes, causing the glass to fog up? To detect if there is a draft, feel around the door’s corners. A draft through the door will almost certainly raise your energy expenses. As a result, you won’t feel comfortable in your home, and your savings will diminish. If you see any of these indications, it may be time to replace your patio doors

Your Current Sliding Patio Doors Have Not Been Closing Completely

There might be an issue with the track or the door itself if a sliding door does not close entirely. A horizontal track is added to guide sliding glass doors. The rollers may be broken, or the door may not be level with the track if they won’t slide. When patio doors don’t slide smoothly, it’s a pain to use them. Check what’s causing the issue and try removing any apparent debris and grime from the track. To help realign the door within the frame, adjust the rollers. You’ll know if It’s time to replace your sliding patio doors if the rollers are broken or the track is damaged, or if the doors scrape the floor, but have them inspected by a professional first. A French patio door should swing easily outward or inward and if they are not working properly, the hinges may be worn out and on the verge of failing. Dirt, hair, and fur can accumulate along the track and in the groove over time, clogging the rollers below and preventing smooth action. Dirt in the door track not only makes it difficult to open and close the door; it may be a sign of rusty tracks that may be tough to grease. It may also cause significant damage if the door constantly jumps off the track when it comes into contact with an object. Such issues arise regardless of whether the property has a traditional sliding patio door, bi-fold door, or pocket doors that slide into walls, or other types of doors. Even doors that aren’t intended to corrode, splinter, or swell might have lock, frame, or track problems. If changing the wheels and cleaning the tracks does not help, expert assistance may be required.

It Takes Forever To Open Your Sliding Patio Doors

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If your sliding patio door is several decades old, it may be time to replace it. Failure to replace a patio door when it is nearing the end of its service life can have negative consequences on your home’s energy efficiency and condition, resulting in higher electricity bills. If you have a patio door that cannot be opened, has gaps in the sash frame, cracks in glass, frosted condensation, or something else, it may be time to get a new one. When a patio door gets warped as a result of age or damage, it may be more difficult to open and close it. Your door may be beyond its prime if it sticks, produces loud noises when opened or closed, or when it requires effort to open and close. It’s critical that glass doors open, close, and latch smoothly. If you’re having trouble opening and shutting doors, it’s an indication that they need to be replaced. This might be caused by rust, warping or dirt build-up, improper installation, or broken rollers, inclement weather such as rain, snow, or constant exposure to sunlight could also damage the frame. To ensure a seamless transition, your door contractor will examine the source of these operational issues before replacing the door. A bent sliding screen door, for example, may simply be replaced unless there is also a problem with the door frame.

Your Sliding Patio Doors Don’t Block Sound

Old doors that need to be replaced, on the other hand, become noisier as they no longer block out sounds as effectively. Over time, the sound barrier provided by the door frames and the actual door diminishes. You’ll hear a lot of noise from outside if you have old wooden doors, especially when you live in the city center or near motorways. If you’re trying to work from home or unwind at night, it’s quite distracting. Even in congested areas, fiberglass and steel doors are significantly more effective in minimizing noise compared to other door material types. If you still want a glass door for your entrance, a hefty door with double or triple panes can help with noise reduction.

Water Damage Anywhere on the Door Stop, Frame, or the Door Itself

If you find condensation between the glass on your patio door, the seal may be faulty. Poor installation or excessive humidity can cause air and moisture to gather between the glass panes. This can degrade the aesthetics of a clear window by creating foggy glass. Condensation on the outside of the glass door is typical, but it’s a red sign if it seeps in between the window panes. If condensation forms inside or just within the single large glass pane of a sliding door, the seal may be weakened, enabling air and moisture to pass between the panes.

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Sometimes the warping or damage is significant enough to create cracks in your door, allowing drafts to enter. This can also happen if your sliding door is tilted too much to one side, wasting electricity and even posing a security risk. It also makes your room prone to bug infestations; therefore, you should get the sliding door replaced as soon as possible. 

To see if it’s your door that’s causing the problem, stand next to it and watch if the temperature changes much. You can also fire an incense stick and place it near the entrance to let it smoke. It’s probably drafty if the smoke flows toward the door’s edges, between the glass and the frame. Snow and rain can also seep in through these cracks, causing damage to your door and carpeting.  If you can see gaps in your door, your sliding glass patio door becomes energy inefficient and will no longer properly insulate your house since the internal seal has failed and the inert gas has poured out. As a result, insulation and energy savings are harmed and can cause a significant increase in your monthly utility bills as you will be forced to spend more on heating and cooling your home. If that’s the case, you’ll need to replace the complete door unit. Consider investing in a new replacement patio door as it can pay for itself in the coming years in the form of energy savings. There are a lot of benefits to installing new patio doors. A new replacement patio door can eliminate water leaks, drafts, and faulty doors, and your house will become more energy-efficient and safe.

Any Form of Irreparable Damage

Damage to your sliding doors can develop for a variety of causes during normal use. Your patio door may appear dirty due to surface deterioration. Replacement is not required for extensive scrapes, chipped paint, or scratch marks, but they can still be tell-tale signs and symptoms that you may need one. Cosmetic damages, on the other hand, may need a door replacement if the damage is substantial or you want to improve the door’s overall appearance. Consult a door professional to see if aesthetic damage may be repaired with paint or refinishing.

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Your sliding glass door may also appear outdated in style and out of place in comparison to the rest of your home, prompting you to consider replacing it.

External elements such as rain, snow, and constant exposure to sunlight can lead to the door frame deteriorating over time and sliding glass doors becoming fogged, broken, or cracked. If you see any of these signs, it is time to contact a top-quality glass sliding door installer to get a replacement quote. Smaller cracks and scratches can be removed, but they have the potential to become large enough to need a full door replacement because replacing the glass could damage the entire door frame.

Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors

Leaving a defective patio door in place can negatively impact the appearance, energy efficiency, and functionality of your home. If your patio door is old and damaged, you should replace it. When a door has broken locks and hardware, it is not secure, and would-be burglars can see the door as an easily accessible point of the house. By replacing your draughty patio doors, you reduce energy costs and ensure that your house stays comfortable and safe all year round.

If you feel that your home is too dark or lacks natural light, you may want to consider a sliding glass patio door to connect your home to the outside world and provide plenty of natural light to illuminate your living space.  The right patio door can help make your home feel bigger and provide natural light and fresh air. You can also install a large moving glass door system, you can remove walls and replace them with foldable glass panels to make your room feel more open and bright. Sliding glass doors are beautiful and convenient and are also great for energy conservation. It can add value, comfort, and beauty to a home. It also simplifies entering and leaving your dining area or bringing food and supplies to the patio. Our patio door experts and professionals can help you in choosing the ideal patio door for your home. Contact Us to learn more about patio door replacement for your home or to schedule a free in-home estimate.