5 Trending Window Design Ideas to Try This 2022

5 Trending Window Design Ideas to Try This 2022

June 20, 2022
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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Windows are essential to any home for letting in ample light and air! However, they do not come as a one-size-fits-all design. Different types of window designs serve different purposes in terms of functionality and enhancing the aesthetic appeal. It's important to understand the differences between these windows to know which one best suits the construction of your home.

To make matters simple for you, we have put together the five best window designs for 2022. If you're interested in window replacement San Diego, you may want to check out these design ideas to help you decide what types of new windows you'd like to have installed in your home. 

Black Window Frames and Hardware

Clean, bold, and classic — all the characteristics black window frames bring to your home. This trend is here to stay, and we don't see it going away anytime soon. Homeowners love this style as it can work with nearly any home decor and architectural design.

While the design originates from the industrial beauty of the early 20th century, these windows started gaining more modern popularity in 2022. Here's why they're on-trend, and we believe they'll continue to be a popular choice for many San Diego homeowners. 

Black is sleek:

Straight black lines that create a dramatic look for your house. Black-framed exterior windows and sliding doors are trendy thanks to their versatility in use and can offer a contemporary touch to your home. Homeowners and designers alike appreciate black trim windows for their ability to contrast contemporary design with a strong attachment to the outdoors, subtly merging outdoor and indoor looks.

Expansive glass in clean lines:

milgard aluminum series black window frames

Current homeowners are looking for more simplicity in interior design, with sharp edges and fine lines. Homes with black windows provide a frame to invite the viewer into their homes with large, non-obtrusive windows and lift-and-slide patio doors. The result: stunning views, extra natural light, and a classy look that is often more cost-effective than homeowners assume.

Dramatic contrast:

When a black interior window is matched with white walls or black exterior windows are placed with white trim, a home immediately creates a distinct contrasting look that attracts the eye without dominating a room. The elegance of the color black also brings a number of opportunities as it can pair with nearly everything. Regardless of your home's interior style, inside or out, black window frames can be the best pairing. And because this subtle look accents your room on its own, implementing black frame windows into your home design makes adding window treatments unnecessary.

Modern but timeless:

There's a reason that the look of a "little black dress" never goes out of style. Regardless of what trends come and go, a clean black line can make a subtle but dramatic impression. Whether it's painted wood, aluminum, or fiberglass window frames, the subtle touch of a black window frame will continue to be modern and timeless at the same time.

Eliminate window treatment:

When you get black window frames, you eliminate the need for window treatments. While they can accent the window frame, they are also not as noticeably absent on black window frames as they would be for white window frames. 

Add depth and highlight the outdoor view:

Black windows can have two effects; one of the effects is that they can create depth in your aesthetic, giving you a highlighted outdoor view. Another one, depending on where you live, is to blend into your outdoor view giving you the illusion that your view is bigger than it actually is. Either way, the end result is stunning.

Colorful or Two-toned Window Frame and Sash

An increasing number of homeowners are painstakingly researching the latest trends in everything from lighting and hardware to cabinets and windows to accentuate their own personal styles.

As a result, window manufacturers are investing in technologies to add color to their products that were historically available in white or other neutral colors. 

Interest in customization:

That's because the demand for customization is continuing to grow. With these factors and the interest in color varieties for vinyl windows, color technologies are expected to advance and grow exponentially for years to come with more customization and economical pricing. 

aluminum series radius windows

In fact, windows are on the verge of transforming standard housing applications with visually compelling shades ranging from dark browns to deep reds and greens. But the most growing popular painted color in vinyl windows is black, which is the red-hot color choice among many American consumers. This is indicative of homeowners' current preference for dark-colored windows, which are being used to provide start contrast to lighter-colored siding materials – most apparent in the "Modern Farmhouse" trend, where white siding is being paired with black or bronze windows.

Easier to produce:

Exterior colors are a growing trend in the window industry, but only recently have vinyl windows been a relevant part of the conversation. For years the problem wasn't the color, but the ability to produce durable, reliable finishes for vinyl windows that withstand the rigors of time and weather without fading or cracking. This takes a great deal of expertise in two distinct and rapidly evolving processes: lamination and paint.

