Best Summer Home Improvement Projects to Dive Into

Best Summer Home Improvement Projects to Dive Into

October 17, 2022
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
patio home remodel in summer

Summer means cooking out, swimming and lots of fun in the sun. The beautiful weather also means it's the optimal time to tackle some fun home projects. With a little work this summer, you'll be enjoying the benefits all year long.

The best summer home improvement projects should be focused on fun, the outdoors, family, and staying cool. Take your pick of this summer crop of home improvement ideas: You'll have no shortage of projects on your to-do list that are easy to tackle and increase your home's value at the same time. 

Some of the common home improvement projects include landscaping the front yard, replacing your window and doors, and building an outdoor wooden deck. For many home improvement projects, it's best to hire a professional. For example, US Window & Door helps you replace your old windows or doors and install the right ones to match your home. We'll cover all of the best summer projects to help beautify your home and improve its value.

Landscape the Front Yard

You can change your home's atmosphere by updating its landscape. Incorporating splashes of color and varying plant heights can make your house eye-catching and add to its curb appeal. Another great perk of landscaping is that you can do it yourself or hire an expert.

Never underestimate the power of landscaping! The best part about landscaping is that much of it can be done yourself! However, depending on what you want to be done and your budget requirements, you can also hire professionals.

Add Fresh Mulch

Simply adding fresh mulch to your garden and other landscaped areas can improve your home's curb appeal. Mulch helps your plants stay hydrated by minimizing evaporation, revitalizing your landscaping, and highlighting your plants.


Adding flowers and plants to your yard can add character, dimension, and points of visual interest to your home. Window flower boxes raised flower boxes, and flowerpots are all great options to decorate your walkways and porch.

Landscape for privacy

When planning your landscaping, consider trying to incorporate privacy into your design. Especially if you live close to neighbors, strategically placed hedges and trees can increase the privacy of your outdoor spaces. Most of the costs are recouped when it comes time to sell.

Revamp your outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living has been increasingly desirable as homeowners look to extend their living spaces into the outdoors. Having an inviting outdoor area where you can spend time with friends and family is truly priceless!

Add a Fire Pit

Many realtors believe that fire pits are the most popular and desirable outdoor feature for buyers. Whether you want to create your own or purchase one, there are plenty of cost-effective options either way. Be sure to check your community ordinances for specific requirements about residential fire pits.

Add Lighting

Something that is often overlooked in creating a cozy outdoor space is lighting. Consider lighting your walkways and landscaping to highlight your home's exterior and enhance safety and security. Bistro lights, lanterns, and candles are great options to create warmth and ambiance for your backyard escape.

Create comfort

To make your space somewhere both you and others are excited to be in, try to add comfort! A sofa, porch swing, hammock, and outdoor rugs are all simple ways to make your outdoor living area feel cozier. 

Freshen Up the House Color

It's surprising what a little paint can do for the appearance of a home and its value. If you decide to hire a professional painter rather than do it yourself, be sure they are a lead-safe certified contractor. While you won't be fined if you do the job yourself, contractors must follow safety guidelines and therefore are subject to fines. When painting your home, be sure to use warm and inviting colors.

backyard of summer house

One of the more popular summer home renovation projects that take only a weekend to complete is adding curb appeal. There's no denying that lawn beautification goes a long way for a home's visual appeal, and it's a central part of a home's character. Because landscaping is the first impression visitors and potential buyers see, it's a critical component to get a jump start on this summer.

When getting started, homeowners can either choose to commence the landscape project themselves or hire a professional. Either way, it should only take a weekend to complete. For those considering hiring a professional, it's important to understand there are two types of landscapes: landscape architects and contractors, and each one serves a specific purpose. Consider creating a walkway and adding solar lighting.

The new color can completely change your home's aesthetic. If you want something more modern, then you should look for bold colors that appeal to the eye. If you want something more rustic, then you should aim for earthy tones. 

And don't forget the trim! The trim color of your home is the perfect way to make the primary color pop, especially on the inside. If your base color for the room is a darker color, go for a bright white to create a dynamic contrast. 

However, don't be limited by white trim. Today, graphic and interior designers are playing with unique trim colors to create dramatic rooms, so you shouldn't be afraid to go for it. Whether inside, outside, or both, painting your home is the perfect summer home improvement project!

Replace Drafty Windows

One of the most sought out surest summer home renovations to earn a return on investment is upgrading the windows. This approach not only offers energy efficiency but a high return on investment, as homeowners can generally receive uptoa 85100 percent ROI with window upgrades.

small bedroom with new sliding windows

To maximize your ROI, install dual-pane windows. This will not only ensure street noise and inefficient air conditioning and heating are eliminated, but it will improve your home's appearance. 

Windows are not just there for one purpose, such as letting in light. They're there for several purposes, including airing out your space and keeping it protected from the weather. They can't be the weak link in your home's thermal envelope, either. And, of course, windows add character to the aesthetics of your home. 

Over time, however, windows can start failing in some of those functions. You will notice if your windows are letting in drafts. Your home becomes less comfortable, and your heating bills might also spike as your HVAC is working harder to maintain that indoor temperature you prefer.

