5 Amazing French Door Designs for Your San Diego Home

5 Amazing French Door Designs for Your San Diego Home

February 27, 2023
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
double door in bedroom

When you hear the term 'French door,' what comes to mind? An enormous, gorgeous door with enormous glass panels, of course! French doors are known for their elegant appearance and ease of access to natural light. 

Modern houses place a high priority on ventilation, so French door designs are perfect for patios and entrances. In addition to brightening up your home, they make good use of natural light. 

The elegance of Milgard San Diego French doors is combined with their functionality. Here's what you need to know if you're considering installing this type of door in your home. To make your search easier, we've included a comprehensive list of alternatives.

Milgard sliding doors are the perfect way to bring extra light and air into your home or create a stunning indoor-outdoor space. With a variety of styles to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your home perfectly. Here is a list of sophisticated French door designs to glam up your home or office.

What are French Doors? 

Similar to French windows, French doors have a wood frame with divided glass panes covering the majority of the door. There are standard sizes for more traditional doorway openings, as well as customized sizes for unique or older spaces. The window type, glass type, material, and color can also be customized to suit the style of your home. From one room to another or from inside to outside, they can connect rooms.

French doors date back to the 17th century. As well as adding aesthetic appeal to the building, these doors also let in natural light. You might know that the French are very particular about aesthetics. 

Natural lighting is generally preferred by most people, which is reflected in their door designs as well. Due to the quality of the doors, they can also be used as room partitions. Additionally, these doors can be constructed from wood, steel, aluminum, or PVC. Exterior French doors are usually made of glass. As well as replacing old doors, French doors make excellent entryways into gardens and patios. Here are the best french door designs:

Folding French Door Design

It is worth investing in this folding French door because of its versatility. Designed specifically for patios, the bi-fold extra-large door creates the desired space. There are three sliding doors attached with hinges that can be folded or opened into one large door. Views of the outside world are provided by rectangular glass grids!

Sliding French Door Design

With a French sliding door, you can save space while maintaining a high level of design. They are ideal for smaller rooms and apartment balconies. The classic style of this sliding French door enhances the attractiveness of your home. Having wide panels makes it easy to access the outdoor living space and makes entertaining easier.

modern-mansion-with-sliding patio door

Balconies are the most common place to install sliding French doors. Screens, wardrobes, and shower doors can be made from them. The doors can either be suspended from an overhead track or mounted over the track. There may be two or more sections, which can move in any direction. Overlapping these doors prevents outside visibility, which is helpful. Additionally, they have a high level of security. Backyards use them as entrances.

Vents are provided on these doors, which allow in enough air. It is, therefore, safe for children or pets to be alone in the room. Wood, fiberglass, and high-grade vinyl are the most commonly used materials for sliding French doors. Fiberglass is an energy-efficient material. The main component of vinyl is common salt, which is a renewable natural resource. Scrap vinyl can be recycled and used as scrap. Sliding French doors are therefore made from eco-friendly materials.

Aluminum French Door

A bi-fold aluminum French door is a great option if you have a small space. The powder-coated black door in the image below has hinges that allow it to open in or out. There is plenty of light and air coming in through the grid glass panels on the door. Moreover, it is lightweight and resistant to rust and damage regardless of the weather.

Vintage French Door

This large door combines the elegance of a French door with the tradition of a traditional door. For safety, durability, and beauty, the glass panels are attached to a wrought iron frame.

Steel French Door

If you have a lot of space that you want to separate without a permanent wall, a French steel door might be a great option. Your interiors will also benefit from the robust steel door. The frame is made of steel with grids for holding glass panels. For a more modern look, use a swing door, sliding door, or pocket slide.

Wooden French Door 

In addition to their aesthetically pleasing appearance, French doors provide convenient access to natural light. As ventilation is an essential component of modern homes, French door designs are ideal for patios and balconies. They bring natural light into your space and liven it up. Additionally, French doors offer a unique aesthetic appeal to your room that is unmatched by regular double doors or single doors.

UPVC French Door 

A lightweight, reasonably priced alternative to wood, UPVC is made from polyvinyl chloride. French doors made of UPVC are elegant yet not overly ornate. In addition to illuminating your atmosphere, the white door gives your patio or entry a beautiful appearance. A unique style is achieved with two open doors and two fixed doors!

