Time’s Up, Encinitas: When to Replace Windows in Your Encinitas Home

Time’s Up, Encinitas: When to Replace Windows in Your Encinitas Home

November 24, 0108
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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While home improvements can make you feel better about the time you spend at home, very few of them will add to the value of your home. Replacing your windows happens to be one of the few investments that will increase how much your home is worthwhile also providing functional value. If you’re putting off replacing your windows, the time for when to replace windows might have passed without you knowing.

Here are six occasions when you need to replace your windows.

1. They Don’t Work Like They Used To

Over time, a house will settle. Wood can warp and make your window frames change. When it’s hard to open or close your windows, it’s time for you to consider replacing your windows.

Replacing windows is necessary when you can’t use them normally. If you find yourself telling someone not to open a window because you can’t get it closed again, it’s time for a replacement.

Replacing windows won’t necessarily fix problems with a frame. You might have a larger issue at hand. However, if you’re struggling to get your windows opened and closed again, you don’t need to live like that.

Replace your windows instead of avoiding use.

2. It’s Drafty

When your windows or the frames aren’t sitting in the right place, you’re going to feel a draft. Over time, windows might warp and change, which can let air in or out. If you find this is the case with your windows, it’s time to replace them.

Drafts aren’t cheap. With the hundreds of dollars, you spend to cool your home all year round, you need to have your windows help you out, not hurt the cause. When your windows won’t close properly, you’re going to get a draft.

Those drafts might seem small and minuscule but they can add up to big losses in your energy bills.

New windows are going to naturally have more insulation than older windows. The latest technology in windows has made them weather resistant and able to help you save money on utilities.

3. Are You Dealing With Single Panes?

If you have single pane windows, your windows definitely need to be replaced. Single-paned windows haven’t been in use since the 1960s. That means your windows are likely to be below current industry standards.

Single-paned windows are easily broken, drafty, prone to loosen. Dealing with single paned windows could be just as expensive as replacing them.

Get some new windows and you might end up with some triple paned glass. These will be safer and lack the kind of draftiness you get with single paned windows.

Single-paned windows could break and shatter, leaving broken glass everywhere. That’s not the case with modern windows. Replace any single paned glass in your house with something more robust and easy to use.

4. Energy Bills Bothering You?

Like every homeowner, you’re constantly looking for ways to lower your bills. Energy bills can be slightly unpredictable, especially if you have a family and a multi-floor home. A window could be left open for weeks, making your air system struggle without you even knowing.

If you’ve searched every corner of your home for a fix to your energy bill issues, new windows could be the answer.

Old windows that are made out of wood and single paned glass offer next to no insulation at all. Older windows and doors will let in drafts and let out cooled air during the summer.

Your HVAC system could be running on all cylinders while you sit in the living room still uncomfortable. Rather than constantly turn up your energy usage, why not try new windows.

It’s also a solution that can lessen your carbon footprint. If energy efficiency is important to you, new windows are just the thing that you’re looking for.

5. Is It Too Noisy Inside?

Even if you live in a quiet part of Encinitas, you could still long for quieter than you have. Planes flying overhead, critters outside, or even the sound of traffic could keep you awake at night. If you’re a light sleeper, you should consider getting new windows.

The insulation that you’ll find in new windows is designed to dampen noises. Air insulation is just as important as acoustic insulation.

If your home still feels noisy with all of the windows shut, it’s time to get some new insulated windows. You’ll be able to relax in peace and get the silence you crave when you need it.

6. Are You Seeing Colors Change?

Over time, the beautiful sun coming into your Encinitas home can become your enemy. If you spent weeks searching for the perfect color of carpet, you’ll find that the lighting coming into your windows can change all that.

The light coming into your home causes the fabric to fade. Your curtains, carpet, and furniture are subject to change when the light hits them.

UV rays that aren’t filtered out will heat up your home and change your fabrics.

Newer windows are made to limit the amount of fading that happens. The glass is coated with filters that block out UVA and UVB light. You’ll be able to keep your colors bright without compromising any of the sunlight that pours into your home.

When To Replace Windows Varies By The Home

Depending on your home, when you bought it, and when the last renovations were done, you may not need to replace your windows until next year. But if you find that you’re already thinking about them, perhaps waiting for when to replace windows isn’t a good idea. Replacing them today means that you get the added value immediately.

If you’re going the DIY route, check out our latest guide to replacing your windows.