Why San Diego’s Best Windows are Milgard Windows

Why San Diego’s Best Windows are Milgard Windows

December 31, 2016
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
San Diego's Best Windows are Milgard Windows

Considering new windows? It’s hard to do window research these days without finding Milgard Windows, and with good reason. Milgard has spent more than 50 years defining the home renovation industry with their products. After decades of improvements and dedication to customer service, we are proud to sell Milgard Windows & Doors to our clients. We know that Milgard shares our vision of San Diego’s best windows and make their products to the highest standards.

Over 50 years Perfecting San Diego’s Best Windows

Milgard is dedicated to making the best products available. That’s why they have spent over 50 years developing their manufacturing techniques. Milgard uses modern manufacturing innovations and materials to create modern window product lines to fit any home beautifully. We have spoken extensively about the rigorous testing that Milgard Windows go through. The leadership at Milgard wants a masterful product which means going to great lengths to perfect it.

Milgard Best Style Line Windows for San Diego

Over the decades Milgard continues to improve their products not just to meet but exceed modern standards in safety, forced entry, and energy efficiency. No matter which Milgard Window you choose, you are bound to get a high-quality product that is among the best in San Diego.

The Wide Variety of Styles and Options defines San Diego’s Best Windows

Milgard manufacturers many styles of windows. They have a window design and material for almost every application. Milgard windows are custom made to your home window openings. Manufactured with superior craftsmanship and nearly limitless design options, Milgard creates products that meet and exceed standards from residential to commercial applications. Many of their residential windows meet the requirements for commercial windows, which means you get a product that is made to withstand the lifetime warranty Milgard provides. They make several window lines so that the design and aesthetics match the home and owner’s window needs. Milgard makes windows with several modern frame materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. These modern frame materials provide the durability and reliability that consumers want in their window remodel. A reliable product that is well made will be one that lasts a long time. Milgard products are made to last and look good which means whether you keep or sell your home, you have a well-made product which will increase value both economically and aesthetically for your home.

Milgard makes award-winning products and accessories including the Smart Touch Lock. Every well-earned award comes from the dedication of the teams at Milgard to creating San Diego’s best windows. Milgard works to ensure their business adapts to the needs of the consumer. Milgard is constantly updating their product lines based on customer requests and innovative manufacturing techniques. Clients provide feedback through thousands of product reviews. They also work closely with their dealers for feedback on how the production, delivery, and installation processes are going. Milgard adjusts their processes based on all that feedback to ensure the highest quality products and services.

Excellent Service Backed Up by a Lifetime Warranty Make San Diego’s Best Windows

Milgard’s dedication to customer service extends an entire lifetime. They guarantee their products including labor and parts with a service department that is happy to help. Should anything go wrong with the windows, you have the peace of mind that it will be taken care of by the original manufacturer. No need to worry about the quality and guarantees of a random window repair contractor. Direct factory service means you get the window you deserve.

We work with our customers to support Milgard’s warranty with our lifetime warranty on our installation. That means you get nearly every aspect of insurance on your home renovation through US Window & Door. Milgard even offers glass breakage warranties on some product lines. If you want almost every aspect of your home improvement to be guaranteed, purchasing a Milgard product line with glass breakage warranty through US Window & Door covers basically anything that can happen to the window during the warranty periods.

Local Manufacturing Plants with Eco-Friendly Sustainable Products

Milgard’s commitment to the environment has helped reduce glass waste to a third of what it was ten years ago. Their fiberglass production process earned the ISO 14001 certification which oversees and increases performance for waste reduction, energy usage, and recycling. Milgard uses and creates recyclable materials in their products. They also have 13 locations in the Western United States, several of which are directly in California. The closest San Diego manufacturing branch is in Temecula. The proximity of manufacturing helps reduce waste and increases customer service as Milgard can create and respond quicker to customer needs.

San Diegos Best Windows Could be Milgard Tuscany Windows

Beyond their commitment to the environment, Milgard is also dedicated to community involvement. They know that your backyard is also theirs due to the proximity of their manufacturing facilities. Milgard partners with HomeAid America to help provide housing for the homeless. They also match employee donations to encourage giving back to all the communities where their employees live.

Our Relationship with Milgard and Why We Know they are San Diego’s Best Windows

2017 is a milestone for our company because it is our 30th year in business. During the last three decades, the partnerships we have had with our window manufacturers has become the most important aspect of our success.  The safety, security, energy efficiency and financial investment of our clients is crucial to us. Our customers deserve only the highest quality products because they are installing them directly in their homes. When we find that a current window manufacturing partner lacks quality, service, or dedication to our clients we will change to a new window producer. However, when we found Milgard windows, we realized that we wouldn’t need to worry about our customers being taken care of for a long time. Our dedication is to our clients and Milgard mirrors that in everything that they do. We aren’t just looking for the cheapest product to increase profits. We want to ensure the quality and reliability of our products for years to come. Milgard provides everything that our clients need which is why we build a strong partnership with them. Check out our infographic below that summarizes everything and then contact us for more information.

Infographic on San Diego's Best Windows