Top Residential Door Design Trends in 2023 To Follow for Your Next Renovation Project

Top Residential Door Design Trends in 2023 To Follow for Your Next Renovation Project

March 27, 2023
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
An apartment painted white, including the doors

Of course, we're all too aware of why doors exist, their primary purpose, etc. However, it's not like every person can point out just how crucial they are in the context of the overall design of a residential home (design is equally essentialas functionality). People falsely think doors are something one shouldn't think about thoroughly once interior design ideas step onto the stage. That's all about to change, at least for our dear readers. Today we'll talk about top residential door design trends in 2023. Since spring's just around the corner and many of us are considering starting home renovation projects, there isn't an ideal moment than this to talk about the subject. Stick around for some fantastic residential-home design ideas!


First, let's consider panel residential door design You'll want to know that this type of door design features one or more panels in its construction. The name says it all, right? These panels come in a variety of different materials. We're talking about wooden, metal, and fiberglass door panels. Additionally, they come in a vast range of styles and configurations to match various architectural modes and personal preferences in interior design.

Let's consider the most popular type of panel residential door: the so-called six-panel door. You'll easily recognize this type of resident door design since it has three panels on each side of the door, while there are two larger panels on the bottom and a small panel near the top. There's no way you haven't seen it somewhere. Also, there are other popular design trends concerning panel doors. They might involve doors with raised or recessed panels, panels with trendy glass inserts, and many more.

A dark green panel door

Oh, and what about panel door finishes? Plenty of them includes stained or painted wood and pre-finished metal or fiberglass. Opting for a panel door, you can customize them with a solid number of additions such as doorknobs, locks, hinges, or handles. You can easily upgrade them for extra security, design, and functionality.

Many homeowners opt for this type of door due to their versatility and overall appeal. If you want to improve the style and functionality of your home's front door, this might be the best choice.

Glass panel

There's no way we can continue discussing various residential door design ideas before considering the glass panel type. Suppose you're on the design side in the function vs. design debate. In that case, you will adore this type of residential door design. Glass panel doors are a fantastic choice for homeowners who enable more natural light to enter their home's premises while maintaining a good sense of privacy and security.

As was the case with their older brother (panel doors en général), there are various "subgroups" of glass panel doors available on the market: clear, frosted, textured, or decorative glass (containing jaw-dropping designs and patterns), for instance. Also, you might want to know that particular glass panel doors have internal blinds or shades. Therefore, you can modify and control the amount of natural light entering your home.

If you're wondering why are glass panel doors considered cool, you might want to take a look at the following facts:

● They're energy-efficient. You can rely on natural light for brightness. Also, some glass panel doors have the so-called energy-efficient glass. That means they regulate the temperature inside your place, lowering your energy bills.

● They don't require inhuman maintenance efforts. In other words, they're easy to clean and maintain. If you have a busy everyday schedule, you'll enjoy this trait.

They're just too appealing. Lastly, they're beautiful. They'll add a sleek and modern look to any room inside your place. Also, they'll show your friends and other guests that you've got style (it's a statement).


Have you ever heard about French doors? Here's a typical definition: a French door is a type of door constructed of lighter material that features glass panes that extend most of its length. In most cases, you'll find the panes of a French door fitted as a pair. Among other things, that's why some people refer to it as French windows.

A white patio French door

Besides allowing plenty of natural light to enter your home, one of the key benefits of opting for this residential door design is that it provides a sense of openness and connection between interior and exterior spaces.

You might ask: why are they called French? Here's a brief history lesson: they appeared in France during the 16th century. Their appearance was a satisfactory result of the period's (Renaissance) ideas on architecture, which were very popular in France then.

Also, they're easy to install and remove. You won't have any trouble storing them, as the Family Affair Southern California experts note. Lastly, you can open French doors wide to easily access outdoor living spaces (patios, balconies, etc.). That's, among other things, why homeowners choose them rather than the different types of door design. People who enjoy spending time outdoors simply love the French door design.

To conclude: if you're on the lookout for a residential door design that allows you to add some natural light, visual interest, openness, and overall functionality to your property, opting for a French door is the thing you want to do.

Barn Style

And there's no list of 2023's residential door design ideas that don't contain the so-called barn-style doors. They're also known as sliding barn doors. You can open and close them on a track system. If you've seen a barn door once, you know how it works!

Usually, barn-style doors are made of wood or metal. If you consider yourself a picky person, rest assured knowing that there's an enormous variety of designs when it comes to barn-style doors. For instance, you can opt for a barn-style door that "sports" some decorative glass.

