21 Reasons for Window Replacements in San Diego

21 Reasons for Window Replacements in San Diego

July 18, 2016
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
Full Home Window Replacement

Home improvements like window replacements in San Diego can be exciting. However window replacements are unique and can presents a lot of questions or challenges even to the veteran of home improvement. Homeowners have many reasons to purchase window replacements in San Diego. The city and county of San Diego have a large variety of window replacement requirements. To start a window replacement process we start with the reasons people replace windows. Though varied, these reasons fall into several categories.

1. Saving Money on Energy Bills with Window Replacements in San Diego

Antiquated or dilapidated windows are one of the biggest energy wasters in a home. It’s an easy choice to upgrade those windows when attempting to save money on your energy bills. Vinyl and fiberglass windows throughout San Diego are helping residents do just that.

Vinyl Window Replacements in San Diego

Maintaining a consistent temperature in a house can be difficult without dual pane windows. Modern windows are better at maintaining interior temperature even with the variations outside. Milgard windows and doors have better insulation, reduce the transfer of energy, and keep out more of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These effects combine to save money on your energy bills.

Window replacements contain strong energy efficient frame materials. They also contain several panes of glass. Usual the windows are dual pane but they can also be triple pane. Their structure reduces energy transfer between the outside and inside. Additionally, they can have gases, such as argon, between the panes of glass. These improvements cut energy transfer through the glass and window frame.

Too much energy transfer is the cause of higher utility bills because it is an inefficient system. San Diego is replacing windows to help keep temperatures consistent inside the house. That reduces the need to use heating or cooling appliances. By replacing windows throughout your house you can save on your utility bills through the efficient use of electricity and gas.

2. Energy-Efficient Window Replacements in San Diego

Milgard Windows San Diego - Vinyl Windows

Window replacements are a great energy efficient choice for home improvements. Efficient windows lower the requirements and energy use from the air conditioning or heater. Here in San Diego, it can be hot year round. Even in the winter, we have days that require the air conditioning. Without energy efficient window replacements your house becomes an energy waster.

If enough households in San Diego are inefficient we end up with blackouts or brownouts. Unfortunately, those power outages affect more than just the inefficient homes. We owe it to each other to increase the efficiency of our energy use. By installing new windows we maintain a more consistent temperature throughout the house. Consistent comfortable temperatures mean we use less heating and cooling appliances. That lowers our requirements for energy throughout the day which means there is more to go around.

Even though it doesn’t rain much these days it can also get cold enough for the heaters to be running all day. Dual pane window installation is just as good at keeping in the heat during the winter season. The structure, design, and material create a barrier between the exterior and interior. So if you have to use your heater than the temperature stays warm longer.

3. Reducing Carbon Footprint and the Environmental Benefits of Window Replacements

Many new laws for the state of California call for better energy efficiency. Each one of us can play a part in increasing environmental benefits in our area. Residents throughout San Diego are replacing their windows to help out.
Taking advantage of energy efficiency across the board can make a big impact. Efficient windows are one of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Window replacements in San Diego are helping to increase insulation. They do this by decreasing energy transfer through window panes and frames. They seal up any leaking or cracked inefficiencies of the old windows. Modern windows also reflect more of the harmful heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun. That aids your furnishings to keep original colors longer as well as keeping you cool. Reducing the need to buy new furniture or carpet due to fading also reduces our carbon footprint.

4. Utility and Manufacturer Rebates for Energy-Efficient Windows

Our manufacturer rebates can help offset costs at different times throughout the year. Combine those rebates with our current promotions to get the best price available. These rebates and promotions make upgrading your old windows more affordable than ever before. Getting the highest quality window installation at a great price just makes sense. Check with us to find out if our manufacturer can help you put in new windows today.

Manufacturer rebates are great but not the only option. There are still many state or local rebates available for improvements. These rebates are there to offset some of the costs of energy efficient home improvements. While some of the larger incentives have subsided there may still be options for rebates. Check with your accountant or utility company to find out your best renovation options.

5. Lowering Maintenance Costs through Window Replacements in San Diego

The days of only wood or aluminum windows are over. The inefficient window materials in early windows no longer pass efficiency tests. These window styles were also high maintenance. Now we have high-grade window materials such as vinyl and fiberglass. They don’t rot or rust like traditional window frames. Additionally, they won’t chip or peel like traditional windows. The look you buy maintains a lot longer than old wood or aluminum windows.

