How Do You Know When Replacing a Front Door is a Good Idea?

How Do You Know When Replacing a Front Door is a Good Idea?

November 22, 2019
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door

Your home’s front door is one of the first things your guests see when they come over.

But more than that, it is one of the main elements that protect your family and home. Are you thinking about replacing a front door?

Read on to learn when it’s time to get a new door.

The Front Door is Rusted, Worn or Damaged

Wear and tear happens over the lifetime of a door. After so many times being pelted with rain and snow, baseballs and newspapers, it starts to show its age.

When you see visible damage to the door including rust and lots of dents and dings, it is time to consider replacing a front door.

Keep in mind that visible deterioration can be a sign that your door’s integrity has been compromised. Rust, for example, can be a sign of water damage.

Visible cracks on your door are a big problem. Cracks let in cold air and insects but also mean that your door is weak. This is a huge safety concern for your family and your possessions.

Plus, your home will have a better curb appeal and visual impact with a nice new door.

Moisture In The Glass

If your front door has panes of glass or a side lite, does it often have condensation in between the panes?

As doors age, the weather-tight seals around the window panes can get worn out. Moisture creeps in and can grow into mold and mildew. Yuck!

Mold and mildew are a health hazard. You don’t want to be breathing in these spores.  Depending on the moisture damage to the rest of the door, you might be able to fix the issues by just replacing the window panes.

Contact your window and door specialist to help you figure out if you need a replacement door.

If your door is made out of wood, mold and mildew are an even bigger problem. Get a replacement door as soon as possible.

A Cold Draft Near Your Front Door

Do you often find that it is noticeably colder near your front door? If you can feel a draft coming in from around or under your front door, it is no longer doing a good job at keeping your properly insulated.

Not only is it harder to keep the inside air temperature at a comfortable level, but you are also paying money to treat air that is escaping out your front door!

Replacing the front door will save you money on your energy bill.

It’s Difficult To Open Or Close the Front Door

When your door begins to stick this usually means that the door or frame has warped or is begging to sag. This tends to happen when doors are made of wood.

You might even notice a gap between the frame and the door. Opening and closing your door when this happens is more difficult -especially for seniors and children.

Sometimes, your door might even drag along the floor as you open it which can damage your floor.

The bad news is that your door becomes less secure. Surprisingly, the front door is one of the most common ways that burglars gain access to homes. Don’t make it easy for them to break into your home by having a compromised door.

Noisy Door

Creaky doors aren’t just a nuisance. They are a sign that there is a problem with your door.

Adding oil to the hinges alleviates the symptoms but doesn’t fix the underlying issue. Worn down hinges are a sign that your door has reached its lifespan.

Also, loose hinges also make it easy for your front door to be forced open by thieves. Make sure your front door protects your home and family by installing a new door.

Water or Insect Damage

It’s not always obvious when your door is rotting on the inside. If your door is older and made of wood, it is more likely that insects or water can cause damage to your door from the inside.

Modern front doors are made of heavy-duty fiberglass or steel and so are less likely to have issues with insects or damage.

Insects are Raiding Your Home

If your home is swarming with ants, spiders or other insects all of a sudden, it could be due to an old front door.

If your door doesn’t close properly, has holes, or cracks then it is easier for pests to get inside. The last thing you want is an infestation of insects getting cozy in your home and making nests.

You Can See Sunlight Streaming In Under Your Door

If you can see outside from underneath your door, you are spending more on your energy bill than you should.

Over time, doors and their frames shift. Some doors have a spring-loaded threshold.  If yours does, you will see some screws along the surface of your threshold. You can then raise it to fix the problem.

You can also replace the weatherstripping on your door in under 10 minutes. However, if these fixes don’t help, then a new front door is your best bet.

Final Word on Replacing a Front Door

Whenever you have drafts, cracks, warping, moisture, rust or other damage, you need to seriously consider replacing a front door as soon as possible.

Don’t leave the safety of your home to chance. Rest assured that your family is safe with a replacement front door.

At US Window & Door we specialize in door replacement in San Diego. Get a free quote today for a new door that is secure and enhances the beauty of your home.