How To: Adjust Sliding Glass Door Rollers

There are many benefits to purchasing and installing Milgard’s sliding glass doors for your home. However, one of the most significant benefits of Milgard’s sliding glass patio doors is the ease in which they slide open or shut. Yet, your ability to operate your sliding glass door could be impinged upon if your sliding glass door rollers need adjustment. Therefore, it is essential to adjust the rollers to maintain a smooth operation of your door. This article will detail how to: adjust sliding glass door rollers. (Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

Before you begin the process of how to: adjust sliding glass door rollers, make sure you have a putty knife, Phillips screwdriver, safety glasses, and gloves.

The first thing you want to do, when how to: adjust sliding glass door rollers, is to check out the roller wheels. Next, you will want to locate the two adjustment screws on the door panel that are covered by plug covers. Then, you will need to remove the plug covers using your putty knife. You will now have access to the screw ports so you can raise and adjust your Milgard sliding glass door.

Before you can make the proper adjustments, you need to take the pressure off of the wheel. Therefore, take your putty knife and insert it underneath the door. Then, lift up removing the weight of the door off of the wheel. Insert the Phillip’s screwdriver into the screw and turn clockwise to raise the door. Turn counterclockwise to lower the door. Make sure you adjust both sides equally.

To make sure you have an even reveal, line your Milgard sliding glass door with the door jam and make sure you have an even gap all the way down the door. Once your door is adjusted correctly and it slides smoothly, reinsert the plug covers completing the process of adjusting your sliding glass door rollers.

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