Milgard has improved the design of aluminum windows to offset the inefficiencies and meet the demand for the styles.  Aluminum windows tend not to meet Title 24 requirements but are still a retrofit option. If you want the look of aluminum but the energy efficiency of vinyl then style line windows are the best choice. They are a vinyl product with a slim frame profile to maintain a larger glass viewing area.

The glass provides an extra maintenance benefit by maintaining your furnishings. The glass design keeps out more of the heat and harmful UV rays from the sun. Limiting those destructive aspects of the sun lessens the effect on the inside of the home. That allows you to keep furnishing and carpeting longer at its original color.

6. Window Replacement Warranty

High-quality San Diego replacement windows can last a lifetime. That’s why Milgard offers lifetime warranties on most of their consumer products.  They have tested their entire product line for many environments. Milgard knows the performance of their window replacements will handle temperatures throughout San Diego.

Milgard supports these warranties through excellent customer service. They handle all service needs for products under warranty through their service center. They will send out a technician to review and repair issues or recommend the best course of action. Even if you sell your home the windows will be under warranty for 10 years from the date of window sale.

When you work with US Window & Door you also get a full lifetime warranty on installation. With nearly 30 years in business, we a great deal of experience with San Diego replacement windows.  We always use full-time employees on our installations. Since we don’t subcontract our work we can control the quality of the installation. That allows us to stand behind our lifetime warranty.

7. Remove the Need for Storm Windows with Modern Windows

Storm windows are used, around the country, for extra protection from the elements. San Diego hasn’t had much use for them but window replacements do remove the need for them. That means less maintenance and time spent dealing with your windows. Add that to the fact that you no longer have to paint windows to keep them in good condition and that cleaning is easier leaves you with a great time saver.

8. Keep the Weather Outside with Energy-Efficient Windows

Window replacements can keep more than just the temperature outside. They act as great barriers to all the elements because of their strength and durability. Old windows may leak water both inside the house or into the walls. These leaks can cause mold to grow. Over time a small mold problem can grow into a much more expensive fix. Sometimes all it takes is a window replacement to fix a small problem before it turns into a bigger one.

Replacement windows have tracks to move the water through the exterior and away from the frame. These frame designs reduce the risk of a leak by providing a place for the water to go. Milgard products maintain their wind, water, and sun barriers for a long time. Their attention to detail in products provides peace of mind that your home is well insulated from the elements.

9. Clean Replacement Windows Easier

Modern windows have some great features include sash tilting windows and removable vents. A titled sash allows you to clean both sides of the window from the inside. Also, removing a vent allows you to reach the outside of the fixed panel for cleaning. Cleaning windows above the second floor is no longer a process involving extra tools or time.

10. Cracked Windows are Dangerous and not Energy Efficient

Cracked or Broken Windows ultimate defeat the purposes of having energy efficient windows. You lose the efficiency in the system when you allow the windows to grow too old to the point of disrepair. Even if you have energy efficient replacement windows it may be time to update them. You may want to consider an upgrade after a major incidence to the window or excessive age.

The glass in the windows also expands and contracts due to the temperature. If you have cracked glass that process may end up shattering the glass putting you in danger. A simple replacement or upgrade to new windows can keep you safe and keep your house insulated.

11. Increasing Your Home’s Value with Window Replacements in San Diego

San Diego Window Replacements

Nothing says no sale like a dilapidated exterior of a home. During our house search, there were homes we didn’t even stop the car for. That was due to obvious disrepair of the exterior. Old windows show issues or upcoming problems with rot, rust, termites, safety, or inoperability. San Diego is increasing home value throughout the county simply by replacing windows. Replacement windows add value by immediately making it more appealing to passing home buyers.

12. Curb Appeal Increases from Window Replacements in San Diego

Vinyl or fiberglass windows can breathe new life into your house’s exterior. If you think about it, windows are one of the few items of a house that are visible from the exterior. Windows are the only material between you and a potential buyer besides the roof and siding. Don’t let run down windows lower the value of your home. Even if you aren’t selling your house right away, you can enjoy the beauty of your new windows until you do. Make the exterior of your home more attractive by replacing old windows.

13. Increase Recoupment Costs of Window Replacements in San Diego

Right now the national recoupment cost for windows sits around 75%. But in the Pacific (West Coast Region) these replacement recoupment values are at 92% (http://www.remodeling.hw.net/cost-vs-value/2016/). With the money savings on utility costs and low maintenance, recouping costs is easy. San Diego residents are recouping costs on their window replacements throughout the county.