Barn-style doors add a rustic or even an industrial touch to your home. Also, they're pretty known for saving some space. Once you compare them to regular swinging doors, that is. It's not just the homeowners that adore this type of door design; you'll find barn-style doors in many commercial spaces (restaurants, offices, etc.).

A person with hands placed on ears

Lastly, we'll try to summarize why someone would want to opt for this door design idea (besides its space-saving appeal):

● Barn-style doors are versatile. They come in various styles and can be useful in many different settings. Whether we're talking about commercial or residential space, it doesn't matter - barn-style doors are just the thing.

● Barn-style doors are highly functional. You can open and close by investing a minimal amount of effort. Of course, you can install various locking mechanisms for extra privacy and security.

● Barn-style doors have soundproofing qualities. Barn-style doors are great if you're trying to control the sound coming in or out of your home or a particular room. They're perfect for a home office or media room.

Barn-style doors are beautiful. This type of residential door design will reconfigure your place's interior design (in the most positive of manners). Since the offer of styles and finishes is almost limitless, you can pick a door that suits your style.

Traditional With a Twist

This type of door is what its name suggests: a traditional door with some non-traditional elements (modern or unique). Rephrase the last sentence more thoroughly: they have a classic shape or design while featuring some "unexpected" elements. Ornaments that give the door a contemporary, modern look that is.

For example, you've got a panel door with a twist. So, you already know what a regular panel door is. However, the twist could be a geometric or abstract pattern carved into the wooden panels. Or you can have a panel door with the contracting wooden or metal trim. On the other hand, a French door with a twist could sport some modern hardware or glass inserts.

A traditional yellow door

People drool over traditional doors with a twist since they add style and personality to their homes while keeping a classic feel. This door type represents a neat blend of classic design with modern elements. Opting for this type will probably enable you to enjoy a completely original "statement" door.


Lastly, we'll consider the industrial, residential door design. An industrial, residential door design is ideal if you're looking for a durable, secure, and functional door inside your place. This type of door is made from sturdy materials. Of course, we're talking about materials such as steel or aluminum metal. Industrial doors withstand heavier usage, weathering, and various potential security breaches. You can rest assured knowing you're safe behind an industrial door.

Also, industrial doors are known to be very energy-efficient since most of the models are well-insulated. Industrial doors will help keep heat or cool air inside your home. You'll be amazed once you see your utility bills.

A person checking their heating system

Here we'll try to pinpoint the other main reasons why many homeowners choose an industrial door design rather than the options we've listed above.

● Security. We'll start with security since it's one of the primary functions of industrial, residential door design. Industrial doors help you battle theft, break-ins, and other security threats. They have advanced locking mechanisms, alarms, and various other features.

● Noise reduction. Industrial doors also help you battle noise pollution, a not-so-welcome symptom of our everyday lives. If you live in a busy neighborhood, industrial door design is clearly the thing to opt for. They'll keep the noise levels at a bare minimum. You'll enjoy a peaceful and comfy living environment.

● Aesthetics. Industrial doors aren't uniform, so that you can customize the door model based on your personal preferences and the overall style of your home. They'll quickly boost your home's curb appeal once installed, thus increasing its value on the real estate market.

Durability. Industrial doors are built to last. They'll easily withstand heavier use, making them a secure and reliable choice for many homeowners around the US.


Now that we've gone through a list of top residential door design trends for the current year (2023), it's time to provide our readers with a summary of what we've learned today.

If you're a homeowner looking for the most popular yet highly-functional solution, opting for panel doors might be the way to go. They're also versatile (a good number of styles to choose from) and will go with any type of interior design pattern. Glass panel doors are also a fantastic idea since they allow natural light to enter your home.

Also, if you've got a thing for spending time outdoors, French doors might be a perfect option. They'll enable a smoother transition between exterior and interior home spaces and elements.

What about barn-style doors? They're fantastic for many homeowners looking for a door to improve their home's soundproofing qualities. Also, barn-style doors are so easy to use that it's beyond verbalization.

If you're more into classic door design but don't want to appear anachronous, you might opt for the traditional-with-a-twist door. This type of design features traditional elements combined with modern or unique ornaments.

Lastly, if you're looking for a durable solution that will raise your home's security level to a maximum, industrial doors are your ideal choice. Also, they'll help you battle noise pollution, a common symptom of everyday city life.

And that's all that we've prepared on the subjects of top residential door design trends. Hopefully, you've enjoyed what we shared with you above. If you're a California resident, make sure to check out the best offer of San Diego doors out there.