There are several reasons windows can get drafty. If they're old, however, draft leaks are often due to brittle glazing putty. The putty cracks and your windows may start to rattle when the wind hits them. Wood windows typically shrink and expand with the weather more than other windows made of different materials. This can make them lose their insulating properties. In some other windows, the gaskets and weather stripping give out over time.

Also, replacing your window screen is important as well. A quick task, replacing your window screens is an easy home repair task that you'll make use of in the summer. Over the winter, your screens might have gotten damaged or torn in different areas. New screens look a lot nicer and also allow you to open your windows up on cooler summer evenings to let the house air out.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen or Grill

Outdoor kitchens come in a variety of styles and varieties. You also have several options for how to create one; for example, you could choose to build your own outdoor kitchen or hire a contractor to do the work for you.

But no matter what type of outdoor kitchen you choose or how you have it built, you're going to experience several benefits, including:

  • Extra cooking space. For starters, you'll get immediate access to additional cooking space, which can come in handy in various situations. If you're cooking with someone else, the extra counter space can give you plenty of room to work on a separate dish. If you're entertaining guests, you can keep the kitchen clear and use your outdoor kitchen for most of the cooking. For culinary artists, it adds space and flexibility that you can use however you choose.
  • An excuse to be outside. Most homeowners use their outdoor kitchens as an excuse to be outside. You might already have a patio or comfortable furniture you can use to relax, but an outdoor kitchen takes things to the next level. If you can cook your own meals and entertain guests in an outdoor kitchen, you'll be inclined to spend much more time outdoors.
  • Potential for gatherings. You can unlock the true potential of your outdoor kitchen when you start throwing parties. Instead of being locked in a cramped kitchen, you'll be able to cook food and talk with your guests at the same time. You'll also have plenty of space to move around – and a great conversation starter.
  • Beautification. Some homeowners like the idea of an outdoor kitchen because it beautifies their outdoor space. With the right countertops, a new grill, and some other aesthetically pleasing features, your yard will look better than ever.
  • Easy upkeep. You can also consider the value of an outdoor kitchen as it relates to upkeep. If you've paved over a portion of your yard, you'll no longer have to mow that area. And cleaning up an outdoor kitchen is, in some ways, much easier than cleaning up an indoor kitchen.

Upgrade Patio Doors

The more unique and inviting your patio is, the more money it is going to fetch. Adding things like a built-in fire pit, fireplace, raised garden bed, or a cozy seating area will add value to your patio. Higher-grade materials may also be a good idea, as they tend to extend the life of the patio and reduce regular maintenance needs. Patios are viewed as an appealing feature because they offer an additional living and entertaining space without the need for heating, cooling, or costly maintenance throughout the year.

Installing patio doors offers a few benefits, such as: 

Adds Beauty: There's no doubt about it; a patio door makes a house more beautiful. Whether you have a large space or merely adequate, a patio door will set off the front (or back) of your house nicely, and it'll positively change the look, especially in terms of curb appeal.

patio with sliding glass door during summer

Adds Value: If you've just installed a patio door, or any style of it, then pat yourself on the back because you have directly added value to your home. A brilliantly-designed, masterfully-installed patio door will illuminate your entire front porch in terms of appeal, something that makes a tremendous difference when asking top dollar for your home.

Improves Energy Efficiency: Installing one of these bad boys means more natural light and fresh air coming into your home. This means spending less money on the AC, and also on electricity, having to use artificial light. Definitely nothing wrong with a little bit of sunshine in your life, right

Build a Wooden Deck

A beautiful outdoors is always the main attraction for a household; if it's outdoors and the garden is beautifully decorated, then there are high chances of butterflies flying in the garden and guests appreciating the home. So one must make sure that their dream home is a perfect representation of beauty.

Along with this view, one must also think about the valuation of their property because if they need to move out in the future, they need to increase the resale value. A deck is a small floor region that is added to your home like a porch, and most commonly, these decks are made of wood and placed in the garden region of the house. 

house with sliding patio door to patio on wooden deck with pool

During the summer, people want to spend more time outside throughout the day and night. Adding a deck, porch, or patio to your home will help it reach its fullest potential while letting you spend more time outside once the sun sets.

The wooden decks are parallel plates of wood placed along to form a floor that supports accessible seating. The best advantage of a wooden deck is that it enhances the region's beauty and becomes an interconnecting link between the house and garden as a bridge of nature.

This wood deck increases the look, and overall composure of the home, which increases its resale value, the wood used in these decks is coated with waterproof paint. Also, wooden decks require high maintenance because they are not a very good product; depending on the use and quality, they may last up to some years.

Choose US Window & Door for Window Replacement 

Summer is a perfect time to tackle a few home improvement projects. You'll be adding value to your home while simultaneously upgrading your daily enjoyment of your home.

Fixing drafty windows can be dangerous and ineffective. The easiest solution is to call a professional to replace them with better windows. Get in touch with us at Kroll Construction, and we can set you up with the right replacement windows. US Window & Door offers a wide selection of Energy Star-certified windows to improve your home's energy efficiency. Schedule a free in-home estimate, and we'll take care of the entire window replacement process.