Interesting Facts About Vinyl Windows

Interesting Facts About Vinyl Windows

February 20, 2023
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door

Adding new windows and exterior doors to a house makes a big difference in its overall appearance and value. Vinyl windows San Diego are the most durable and reliable windows on the market, offering low maintenance, energy efficiency, and lifetime warranties! San Diego vinyl windows are made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), which is a durable plastic that lasts a lifetime. You would never have to worry about swells, rot, warping or termites entering your home when you use vinyl.

If you’ve ever wondered about vinyl window facts and how they came to be, they’ve got quite the fascinating history. We’ll cover interesting facts about vinyl windows and how they can be beneficial for your home.

Vinyl Windows’ Beginnings in Germany

Germany produced the first batch of vinyl window systems in 1954. As a result of the war, there was a shortage of wood and aluminum had a high price, resulting in vinyl filling the gap.

The use of vinyl for windows began just after WWII when natural materials were in short supply. In the early days of vinyl windows, most of them were heavy and too small to be properly utilized, which made them unsuitable for most applications. However, the warping of the material when exposed to heat was the major disadvantage of the plain black and white colors.

After many years, BF Goodrich of America began mass producing vinyl windows. The quality of vinyl windows improved with every passing year, and in the 1900s, window makers across the developed world began to use vinyl windows.

Vinyl Windows’ Rise in the U.S

Vinyl windows were introduced to America by Thermal Industries in 1964. During the same decade, siding replacement projects boomed across the country.

Vinyl Windows: An Environmentally Friendly Option

Here are a few reasons why vinyl window frames are a great choice for the environment.

Vinyl window frames are made from PVC, the third most commonly used plastic in the world. A wide variety of products can be made from PVC. Vinyl windows can be recycled into a variety of products when they no longer perform well. 

In addition to being easy to install, vinyl windows are also easy to maintain. You don't have to use harsh cleaning products, paint, or stain them. The materials used in vinyl windows can be recycled, making them eco-friendly. Piping, picnic tables, seat coverings, footwear, medical devices, blood storage bags, and much more are among these items.

By recycling old window frames, not only do we avoid landfills, but we also provide new uses for the material. 

Vinyl Dominating the Residential Window Market

US residential window sales are dominated by vinyl, according to home improvement pundits. To put things in perspective, this material is used to construct the frames of more than half of all American windows. In comparison to other materials, vinyl is most cost-effective.

spacious-room-with PVC window

Vinyl is Less Likely to Fade 

Vinyl siding and windows are often criticized for discoloration by window and siding experts. Vinyl iterations designed with titanium dioxide or tin compounds, however, are much less susceptible to sun damage and retain their colors better.

Vinyl Contain PVC

The perception that vinyl windows look cheap and flimsy discourages some homeowners from installing them. The quality of a window isn't necessarily determined by its price. Manufacturers have also added premium features to vinyl windows over the years.

Vinyl Only Used to Be Available in White and Cream 

In response to increasing demand for vinyl windows, manufacturers started adding premium features such as window frames that mimic the look and feel of premium materials. Vinyl windows now come standard with dual- and triple-pane windows, enhancing their energy-efficiency and providing partial soundproofing.

Why Choose Vinyl Windows for Your Home

When you replace or install windows in your home, you have many options to choose from. You can choose from:

  • Wooden Windows
  • Vinyl Windows

The best option among these is vinyl windows. You'll see why vinyl windows outperform other types if you look at the numerous reasons why.


Once vinyl windows are installed, they can last for up to 30 years. In contrast to aluminum windows, which corrode and change color over time due to age and usage, these windows never fade.

Vinyl windows are also able to withstand all kinds of weather, including rain, snow, cold, heat, or extreme temperatures, and still look brand new. Vinyl windows are manufactured using chemical dyes that are durable enough to last for a long time.

In spite of subtle climate changes occurring across the globe, vinyl windows can easily withstand stormy conditions. Get yourself vinyl windows if you want a strong ventilation partner that will last you for more than two decades.

Easy to Clean and Low Maintenance 

Vinyl windows can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth, unlike wooden and aluminum windows which require a lot of time and effort. Spray a glass cleaner on them and wipe them with a sponge to get them as clean as new.

cleaning vinyl window frames

Vinyl windows cannot hide dust particles due to their texture and crystal clear surface. Cleaners and homeowners can easily spot dust and clean the windows because of this.

