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Milgard Moving Glass Wall Systems

At US Window & Door, we understand that the wise investment in modern-day, energy-efficient doors and windows may stretch your budget. However, our staff has worked hard to make deals with our suppliers and manufacturers to provide high-quality products at affordable prices which reflect our quality of work and customer service.

By signing up for a free estimate*, we can notify you about any significant changes in prices or policies that may affect your overall bottom line. For example, each year Milgard reviews it’s pricing structure and may change pricing for the dealers which may also change the prices for the customer if the quote has expired.

Each bit of savings helps when it comes to home investments – especially when the return on energy-efficient windows and doors is near the top when it comes to the value of your home!

Protect your family – and your budget – with secure, energy-efficient windows and doors at a discount.

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Double Hung Windows with Grids

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US Window & Door is offering up to $5,000 new windows or doors for all new quotes on product and installation from US Window & Door. Please read this page of official promotion rules and disclaimers carefully to take advantage of these great offers before they end. Promotions listed below run from now through December 31st, 2020.

Every purchase of product and installation from US Window & Door qualifies for this promotion. No minimum purchase required. Value of discounts shall not exceed $5,000 for any person, order, or contracted property/location(s).

Make sure to ask if your quote qualifies for our Contractor pricing for our lowest cost options.

Rules and Disclaimers for Promotions

  1. Only 1 discount per order. Discount is 10% off order total up to $50,000 maximum order. Cannot apply other offers with this promotion.
  2. Discounts apply to all products only when purchased with installation by US Window & Door. Discounts on any product only purchases during this promotion’s run time may or may not be applicable for discounts at the discretion of US Window & Door.
  3. Must purchase product of windows and/or doors AND installation through US Window & Door to be eligible to receive this promotion.
  4. Product only purchases or install only purchases do not qualify for the promotion.
  5. Financed purchases, if financed through USWD affiliates, may not qualify for the promotion. Financing requirements must be brought up before receiving a quote.
  6. Promotion must be mentioned at or before the time of the sales appointment; or if receiving a quote by email or phone, the promotion must be mentioned before receiving the quote via email or by phone to qualify for an upgrade.
  7. Promotion cannot be combined with any other offer, discount, instant rebate, or additional contracts.
  8. Maximum value of discounts for any given client and/or installation address during the promotion period is $5,000.00 (USD) regardless of how many orders or upgrade selections occur during the promotion’s availability.
  9. No minimum purchase required. Everything from 1 window or door to the entirety of an order or orders of products with US Window & Door installation qualifies for an upgrade up with a max upgrade value of $5,000.00 (USD) per order or location.
  10. Promotions listed on this page run from now through December 31st, 2020. Your appointment must be scheduled via phone or email during that time (even if the appointment is after) in order to qualify for the upgrade. Full payment and installation for that quote must be contracted, paid, and completed within 180 days of the end of the promotion; otherwise, US Window & Door reserves the right to cancel the discount and charge the client the full cost of the product and installation regardless of whether installation has already occurred.