Different Types of Sliding Glass Doors and the Home Styles They Match

Different Types of Sliding Glass Doors and the Home Styles They Match

May 30, 2022
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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Choosing the right sliding door for your home will do more than just let people in and out. It can transform the look and feel of your home. Your sliding door can let natural light in for a while, keeping the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

We know there is a variety of sliding door styles on the market to choose from, and the selection from Milgard products can fit the needs and design of your home. We'll provide the most popular examples of sliding glass doors in San Diego and tell you the home styles they match, so you can find the right door for your home. 

Wood Sliding Glass Doors

Wood sliding doors are perhaps one of the most popular door styles around, and with good reason. There are many benefits that wood sliding doors have that other door materials can't deliver. 

Energy Efficient

If you are considering getting a new sliding glass door and wondering if you should go with wood, once you discover what wood frames can offer, you may realize that it's always a great choice. Wood doors offer great energy efficiency when it comes to dealing with the hot San Diego weather. It keeps the outside temperatures from entering your home, so you stay cool indoors. 

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While the cost of a wood door can vary, much of it depends upon the type of wood it's made of and if the wood has been decorated and finished as opposed to an unfinished door. If the door comes with a topcoat finish to protect it from the weather, then you don't really need to do anything else to it. Wood doors that are ready to go mean little maintenance and can last for a long time. 


Always clean it regularly to make sure your visiting guests appreciate its beauty.

But, if you want to finish and paint your door, you can always do it with wood as well. It may cost less to purchase an unfinished door, and then you have the option to choose the exact color you want. You can stain, seal and paint it however you like. Just make sure to select a durable finish so the door is well protected. This is especially true if you don't have a storm door to protect your wooden door from the outside elements.

Best Match For: These wood sliding glass doors work best with traditional homes, traditional homes, craftsman, french country, farmhouse, and Scandinavian styles. 

Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

Talk about the characteristics of metal sliding glass doors, the appeal of metal frames, benefits, etc.

Aluminum is a popular frame material for sliding doors. So what are the benefits of aluminum sliding doors for your San Diego home? 

Maximize space

Some homes may have limited space, which makes aluminum a great option for smaller-sized homes. The installation of the aluminum sliding glass door is flexible as it does not take up a lot of room in your home. With a push-pull action, two spaces can be separated or joined at any time according to the user to maximize your space effortlessly. Hence, aluminum sliding doors are commonly used as bathroom doors or kitchen doors in architectural design. Besides, sliding doors are also often used as exterior doors, such as patio doors, living room doors, villa doors, balcony doors, store doors, studio doors, garage doors, etc.

Durability and low maintenance

The materials of sliding doors range from traditional wooden materials to glass and aluminum materials. A bad selection of sliding doors will lead to problems such as broken rollers, worn tracks with screeching sounds, difficulty sliding, faulty locking mechanisms, etc. So, it is wise to invest in a high-quality sliding door. 

aluminum sliding door

On the other hand, aluminum is the material to look for when choosing a sliding door as it is durable and requires minimal maintenance. Aluminum sliding doors are not affected by the factors such as rusting, fading, and rotting. With these features, aluminum sliding doors effectively withstand various natural environments while still delivering an astonishing performance for a long time.

Heat insulation and noise reduction

Aluminum Sliding Doors can be tightly sealed, and there are no gaps between the door panels. Our aluminum doors also use high-quality glass, which provides good heat insulation and an excellent soundproof effect. When the weather is relatively hot, a door can play a role in heat insulation. Instead of switching on the air conditioner, the aluminum sliding door can better ensure the indoor cooling effect while not consuming much energy. Conversely, the sliding door can act as a partition to keep the interior warm when the weather is colder. In short, aluminum sliding doors can keep your property warm in cold weather and cool in the summer, reducing your energy bills.