Lamination has a longer history in the vinyl window industry than paint. It provides improvements in aesthetics and offers exterior reflective technology for top performance in high-temperature areas. Laminates are available for both interior and exterior applications and can offer homeowners a satisfying solution when looking for a more traditional bronze aluminum exterior or wood-grain interior look.

Heat-reflective coating for two-toned and colorful windows: 

The latest advancement in the world of colored windows comes in the form of paint. This state-of-the-art technology combines heat reflective coatings with adhesion-promoting additives and oven-baked application to ensure the paint will maintain color and flexibility while preventing peeling, blistering, and flaking. 

Arched and Circular Windows

Arched windows are a remarkable way to add an impressive style to traditional and contemporary homes. They are also called radius windows, and most of the time, people have them to create a Victorian-like effect.

Circle or arched windows are an easy way to think outside the box and break up the right angles and straight lines of your home. Their unexpected shapes have a softening effect, and they provide distinctive focal points. They can have many design types, such as half-circle, full circle, quarter-circle, ellipticals, and ovals. Each one of them looks stunning and gives an astonishing look to your house. Oh yes, and they are really practical.

Such an incredible arched window design brings a lot of natural light to your living room. They are big and have classic columns in between to add more elegance.

Make your living room look classy and chic:

These half-circles floor-to-ceiling arched windows are a perfect addition to the brick walls. You can easily enjoy the view of your garden plants and feel that you live in a contemporary castle.

arched windows

Bedroom arched windows:

This classical arched window lightens up the bedroom with natural light. And who wouldn't want to wake up looking straight into that beauty? It has a minimalistic design with white columns on the glass and white frames. The room looks spacious and bright. So simple yet so elegant and breathtaking.

Kitchen windows: 

White kitchen with white framed arched window and white brick walls? Definitely. This type of classic arched window with two cross-shaped design columns on the glass is the right choice for your kitchen. It has an elegant white frame that blends in perfectly. Cooking with style is now available.

Arched window in the bathroom:

If you can have a window in your bathroom, then don't even think about that. Just have it. This beautiful arched window is placed in the shower. It looks stunning with the black frame and columns in between. Two of the windows can be opened so the steam can get out. The glass is blurred so that it can offer you more privacy.

Extend glass patio doors to new heights:

A great way to add style and drama to glass patio doors is to extend the height and enlarge the opening with a half-circle arched window across the top of the doors. The arched windows blend in with the patio doors to appear as one large light-filled opening.

Round off your entryway with an arched window:

One-of-a-kind entryways make memorable first impressions, and arched windows make them even more distinctive. When an entrance does not have the width for sidelites, an arched window at the top is a great alternative that exaggerates the height of the entryway. This design features an arched window above the entrance door to admit additional light and showcase the vertical proportions.

Tall, Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

If you are thinking of increasing the value of your property or constructing an interesting interior design and adding natural beauty to your house, then you may go with floor to ceiling windows which is a new trend of modern window designing that has been prevailing nowadays. A floor-to-ceiling window is called a window wall when it is placed between the ceiling slabs and the floor. Similarly, floor-to-ceiling windows are called custom window when it is hung outside floor and ceiling slabs. This kind of oversized window allows the natural features of the surroundings to transform into a living décor all throughout the house and draw the outdoors in. They also provide a chance to give a modern makeover to those outdated interiors. A normal, ordinary, regular window will act as a border that will prevent you from the outside world, whereas implementing a floor-to-ceiling window will fuse you with nature, present outside your house.

window design trends in homes

Rather than constructing a wall that may block a beautiful view, one can construct floor-to-ceiling windows walls that will provide you with panoramic vistas from your living room or from your bedroom, or any part of the house. They must be constructed in the focal points facing a large pool or a tranquil garden, or a beautiful landscaping feature. This will provide your space with a luxury and appealing feeling and an ample amount of natural light. They are mostly transparent glass windows that will provide an infinity effect to the presence of serene scenery outside your house and offer you a relaxing vibe.

Floor-to-ceiling windows with half circle frame:

Let's say your house is located by the lake, like what's seen in the picture. It'll be foolish if you border the house from the view. Utilize the floor-to-ceiling windows as a wall to obtain a stunning look. Preferably, the windows are installed in the room where the kitchen, eating table, and relaxing couch are located. The glass provides an infinity effect. Besides, it's easier for natural light to come in and shines on the entire room. Remember, this model is suitable for houses with a beautiful garden, an inviting swimming pool, or other serene scenery that offers relaxation.

