Determining Replacement Window Costs in San Diego

replacement window costs

Windows are a fundamental part of any building. They can make or break your home’s aesthetics by providing previously dull rooms with the allure and personality you didn’t even know were missing. However, if your windows’ glory days are long gone and you can’t seem to enjoy the views because you keep catching yourself staring at their damaged materials and discoloration, maybe it’s time to think about replacement windows. Luckily, there are many window types available in the market that can meet even the most demanding tastes.

First things first, try not to think of window replacement as an expense, but rather as a worthwhile investment and opportunity to increase your home’s overall value. Besides, it is an opportune moment to give your home a complete overhaul, especially if it’s closer to the half-century mark. There are many different window styles and design options in the market when it comes to shapes, sizes, and materials, to fit your taste and budget just fine.

Custom made windows call for higher-end prices. An excellent trick to save your hard-earned money and avoid future headaches is to stick to standard-sized windows that are much simpler to measure and install and, consequently, a lot more cost-effective. There are numerous styles to choose from, each with individual characteristics and features to fit all your different rooms. If you need a window replacement service in San Diego, you can schedule an appointment to get an estimate with the experts at US Window & Door.

Average Total Costs

Windows make your home more enjoyable to live in by providing it with natural light. For this reason, installing premium quality windows is an essential investment, not a luxury item. Not only will they improve your home, but they will also help manage temperature changes and eliminate drafts, thus saving you on utility bills.

Let’s delve into some of the most common window types you can expect to find in the market:  

Double-hung windows, which are the preferred style in North America, cost between $450 and $600. These have two sashes that can slide or tilt up and down. They’re a simple yet very effective solution for almost any room in your home. 

♦ Awning windows range between $420 and $760. These open outwards from the bottom, rendering any room leak-proof during light to moderate rain. These can potentially save you money on unnecessary walls and floor repairs.

Bay windows, due to their large size, range anywhere from $1,150 to $3,550. These types of windows open up a room and give you wide-range views. 

ultra series window

Garden windows, a smaller version of bay windows, cost around $1,000 to $4,000 to install. They make a particularly useful addition for decorating a home by providing ample room for displaying plants and ornaments while letting in a lot of natural light.

Casement windows swing between $270 and $750. They open on one side, allowing for cross ventilation. They are exceptionally efficient in kitchens. 

Picture Windows Interior

Picture windows range between $245 and $850. They are perfect for enhancing your living room since they offer extensive, uninterrupted views; thus, allowing an inflow of natural light into your home.

Sliding windows come in various sizes, so you should expect them to cost anything from $320 to $1,300 depending on the dimensions. This particular style doubles wonderfully as access ways to decks, patios, and balconies.  

Prices for window replacement in San Diego vary immensely, depending on the scenario. When determining costs, besides basing your calculations merely on the style you want, you also have to consider the window size, frame material, type of glass, and specific traits of the windows you intend to purchase. Prices might fluctuate between $500 and $1000 per window, depending on the features you pick. Another factor you need to keep in mind is the size of your home. An average-sized house can require at least $5,000 for a complete window replacement in San Diego, while a considerably bigger house can get as high as $40,000.

What Makes Up the Costs?

When budgeting for replacement windows installation, several factors can influence the costs involved. The window itself assumes a considerable part of the final price. However, the ultimate value will depend on the services provided by the window installation company as well.


You need to pay close attention to which materials you should choose for your frames: their differing qualities will affect their value accordingly.  


One of the most commonly preferred and affordable materials is aluminum. Aluminum is a highly durable and excellent thermal conductor. On the downside, aluminum windows are the least energy-efficient and can quickly overheat a room in the summer and let too much cold in during the winter.  


These windows cost slightly more than aluminum ones. They’re durable, resistant to scratches, and come in various colors to match your taste and style.  

aluminum windows

♦ Fiberglass    

A higher value material with better temperature transmission properties is fiberglass, which would seem more energy efficient than other options out there. However, fiberglass cannot be fused to seal to perfection, which may result in disruptive drafts. 

♦ Wood

Wood windows are often custom made, which makes them significantly more valuable. However, timber frames are more demanding than most window types when it comes to maintenance and protection from moisture damage and rotting.

Type of Glass

When talking about windows, you might think that they automatically come with their respective glass panels. Although some manufacturers sell their windows as a “wholesome” package, others may charge for frames and glass separately. Prices might also increase depending on the type of glass you’re looking for. Extra features and upgrades, like opaque, frosted or noise-reducing panels, will undoubtedly add to your final bill  

glass panels

Glass offers several grades of energy efficiency, depending on its thickness. Single-paned windows, which consist only of one layer of glass, tend to be more affordable. Although premium glass with double or triple panes is initially pricier, it can offer you significant savings on utility bills in the long run.

