2022 Popular Door Trends  

2022 Popular Door Trends  

June 6, 2022
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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Besides their functional purpose, doors play an essential role in exterior and interior design by complementing the style and adding the last missing elements to the decor. Furthermore, this particular unit is easy to work with as it can be replaced every year and adapted to the latest trends if the options are quite affordable. Nevertheless, the newest trends in this sense do not bring radical changes but rather subtle variations of the existing ones so that a purchase of this kind could last longer. 

As with other trends regarding interior design in 2022, the ones referring to front doors rely on practicality, simplicity, naturalness, sustainability, and elegance. Looking for the most trendy doors in San Diego? Let’s find out the latest ideas in this sense, covering such categories as the best colors, materials, and designs for a stylish result.

Sliding Barn Doors 

Rustic is in! Transform your interior space with rustic-looking sliding barn doors. It’s perfect for doorways of all sizes. Sliding barn doors are a strong design element that adds a rustic, classic feel to your space. They are a great way to add personality and charm to your home. However, they are more than a visual statement. Sliding doors offer many advantages over traditional swinging doors. Here are some of the top benefits of sliding barn doors:

Save Space

sliding barn door

Sliding barn doors are ideal for tight spaces. Swinging doors need room to open. As a result, they may block walkways or damage walls when in small spaces. Barn doors, on the other hand, require far less floor space as they rest flat up against the wall. For their space-saving quality, sliding barn doors are a great option for smaller apartments or homes.

Install With Ease

Installing conventional doors requires precise measurements and can be challenging with pre-cut doorways. Oftentimes, you must change out the entire door frame to change a traditional door. Swapping out a traditional door for a sliding barn door is a breeze! You can install the barn door hardware on your own. Once you have the hardware installed, it’s fast and easy to change out barn doors any time you want to.

Enjoy Functionality 

Sliding barn doors can be made from lightweight materials, which makes them easy to open when you have your hands full. Since the sliding doors can open fully, you get the entire doorway to walk through. This makes it easier to move furniture or other items through doorways.

Flaunt Your Style 

The aesthetic quality of sliding barn doors simply cannot be overlooked! While they are often associated with a “shabby chic” style, they also work well with many other styles. They have a unique visual appeal and can fit a wide variety of decor preferences. Barn doors come in a wide variety of designs and styles. Sliding barn doors can match any style or doorway, as they’re available in several finishes, materials, and configurations. From their appearance to their functionality and beyond, barn doors have amazing benefits for any home.

Modern French Doors 

French doors are a timeless classic. Upgrade the feel of any space with elegant french doors. If your current patio doors no longer function correctly or feature numerous cosmetic flaws, consider replacing them with Exterior French doors. Commonly used as interior and back doors, French doors usually open out and feature multiple panes with wooden borders. Review what makes them so ideal for your patio door project below. 

Better View

Modern French Doors for your home

Enjoy opening French doors every morning and taking in the scenery. They allow you to see more of your backyard without leaving the house. French patio doors that lead to an outdoor kitchen or fire pit area create an open and spacious floor plan. The ability to see more of your backyard also helps you monitor the kids or see what the dog’s up to. 

Natural Light

French doors flood your home with more natural light and subsequently contribute to an airier space. Exposure to natural light offers numerous health benefits, including increased vitamin D production, improved sleep from circadian rhythm regulation, and a lower incidence of seasonal depression. Opening the doors during the spring and summer allows more fresh air to circulate throughout your residence. 

Energy Efficiency

Increased natural light reduces dependence on artificial light sources that cost money to use. By improving your home’s energy efficiency, you’ll save on monthly utility costs and reduce your carbon footprint. If you opt for sliding French doors, you’ll improve efficiency further. Sliding doors take little time to open and close, which means you’ll lose less hot or cold air depending on the season.  

Shaker Doors 

Shaker doors provide a crisp, clean look that is great for many different aesthetics. Shaker-style doors are a simple option for any home that can add a touch of elegance. They involve a flat center panel with square edges and a recessed square filling the entire center. Think of a square phone with thick bezels, and you have a rough idea of a mirror without the glass. This results in something very clean with a lot of straight lines, which will work perfectly with any minimalist-style interior décor.

Of course, you can get shaker-style doors in a variety of other designs and looks. Some will have more interior panels, while others might place the recessed section somewhere other than the exact center.

Benefits of Shaker Doors

These doors are popular thanks to their simple and minimalist design, which is in keeping with modern trends. At the same time, shaker-style doors also have a number of other popular benefits. For one, they are easy to maintain. Because they don’t feature highly ornate patterns or raised elements, they won’t collect dust in the same way. A simple wipe across the flat surface will be enough to ensure the panels stay looking their best.

Likewise, shaker doors are also very versatile. Their relatively simple design is enough to ensure that they will look good in any room while also guaranteeing they won’t look badly out of fashion in no time at all! These designs are particularly well suited to professional environments, such as offices. They also look great in apartments for young professionals.

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Another thing to consider is that these doors are highly affordable and are one of the more cost-effective types of exterior doors in San Diego. That’s because, once again, they don’t use unnecessary details or intricate designs that will only get in the way. If you are looking for a door that you can use without breaking the bank, this is a good choice. Of course, this is just one type of door to consider, but it’s a solid choice that will look at home in any décor and is easy, quick, and affordable to install and maintain.