Due to their dark colors and materials, other types of windows cannot reflect dust accumulated in their corners and edges. Dust mites and allergies can thrive in wooden windows.

Aluminium windows also require special cleaning chemicals, proving that vinyl windows are the easiest to clean of all the window materials. Vinyl windows are the perfect choice for homeowners who are concerned about cleanliness.

Better Finished Look

Comparatively to other window types, vinyl windows offer a more finished look. Vinyl windows were initially only available in white. With the passage of time and progress in the window replacement industry, vinyl window manufacturers now offer a variety of colors. Vinyl windows can now be painted in any color homeowners choose.

Additionally, some window replacement companies offer grain laminates and custom painting. Your vinyl windows will look classier with a classy finishing look if you check out the offers your windows replacement team has to offer. 

Energy Efficiency 

Of all the window frame options, vinyl has the best insulation properties. These windows prevent excess heat from entering your home during summer and escaping during winter by chemicals such as Argon. You can maintain a more pleasant interior temperature in your home. As a result, it reduces the stress on your heating and cooling system. 

Vinyl windows are well known for their energy efficiency. Several ways exist for vinyl windows to help you reduce your monthly energy bill. PVC is a plastic material that expands and contracts to ensure a snug, draft-free fit. Additionally, vinyl windows often have double or triple-pane glass thick enough to provide optimal insulation. Lastly, vinyl windows are weather-resistant, reducing the likelihood of future drafts.


There is no doubt that vinyl windows are the cheapest of all window types. Due to their plastic construction, they cost half as much as wooden windows, less than fiberglass windows, and a lot less than aluminum windows. For people on a budget looking for cost-effective solutions, vinyl windows are a good choice.

A vinyl window is an extremely economical choice for your home's windows. It is important to keep in mind that lower cost does not necessarily mean lower quality. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, vinyl windows are also less expensive to install. Vinyl windows also reduce many of your related expenses. In addition to reducing your energy expenses, they can also reduce your maintenance and repair costs. By replacing your windows with vinyl varieties, you can save money in many different ways. As a result, vinyl windows can save you a considerable amount of money over time.

Variety of Style 

Vinyl windows also come in various frame styles, making them a great choice. Among these are single-slider tilt, double-slider tilt, awning, casement, and picture windows; single-hung, double-hung, bow windows, bay windows, hoppers, etc. Other window types typically offer only one style, the fixed window. On the other hand, vinyl windows have a wide variety of styles to choose from.

vinyl window arched window style option

Any aesthetic requirement can be met with vinyl windows. These windows are available in a wide variety of styles and colors to match your style. You can ensure that vinyl windows will match your property's appearance when you install them to your building. New vinyl windows can completely transform both the exterior and interior appearance of your property.

Further, many window replacement companies offer custom-shaped vinyl window frames. Their customers can have vinyl frames built in shapes of their choice, which is quite liberating.

Thus, vinyl windows are the best choice if you wish to add versatility to your home's window designs.

Rarely Needs Renovation 

Once vinyl windows are manufactured and installed, they rarely need to be renovated. Unlike wood and aluminum windows, vinyl windows do not corrode or get damaged due to environmental conditions and, thus, do not need to be painted or repaired.

Vinyl windows are also usually double-paned, making the glass less likely to break.

Improved Curb Appeal 

Anyone who walks or drives past your property will have a first impression of your building based on its curb appeal. Buildings with better curb appeal make a much better first impression. Selling or renting your property requires this information. Your property's curb appeal has a substantial impact on its value as well. Your building can be instantly transformed by installing vinyl windows.

Increase Resale Value 

Vinyl windows can increase your property's resale value. As well as adding value to your property, energy efficiency will also increase its value if you decide to sell it. As a result, vinyl windows maintain a high return on investment. Besides saving money on energy, repair, and maintenance expenses, it also increases the value of your building.

Choose Vinyl Window Replacement from US Window and Door 

Vinyl windows have many benefits for your property. You can improve your property's curb appeal, resale value, and energy efficiency with these windows. When it is time to replace your windows, there are many signs to look for. 

Your windows should be replaced as soon as they become worn down. In this way, they will remain functional and protect your home. Vinyl windows can be incredibly beneficial when it comes time to replace your building's windows. We’re dedicated to providing you with all of the services that you need to install superior windows and doors

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