How to Adjust a Four Panel Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors offer an elegant natural wood-like interior and a durable exterior that makes them a beneficial addition to anyone’s home. However, once you have it installed, it is going to essential that you know how to adjust an Essence Series four-panel sliding glass door. This guide will help you change the locks and the wheels on the sliding glass door, so your door can continue to run as smooth as it did when you initially had it installed. (Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

To start the process of how to adjust a four-panel sliding glass door, you will need the following materials: a #3 Phillips head screwdriver, a #2 Phillips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, and a putty knife.

The first step in how to adjust a four-panel sliding glass door from Milgard, you need to remove the four adjustment plugs at the bottom of the panels. Then, you will lift the weight of the panel off of the rollers using your putty knife. Removing the pressure off of the rollers will allow you to turn the Adjustment Screw without fear of damage. You can adjust the panel with the #3 Phillips head screwdriver by turning the screw clockwise to raise it and counterclockwise to lower it. Continue to adjust the panel of your Milgard sliding glass door until you get it to the correct reveal and handle alignment.

Next, you will find the strike pin on the active panel. Compress the strike pin to engage the locking hardware. You can adjust the hardware with your flat head screwdriver. Then, the final step to the process of how to adjust a four-panel sliding glass door, is, if it’s necessary, make adjustments to the passive panel strike. First, loosen the three plate screws with your #2 Phillips head screwdriver and move the plate up and down until your locking mechanism is properly aligned.

Once the adjustment is complete, test slide the panels and the lock adjustments to make sure your four-panel sliding glass door is operating smoothly.

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