Simple Ways to Style Your French Doors

Simple Ways to Style Your French Doors

April 10, 2023
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
french double door of a house

French doors are like a gateway to the outside. It's like you're welcoming guests into your home with open arms and letting them explore the space you live in. If you've got a classic home, French door style can be your solution since these are usually the focal point of your front entranceway. They're beautiful and elegant and can make any room feel more spacious than it is. There's no better way to highlight them than by styling them. To choose the best French door style for your home, you only need to follow these simple steps. Transform and style your French doors from ordinary to extraordinary.

Combine the Old with the New

Adding a French door style is not only a trend – it can even enhance the value of your home. Even though the style of your doors can speak for itself, there are always ways you can update them.

Combining the old with the new can often be the most exciting solution when it comes to interior design. So, what does it mean when it comes to a French door style? Once you develop a design idea, consider using some older furniture pieces you already have at your home. Combining them with new pieces will give the “edge” to your room design and make your French door style stand out. Here are some ideas you should consider:

French doors are a great way to add light to any room
  • Use a combination of old and new furniture or even just one piece with a vintage feel and modern appeal.
  • Use the same color scheme throughout the room to give it a cohesive look. This way, it won’t need to be broken up by contrasting colors or patterns. Pay attention to the color of your window frames – you can match them with the doors or use contrasting colors. You can also use vintage items as accents in your space if you want something more classic-looking or modern items if you want something more contemporary. 
  • If you’re looking for a bold, modern take on a foyer, you can use vertical stripes in neutral shades like white or black. The contrast between the two will make your space feel fresh, but it also provides balance so your eye isn’t overwhelmed by all the lines!
  • Add texture using different materials like wood versus metal or glass versus fabric. This will help keep your eyes interested when roaming the room so they don't get bored looking at all flat surfaces.
  • The best French door style will be the one that fits with the rest of the room. So, you should choose a focal point for the room. If you have multiple pieces of furniture, choose one as a focal point and keep the rest of the space fairly simple around it. For example, you could use an ornate antique armoire as a focal point in your bedroom. Try this while adding modern-looking lamps and bedding to balance out its older style.

Decorate Using Subdued Colors

If you want to give your French doors a little personality, consider decorating them with muted colors. Before you order the best French doors San Diego has to offer, here’s how you can decorate the ones you have in several different ways:

  • Use dark colors like black or brown. This effect can be dramatic and striking – especially if you have white molding around the glass panes.
  • Use light colors like gray or white on top of those darker hues. This will add some contrast and make the space feel more open and airy than it did before.
  • Use neutral tones that are similar enough not to clash when paired together. Keep in mind that these colors should be different enough from each other so that they don't blend into one homogeneous mass (like browns or blues). This is particularly helpful if no natural light comes through any windows in your room. It'll give everything an even tone without making anything look too dark or flat!

Glamorize Your French Doors

Most people perceive a French door style as “classic.” And they are not wrong! However, there is no reason why you should not add some glamour to your doors. Using mirrors can be a great solution for various reasons. Here are a few things you can do to achieve this design:

This type of door can be a focal point of any room

This type of door can be a focal point of any room. Alt tag: sunlight coming through outdoor French doors

  • Use a mirror to add depth and natural light. Mirrors are a great way to make your space feel brighter, especially if you have a small room or patio. They can also create the illusion of more space by reflecting light and views outside the window, making it seem like there's more than just one wall in front of you.
  • Large mirrors can make small rooms look bigger. You might have French doors leading out onto a small patio or balcony area. Or, you might want people who enter this area from inside your home to feel like they're walking into another room. If this is the case, try hanging large mirrors on either side of those French doors. They'll reflect any natural light coming in through those windows, giving off an aura like there's more than just one wall separating these two areas!

Embrace Signs of Aging

French doors are meant to be used. They have existed since the Renaissance and for a simple reason. People wanted to have more light in their rooms, so they started designing doors by installing pieces of glass into them. From the first years a French door style became popular, it was obvious that these doors were meant to last. So, you might want to show off the signs of aging or hide the signs of aging; both are fine! To achieve this French door design, you can use paint, stain, or even wallpaper to cover up the signs of aging.