Fiberglass In-Swing French Patio Door

The two-panel, Milgard in-swing French doors offer a sophisticated look to the master bedroom. In-home design, Black Bean interiors match their exteriors, a trend that is very popular. With its fresh and modern design and tranquil color scheme, the bedroom is a great place to relax after a long day. 

neat-patio-with french double doors

Out-Swing French Patio Door

In new construction and home remodeling projects, open-concept living spaces are in high demand, meaning Milgard out-swing french doors are the perfect option. High ceilings and an expansive wall of windows frame the view in this room. A perimeter grid pattern conveys a contemporary look, which is echoed in the interior décor as well.

In-Swing French Patio Door

Consider a beautiful in-swing patio door painted in Classic Brown vinyl. Additional light and airflow are provided by matching casement windows. In addition to adding natural light to the exterior, picture windows flank each side of the door.

Bi-fold French Doors 

Two or four sections of bi-fold doors can be folded in pairs. They can be opened from any side and are less than 6 feet wide. Generally, you suspend these types of doors, so they consume very little space. They are perfect for laundry rooms, flight hangars, and room dividers.

The frames of bi-fold doors are mostly made of stainless steel and aluminum. Additionally, they can be designed according to the available space, which can be up to 3 meters high and 6 meters wide. It is possible to use double-glazed laminated glass, which is tough and can withstand severe weather conditions. Aluminum and glass are mostly recycled in these doors. Due to the fact that this aluminum scrap can also be recycled, they improve global sensitivity. There are usually very few threshold lines on the doors.

Multi-fold French Doors 

There are more than four glass panes with multi-fold doors. Mullions and transforms serve as vertical and horizontal structural supports, respectively. Multi-fold French doors are framed by mullions and transforms. Multi-fold doors serve well as hall dividers as well as in gardens and patios. The doors are stylish and energy-efficient. 

stylish-living-room with open patio door

As multi-fold doors are prehung, they take up very little space. Since they allow light to penetrate inside the house, you do not need heaters or radiators since they have good thermal properties. As a result, multi-fold French doors are energy-efficient.

Pocket French Doors 

When there isn't enough space for a hinged door to swing, pocket doors are used. In between two rooms, they provide easy access. As soon as they are attached to the wall, they slide inside its compartment. When compared to hinged doors, pocket doors save around ten square feet of floor space. 

Recycling wood and aluminum makes pocket French doors eco-friendly. Additionally, these doors are energy-efficient.

Interior French Doors 

Two adjoining interior rooms are typically separated by interior French doors. The house looks stylish with them. One of their specialties is the variety of glass panels they use, which allow a clear view of the surroundings. Noise from outside is reduced by them. Red cedar, oak, and pine are among the woods used for interior doors. There are many environmental benefits to using pine. 

There is a considerable difference between air and water pollution generated by red cedar and other types of timber. There is less carbon dioxide produced by red cedar. You can find these doors in most large homes with ample space. A crack-free glass must be checked before installing these doors.

Exterior French Doors 

The most secure exterior French doors are made of opaque glass. Moreover, tempered glass is commonly used in these doors. Compared to interior doors, this glass is much more durable and sustainable. In some of these designs, decorative grills are positioned in the middle of the glass panes, while others have grills superimposed on single panels. 

Compared to normal wooden doors, these exterior French doors are split and crack-resistant. French doors are made of eco-friendly materials such as pine, mahogany, and oak. Pine is an organic material that can decompose and be recycled. As a result, it is environmentally friendly.

Upgrade to French Doors With US Window and Door 

The French door originated in France in the 17th century and was basically an extended window that led out onto a balcony or garden area. In time, they became one of the more decorative door options, allowing more light into the home.

Typically, French doors today have a thicker, lower rail at the bottom and are available as sliding or swinging doors. For additional lighting and ventilation, sidelites can also be added to the panels.

With these patio door options, we hope you've gained some inspiration and ideas on how to enhance your home's style. If you're interested in upgrading to Milgard french doors, US Window and Door is here to help. Schedule an in-home estimate today!