How To: Adjust Sliding Glass Door Lock & Handle

Milgard sliding glass doors are a beautiful addition to any home. Not only do they bring in a lot of natural light into your house, but their lock systems keep your home and family safe. To fully take advantage of the excellent lock system Milgard’s sliding glass doors offer, it is essential to know how to: adjust sliding glass door lock & handle. (Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

To successfully complete the process of how to: adjust sliding glass door lock & handle, you will need a putty knife, a Phillips screwdriver, safety glasses, and gloves. On the sliding glass door, the snib is what releases and unlocks the door. First, you will want to check the strike plate. If there is a misalignment issue with the door, the strike plate will move up and down. You will notice that the strike cap bears the Milgard logo. For your Milgard sliding glass door to properly latch, the snib’s engagement tongue must go into the Milgard logo. The lock will not engage if the engagement tongue goes above or below the logo.

If you find that the engagement tongue is going above or below the logo, you will have to adjust the lock. The first step in how to: adjust sliding glass door lock & handle is, using a putty knife, remove the strike plate to access the adjustment screw. Using your Phillip’s screwdriver, you need to back out the adjustment screw and the screws located above and below the adjustment screw. Now you will be able to move the strike plate up and down. Once the snib’s engagement tongue is properly aligned to the Milgard logo, put the screws and strike plate back in. Finally, double check the lock to make sure everything lines up. If it does, you have successfully adjusted the lock and handle on your sliding glass door.

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