Natural light and smooth operation

Aluminum sliding doors also allow natural light and provide smooth operation. This design ensures that two spaces can be connected seamlessly to create a spacious area. In terms of outlook, an aluminum sliding door with glass can be installed on the balcony to enjoy the sun and the scenery. The large glass door also maximizes the permeability of sunlight. In today's advocacy of nature, aluminum sliding doors create a transparent, bright interior that is perfectly connected to nature and can enlighten your living area with soothing natural light. In general, installing aluminum sliding doors can certainly upgrade your living space. 

Best Match For: Overall, aluminum sliding doors are the best match for home styles such as mid-century modern, contemporary, industrial, Spanish or Mediterranean

Bifold Sliding Glass Doors

Bi-fold doors, which are also known as folding sliding doors, slide open panels concatenating neatly together. They can also include a standard-style door at one end, which you can use to go in and out without having to fold the panels. 

Bi-folding units can open inwards or outwards, and most people choose the latter option to maximize the space inside. With examples that open outwards, you don't need to worry about the furniture inside the room getting in the way of the folded leaves when the door is open. Half-in, half-out options are always available; these might work for your space but offer the worst of both worlds in terms of getting in the way both indoors and out.

Unobstructed Views

With bifold doors, you can get uninterrupted views when open. However, they do require more frames. This means that, when closed, the frames will break up some of the outside views. 

Bifold sliding glass doors are still one of the most stylish, beneficial adaptations a homeowner can make to their home.

Added Security

Another of the benefits of bifold sliding doors is that they are one of the safest and most secure features you can have in your home. An example of this super-security is the fact that a bifold door set has up to 6 locking mechanisms spread out across its diameter. Whereas traditional French doors and sliding doors have just – one of a number of benefits of bifold doors over these door types. If you get burgled with locked bi-folds, you probably leave a window open.

Bi-Fold Sliding Glass Door

Best Match For: Bifold sliding glass doors are the best match for modern and contemporary homes. They may also match traditional craftsman and farmhouse homes if using natural wood frames. 

Sliding Glass Barn Doors

Glass panel sliding barn doors are a classic yet modernized way to bring light into your space.

Sliding glass barn doors are a tasteful touch to all kinds of rooms in a home and often allow spaces for more natural light than they could receive through windows or skylights alone. A sliding glass barn door is a tasteful option for those looking for the modern, minimalist glass door look with a rustic Americana feel.

One major plus for the sliding glass barn door is that it can seamlessly fit the décor of almost any room in your home. While a solid wood or metal barn door might make an exciting centerpiece, the glass barn door can blend in with a multitude of different furnishing styles while simultaneously adding a classy and functional touch to the space. Additionally, frosted glass barn doors are available to add privacy to any room. 

Where will a sliding glass barn door fit best in my home?

milgard tuscany sliding door

A sliding glass barn door is a great option for your bathroom entrance or shower door. Frosted glass barn doors are especially popular for their ability to allow light to pass through but still provide adequate privacy. 

Whether your kitchen actually has an entrance door or not, there are plenty of doorways within a kitchen, both big and small. A sliding glass barn door can make an excellent kitchen door as well as a pantry door (the lack of swinging out can be a huge help for pantry space) or even cabinet doors. That's right; sliding barn doors can come in any size, depending on your needs! Additionally, you can add frosted glass as well as transparent, so you can choose the level of visibility you prefer.

Any sliding barn door can also be installed in a bi-parting door style (two adjoining doors instead of one). We recommend this for sliding glass barn doors especially; it pays homage to the classic French door style as well as being generally safer and leading to fewer accidents than a singular glass door.

Sliding glass barn doors are great for their versatility in style as well as their opportunity for natural light exposure. Whatever your needs and desires may be for the perfect sliding glass barn door, we can help you realize your vision. 

Best Match For: The sliding glass barn doors are the best match for minimalist, contemporary, and modern industrial-style homes. 

Mix and Match Sliding Door Styles

Homeowners should mix and match door styles according to what best suits their homes and their desired visual appeal. US Window and Door can provide you with expert advice on the best door styles for the most appropriate door replacement in San Diego. Contact us to schedule a consultation. We'll set you up with one of our well-trained and experienced door experts to help you select and install the perfect barn door for your home.