Special Features

You might also want to add some upgrades to your new replacement windows. Asking for extra features like energy-saving, noise-blocking, or insulating properties, will likely increase your window frames’ overall cost compared to their modest counterparts.


Once you’ve selected your ideal replacement windows, it’s time for the hard work to begin. Although initial consultations are free of charge, the installation phase is a different story due to the time, effort, and expertise required. A base rate for any installation can start at about $45 per hour or higher. Most contractors can install windows in one day for small work with no doors. However, depending on the project scope or other factors that could affect the installation process and quality like the weather, some contractors might take up to three days to a week to finish the installation.

Some windows are more challenging to set up than others. If the window installation is particularly complicated, thus time-consuming, the installation costs can significantly escalate. The same applies to situations where special equipment is required or when the window openings are not easily accessible. Replacement window installation can be done in two different ways. However, as with all projects, your preferred option is dependent on your budget. 

How to Install a Replacement Window: Everything You Need to Know

 ♦ Full frame installation replaces the whole window, requiring technicians to uninstall your old one entirely. This type of installation is a lot more time consuming as it needs adjustments and touch up work to finish the job. 

♦ Pocket installation (aka retrofit or insert window) is a more cost-effective and straightforward method of slipping the new window inside an existing frame. This option is a lot faster as it doesn’t need much work. 


Warranties always vary from company to company. Lifelong or long-term warranties imply that the product you’re getting is the highest quality in the market. They’re a written pledge from the manufacturer to their clients. A warranty will cover any drawbacks, and the manufacturer takes responsibility for extra repair or reinstallation expenses.

It is indeed true that buying windows without the extra cost of a warranty will initially seem attractive. However, you’ll solely be accountable for any damages should anything go wrong, be it poor performance or future age defects. Attempting to save money by overlooking this crucial factor will eventually prove to be more costly, requiring you to fix and replace your window at your own cost. 

How Can Pricing Vary So Much From Company to Company?

When researching the most competitive market prices, you will likely come across very distinct cost differences between companies that offer similar products. You will find yourself wondering, “How can a particular window cost so little in company X yet so high in company Y?” Well, for starters, not all companies consider the same parameters when pricing their windows. Aside from the basic elements like material, style, size, and extra features, some window installation companies include labor in their total price while others charge it separately. Another factor that may increase your replacement window installation costs is that most businesses will charge you for the initial consultation.

Something else to keep in mind is that not all window installation companies use the same suppliers and manufacturers. This can notably impact their prices since not all manufacturers use premium quality materials. Some providers might not even offer the same technologies and extra features on their products, thus considerably reducing the prices they offer. As you can see, finding a competitive solution for your window replacement budgetary needs is a process that requires patience and in-depth research. After all, you can never go wrong with being extra cautious.  

Window replacement is a more manageable task when done by the right company. US Window & Door offers only a first-class San Diego window replacement service to all customers in the Southern California area. We work with Milgard, one of the most dependable brands that use high-end materials and technologies, making your investment worthwhile by guaranteeing your windows will last long in absolutely perfect condition. At US Window & Door, we offer a lifetime warranty because our priority is your satisfaction. 

window replacement costs

We pride ourselves in offering timely service to our customers. We work closely with you to help you make informed decisions. We pay meticulous attention to detail in the measuring and installation process. US Window & Door offers free in-home estimates and consultations to ensure that we give you the personalized attention you deserve and only the best window installation solutions.

If you’re looking to get an estimated cost, here is what you can do and what to expect from us: 

♦ Get in touch with us, whether by phone or through our website.

♦ After we’ve received all your details, we’ll set up an appointment at your convenience. 

Our specialist will then evaluate your project scope to give you the best price approximation.  

Things to Look Out For

You will need to consider some key factors when looking for the ideal supplier to make your window replacement process less stressful and more satisfactory. You must keep in mind that for the best results companies that offer window replacement in San Diego will often ask for an in-home consultation. This service should be free and should serve the primary purpose of making the whole process faster and more accurate. However, we will always send out an expert for the final measurements even if we handle the initial estimates on the phone.

When going for more affordable materials, you should look into a trustworthy, reputable brand to ensure that you’re still acquiring a high-end product that will last you for longer even when prices are low. An excellent option is Milgard, which has only the best styles and materials available at competitive prices. Although some suppliers might offer tax incentives, these types of rewards tend to change over time. It is essential to keep this in mind and seek an experienced accountant’s advice to ensure that these tax exemptions apply to your case.

Don’t just trust anyone with your window replacement needs. Contact US Window & Door today and get the windows you’ve always dreamed of!