Floor-to-ceiling windows with half circle frame:

Transforming an entire wall into a floor to ceiling window-wall is quite an obstacle, but the result is impeccable. Look at the stunning view outside, enjoy the city life while eating dinner is something else.

Moreover, the floor-to-ceiling window model for this style has a geometric frame, which adds to its uniqueness. If your space is small and you're eager to have a bigger room, this floor-to-ceiling window with a geometric frame is a great alternative.

Energy Efficient Windows

Windows have traditionally been the weakest link when it comes to energy efficiency, especially if your home has single-pane windows. Older, single-glazed windows with clear glass can allow cold winter air and summer heat indoors and increase your heating and cooling costs significantly. Replacing your home's windows is a big investment, but the many benefits of energy-efficient windows can offset this cost in the long run and thus are a trend among San Diego homeowners. Here's why you should consider them: 

Cost savings:

One of the most obvious advantages of energy-efficient windows is the money you can save on your utility bills. Energy-efficient windows can substantially reduce your energy costs by eliminating your HVAC unit's overcompensation due to air leakage in the summer and winter months. Besides monthly cost savings on your utility bill, some state and local governments offer tax credits, rebates, and incentives for upgrading to energy-efficient windows. 

modern design ideas for  your home

Windows have traditionally been the weakest link when it comes to energy efficiency, especially if your home has single-pane windows. Older, single-glazed windows with clear glass can allow cold winter air and summer heat indoors and increase your heating and cooling costs significantly. Replacing your home's windows is a big investment, but the many benefits of energy-efficient windows can offset this cost in the long run and thus are a trend among San Diego homeowners. 

Increased home value:

While the instant savings you may see on your energy bills is a great perk, another monetary benefit of energy-efficient windows is increased home value. Replacing old windows with Energy Star® certified windows can save homeowners on utility bills and enhance the property's curb appeal. 

Improved comfort:

Drafts are one of the most frequent complaints about older windows, and cold glass can make drafts even more uncomfortable. Strong direct sunlight shining on older windows can also heat up a home's interior, causing discomfort for everyone inside. Replacement windows are built to eliminate drafts and reflect heat to greatly improve your indoor comfort level.

Reduced condensation:

Older, double-glazed windows with failing perimeter seals may have increased condensation collecting between the panes of glass, which spoils your view and reduces energy efficiency. Extra condensation can also increase the risk of mold, creating an unhealthy environment, especially for asthma or allergy sufferers. Energy-efficient windows minimize energy transfer, which keeps interior glass surfaces warmer and helps reduce frost and condensation that makes rooms feel colder.

Less maintenance:

Older windows are often wood-framed, single-hung units that require a lot of maintenance. Replacing single-hung windows with double-hung windows that tilt out can make cleaning and maintenance much easier and quicker. Wood frames also require repainting or restaining about every three or four years, while vinyl window frames never need to be painted or stained.

Noise reduction:

One of the more surprising benefits of highly insulated, energy-efficient windows is their ability to keep outside noises from infiltrating your home. The same qualities that allow energy-efficient double-pane and triple-pane windows to effectively seal out exterior temperatures also give them innate soundproofing capabilities. Ambient noise from roadway traffic, sirens, or even your neighbor's constantly barking dog may be greatly reduced when you replace your old single-pane windows.

large picture windows in trendy home.jpg

Reduced fading: 

You've spent time and money creating the home of your dreams with the right carpet, paint colors, curtains, wood floors, and fabrics for your upholstery. The sun's ultraviolet rays streaming through your old, uncoated glass windows can cause all these items to fade and deteriorate. Modern windows with low-emissivity coatings can reduce fading significantly, which is just one more of the many advantages of energy-efficient windows.

Energy Efficiency Is eco-friendly: 

Replacing ineffective windows with energy-efficient windows also reduces greenhouse gases and your carbon footprint. Energy Star® certified windows insulate your home better, so you don't run your heat and air as much. Home energy use constitutes a fraction of your carbon footprint, and new windows can reduce your household's nonrenewable fuel usage and the exhaust gas that harms the environment.

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