Imagine living in a historic home with built-in French doors in your living room, and you want them restored so they can be opened again. The wood is in good shape, but some areas have gotten scratched over time. This can happen by people opening and closing them every day (including kids). You can choose a dark brown stain that will hide all evidence of wear while keeping with the original look of this classic piece of architecture. The client was very happy with the results.

If you are looking for a summer home improvement project, here’s another example. Imagine if different owners had painted your French doors many times over the years. The paint will most likely be chipping off, so you’d want to have them restored to be used again. You can style your French doors by choosing a black stain that will cover up all of the layers of paint while still letting the beauty of this old wood show through.

Never Over-Redecorate

Remember that not all of these ideas would work in your home. You should consider what looks the best for your taste and adjust the design accordingly. Over-redecorating your home, in general, could look distasteful and not very inviting to your guests. Since we’re talking about French doors as the focal point of your home, you should make a design plan that works for you. There are many different options for a French door style you can use. However, make sure not to overdo it – it can take the eyes off of the design of your room.

When choosing the best French door style and decorating it, it's important to remember that less is more. You can go all out and use every color in the rainbow, or you can stick with a simple theme and just one color. Either way, make sure that everything matches, and doesn't overdo it!

french door style

You should not be afraid to use color. Many people prefer this type of door because they don't have to worry about painting them yearly as traditional wooden ones would require. This is a good idea if you're interested in trying out something new. The doors are available in various colors, which means you can experiment with different combinations. Just remember that if you want to use more than one color, it's essential to ensure they complement each other well.

Another thing you should keep in mind is the installation of French doors in your home. More specifically – the right time to do it. If you are moving into a new home, unloading and unpacking the moving boxes could damage the doors and, very likely – break the glass pieces on them. So, the best time to install and style your doors would be after you’ve unpacked all the moving boxes. If you ask moving professionals from Zapt Movers San Francisco, they would suggest making a moving-in plan. If you have already installed French doors in your home, you should talk to your movers and ask them to be extra careful with the boxes.

Make Your French Doors Stand Out

You should always treat your French doors as the focal point of every room. This means you can style them in a way that makes them stand out and look their best. If you have French doors in your home, consider them the highlight of the room. They can create an inviting atmosphere and are great for bringing natural light into your space. They're also perfect for showcasing special collections or creating an entranceway that makes guests feel like they've arrived somewhere special.

French doors are not only a classic - they are also welcoming!

French doors are not only a classic - they are also welcoming! Alt tag: White French doors on the entrance of a house

Use the doors to create more space in the room

To create a sense of space, use French doors as dividers between rooms. For example, if your home has an open floor plan but wants more privacy in certain areas (like the kitchen), French doors can help! They'll also give each room its own identity by separating them visually while still allowing them access to each other through the same entryway.

French doors can also be used as dividers within a single room. This is often preferable because it doesn't take up any extra space at all! So, before you call professionals to install doors in your home, consider all the benefits of choosing this type of design. In addition to creating privacy between spaces within one large room (such as bedrooms), this type of setup allows light from windows or skylights above into various areas without any walls blocking it entirely. This helps maintain natural lighting levels throughout different parts of your home without having harsh shadows cast over particular areas.


French doors are a great way to add style and character to your home. Different types of French door styles can be used as an entrance to your living room or bedroom, allowing you to open them up during warm summer nights and during cold winter days. However, if you don't care for them properly, they may start looking worn out over time. So, make sure to keep in mind these tips when decorating your French doors so that they look beautiful for years! 

Installing and finding ways to style your French doors might sound like a new idea. However, keep in mind that many homeowners are proud to have opted for their French door style. If you decide to do it for the first time – there is a simple solution. What you need to do is contact professionals and book French door installation services from US Window & Door. Our experts will gladly help you choose the best design for your home and install your doors in no time!