Stained-glass doors 

Add a pop of personality with a stained glass door. This unique door option is sure to make a statement. Whether you are researching a door for your new home or looking to replace the door you have now; stained glass has become very popular over the years. A stained glass door adds character and personality to your home but will also provide you with a number of other benefits as well. Listed below are some of the advantages of installing a stained glass door in your house.


There is no denying that stained glass is extremely elegant and beautiful, so imagine what adding a stained door will do to your home. The front door of a home is often the first contact point for visitors, and as a result, a stained glass door will provide an attractive way to greet your visitors and make them feel welcome. Stained glass also provides interesting light patterns as sunlight shines through them, offering a unique degree of beauty and brightness to the interior 

of your home throughout the day.

Adds privacy

Most people think that glass equals see-through, and this is not the case with stained glass. A stained glass door would be more private than transparent glass, which is common in traditional front doors because the textured glass it is made out of allows natural light in, but it is not possible to see through them. A stained glass door can be made from frosted glass that will give you even more privacy from people peering inside. For additional privacy, you can also add an elegant curtain or shade to it, allowing you to cover the window when you want and uncover it when you want sunlight to shine through.


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Another mistake that people make is that stained glass is uniform and inflexible, but this is a misconception. Today, stained glass can be customized to your needs. Depending on how much light you want to shine through and how much privacy you want, stained glass doors can be made from frosted or transparent glass. Also, depending on how much attention you want your door to attract, you can choose a design ranging from subtle, unassuming colors to a large variety of bright, eye-catching hues. Your design can also be perfectly manufactured for any design that you want to match in your home. The stained glass in a door is often versatile enough that you can make your stained glass deliberately inoperable or manufactured to be opened in a number of different ways.


The stained glass in a door can be double-glazed to add energy benefits to your home, and this can be manufactured or added to an existing stained glass door in your home. If the stained glass is surrounded by double-pane windows, this can also allow you to save on energy costs as well because the space between the panes provides additional insulation. It is estimated that adding stained glass to your home can add anywhere from 5 to 15% value which would be beneficial in the event you sell it one day. The uniqueness that stained glass doors add to a home is desired by people in the housing market, and installing one would make your house very attractive. They add curb appeal and are the first thing that a buyer will see when they arrive to view the house.


Stained glass can be installed by sandwiching it between double-paned windows and then added to your door. This makes the glass stronger and more resistant to breaking as the result of attempted burglaries and acts of nature. The inability to see through the stained glass in the door will remove the opportunity for people to see into the home, and this may play a role in preventing burglaries as well.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are great for tight spaces like pantries and half baths. Enjoy the convenience of being able to close off a small space without having an open door in the way.

benefits of pocket sliding doors

A pocket door is an internal sliding door consisting of a conventional overhead rack that allows it to slide into a hollow wall cavity known as a pocket. Unlike a hinged door that swings when opening, a pocket door simply glides into a pocket recess within the adjacent wall, completely disappearing from view when fully opened. This saves a lot of space since you don’t have to leave empty, unobstructed areas of up to 10 square feet or more for a traditional door to swing in.

Pocket doors were popular in affluent neighborhoods from as early as 1950. However, these historic doors were bulky, noisy to operate, and notorious for sticking, or even worse, falling off their tracks. But today, pocket doors are sleek, streamlined, and super stylish to give the impression of planned elegance. Their rollers and rails have been redesigned to offer smoother gliding and longer service life. Pocket doors are hung from the top using a rail. If your space has no predesigned recess for the pocket door, some minor demolition may be required to create a path for the door. Fortunately, you can get a completely adjustable, smooth-rolling, and easy-to-install pocket door made of solid wood, plywood, glazed wood, or tempered glass.

Some of the common locations to install a pocket door system include:

  • Master bedroom
  • Powder room or small bathroom
  • Laundry room
  • Pantry
  • Home office
  • Between kitchen and dining room in an open floor design
  • Between a dining room and living room

Why Choose a Pocket Door?

Pocket doors allow you to create modern and contemporary spaces that offer privacy, functionality, and versatility. There are several reasons why you should choose pocket doors over other conventional doors:

pocket sliding door styles and options

  • Create and maximize space in small rooms and tight spots where a hinged door could occupy too much floor place.
  • Make a sleek design statement that adds a little grandeur and ‘wow’ factor to a room and blends seamlessly with your space.
  • Add safety and privacy between rooms and hallways that can easily open up when needed.
  • Create versatile and convenient connections between two separate rooms so that they may be joined as needed.
  • Create a minimalist space where crisp and clean lines are a key feature.

While most trends come and go, these popular door trends are here to stay. Many of these door options open seamlessly and offer a beautiful style to your door. With a timeless door design combined with the right material and style, you’ll be sure to have the perfect door for your home. 

Let US Window and Door elevate the look and feel of your existing space through the selection and installation of new doors. While installation can certainly be accomplished through DIY, having an extra pair of experienced hands is always helpful. Contact us for information about the best doors and installations in San Diego.