Operating Styles Of Popular Doors in San Diego

Operating Styles Of Popular Doors in San Diego

May 13, 2014
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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In earlier blogs, we focused on the unique designs of Milgard doors as well as their construction and discussed how each of them would fit into homes with a specific types of style and architecture.  Each of these doors has a purpose, and of course, based on the homeowner’s preferences, many of these doors can be customized to match individual specifications.

But what about the operating style of these doors?  This feature is sometimes just as important as the material that makes up a door or the style in which it’s built.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the options that are available for you and your home.

Standard Sliding Doors


These doors are a space-saving and affordable way to open up a room.  Sliding doors need no “swing” room at all, unlike hinged doors that require objects be placed well away from them.

These doors truly open up a room and offer great views while adding light as well as beauty to a home.

The frame of a sliding door is commonly made from aluminum or vinyl.  They open by simply sliding along horizontal tracks and can have either a right-hand or left-hand operation (depending on a home’s design).

Sliding doors can often be made with “grids” between the panes of glass t0 provide a multi-pane look.  This gives the door the style and feel of an elegant             French patio door.

Sliding doors are available in the following series: Tuscany, Montecito, and Style Line.

French Sliding Doors

French-style have wider stiles and rails, making them a great choice for traditional, classical architectural styles.

French sliding doors offer added natural light while providing an entry that looks beautiful from inside and outside your home.

This style of door is available with a variety of grid options between the panes of glass.  Interior and exterior grids that snap-in are available and can create an authentic look of a door that’s composed of small, individual panes.

Make sure to designate between a French-style patio door and a simple French door because the patio door will be exposed to the elements.

Available materials in the popular Ultra series include vinyl and fiberglass.

In-Swing French Doors

In-swing doors like these “swing” out and are typically installed with two doors that open in the middle.

These types of doors are used to clearly define interior and exterior spaces while still providing great views.

Like French-style sliding doors, in-swing doors can be made to order with a variety of grid options between panes of glass.  Interior and exterior snap-in grids are available and can create a more authentic look of a door composed with individual panes.

French Doors

Out-Swing French Doors

Perfect for homes where indoor space is at a premium.

Out-swing doors swing outwards, saving space but still retain a stylish, classy look and provide excellent views.

These doors are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and many homeowners install these doors to separate rooms.

Out-swing French doors have wider stiles and rails than traditional sliding doors.  These doors are an appropriate choice for more traditional architectural styles and wherever a more classic patio door is desired.

Like most “French” style doors, these doors can be made with multiple grid options to fully customize a desired look.

Out-swing French doors can be made from either vinyl or fiberglass materials.  The Tuscany and Ultra series are all popular models.

Pocket Glass Walls

Pocket-style glass wall/door systems are real space-savers and take up less floor space than virtually all other door types.

When these “luxury” doors are fully open, the panels slide into a wall pocket and completely disappear from view.

Pocket glass wall systems are available with aluminum frames.

Stacking Glass Walls

Stacking glass wall/door systems open up by sliding large panels on top of each other.

The way these doors open lets natural light in and allows fresh air to circulate freely and easily.

Stacking glass doors are luxurious and like pocket glass doors, are available in aluminum frames.

Bi-Fold Glass Walls

Bi-fold glass walls/doors generally include more glass panels than the pocket glass and stacking glass walls.

The glass panels of these “walls” are connected by hinges and each panel simply folds on top of the adjacent panel to open.

Bi-fold glass systems are available in sleek aluminum frames that are modern and can be designed with different colors to match any home decor.

Building a new home or remodeling one is certainly cause for the installation of new doors.  There are many available types ranging from classic doors that are hinged to multi-paned folding doors that are modern and sophisticated.  In addition to the many different styles, it is wise to look for doors that are energy efficient and made from the highest-quality materials available.