14. Safety through Modern Energy-Efficient Windows

Pair of Double Hung Windows

Safety with windows surrounds unlawful entry but also injury and dangerous situations from damage. Windows that are difficult to open may cause injury during an attempt to operate them. Additionally, windows in disrepair may cause injury by falling down unexpected. Finally, safe and easy operation of the windows may be necessary during a fire. Having windows that open and close properly is important to the safety of those in your home.

The safety of what goes in the house also depends on the entry points. Windows can make an easy target for illegal entry if they are old or in disrepair. That’s why San Diego residents are upgrading to new windows. These contemporary windows come with advanced security features; the kind of security features that bring extra security to your loved ones.

15. Better Locks with Window Replacements in San Diego

Milgard’s window replacements come with some of the strongest locks around. Milgard’s manufacturing requirements are set by the highest state safety requirements around. Milgard makes sure all products meet those high standards regardless of the state of sale. No matter where you install your windows you will receive the highest quality for safety.

Many of the new locks make it harder if not impossible for an intruder to tell whether it’s unlocked. The location and design of the locking mechanism hide the obvious indicators. No more simple visible up or down latch for intruders to recognize. Some also come with redundant systems for extra security. Their locks are easy to use for the intended user but secure against possible intruders.

16. Window Replacements in San Diego Made from Safer Materials

Lead-based paint was once in common use throughout renovations and improvements. It was also used in the window replacement industry. That means not changing old windows may be putting you and your family at unnecessary risk. Make sure if you are replacing your windows to hire a company that is LEAD certified. US Window & Door has licenses to deal with any window replacement situation. That includes when hazardous materials arise from previous windows.

17. Increased Interior Comfort by Improving Insulation

double hung fiberglass windows

Window replacements increase the comfort inside the home and during operation. We have talked about the energy efficiency but window replacements also bring additional comforts. San Diego window replacements improve insulation in our hot environments. The extra insulation keeps inside temperatures more consistent. So when you need to cool or heat the home it stays at the perfect temperature for longer. You get to be comfortable longer without having to use extra energy to keep stay comfortable.

18. Reduction of Noise Pollution with Window Replacements in San Diego

Dual pane windows and better frame materials also reduce exterior noise. Replacing windows can make your house more peaceful. If you need additional noise reduction Milgard also makes triple pane windows. They also have a line of double sash windows called Quiet Line windows. The extra layers provide additional noise control and energy efficiency. Quiet line windows offer some of the highest noise reduction in the industry. Whether it’s a busy road or noisy neighbors you can and should have a peaceful interior with these windows. It’s time to say goodbye to noise pollution throughout San Diego.

19. Window Replacement Ease of Use

Modern windows make it even easier to operate the sashes and locks. Milgard manufactures locks that have the ease of use seal from the Arthritis Foundation. Additionally, the windows glide through the tracks with ease. No more pulling and tugging windows open or closed. While cleaning the tracks out can help the operation of old windows, nothing compares to that new window glide.

20. Aesthetics & Beauty of Energy-Efficient Window Replacements

Vinyl Windows Interior

Modern windows offer beautiful interiors and exteriors. Updated exterior frames and color options blend nicely into the home. They also offer a variety of colors and options. The frame styles between the products vary to give you a multitude of options. We have frames with slim profiles for larger viewing areas.

21. Better Designed Window Replacement Products

Upgrading your windows comes with some beautiful design work. With high level technology today we are able to better design and manufacture products. Design aesthetics are able to take a larger role as we improve manufacturing practices. This leads to increased beauty as well as durability.

US Window & Door is the best company for Window Replacements in San Diego

As one of San Diego’s premiere window replacement companies, we have collected many of the top reasons for new construction or retrofit window replacements. We hope that our expertise, installation experience, customer service, and hundreds of five-star reviews in window replacement throughout San Diego convinces you that we are the right company for your next home improvement. We handle almost all San Diego window replacement needs. Whatever your reason for replacement windows we are happy to assist in reaching your goal. We provide the highest quality vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum replacement windows. Our expert installation exceeds window replacement requirements. That means our customers get quality in product and service. Let’s discuss how to take your window replacement reasons and turn it into reality. Contact us today to receive a free estimate.