Which Replacement Windows Are Best

Which Replacement Windows Are Best

When it’s time to replace the windows in a residence, homeowners often wonder which replacement windows are best. They are investing in their home and want to ensure they make the right choice. Milgard Windows are the best brand of replacement windows available today for a variety of reasons.

Quality and Innovation

Milgard is known for making windows that ensure the home remains comfortable, and the company does so by paying attention to the details. Small changes make a huge difference in how a window performs, which is why they spend hours testing these changes to ensure the right ones are incorporated into their products. Furthermore, the fiberglass and vinyl frames are produced in-house. This provides the company with a higher level of quality control.

When the company discovers a way to improve on their products, they file for a patent to ensure customers know they are getting a quality product the company supports and stands behind. For example, the SmartTouch lock and handle were created and patented by Milgard. Customers love how easy this innovation makes it to operate windows in the home. The goal is to discover ways to upgrade the products to delight their customers while keeping the house comfortable.

The Warranty

Another way Milgard stands behinds its products is in the industry-leading warranty offered on all their products. The full lifetime warranty applies to windows and patio doors sold by the company and covers repairs or replacement of any defect in the materials or quality. Also, the company pays for the parts and labor associated with the repair or replacement if the individual who purchased the windows owns the residence. In the event the home is sold, the coverage will remain in effect for ten years from the initial start date of the warranty for the successive owner. There is no charge for this service.

Glass typically isn’t covered under a residential window or door warranty. However, individuals who purchase Milgard windows in the Tuscany Series, the Essence Series, or the Ultra Series have the option to obtain glass breakage coverage. Furthermore, Moving Glass Wall Systems come with a ten-year limited warranty. Other manufacturers don’t always back their products with similar terms, which goes to show why Milgard is the best brand of replacement windows on the market today.

Award-Winning Products

MetrixLab recognized Milgard Windows and Doors for being the highest online rated window and patio door brand for 2017, and this is only one of many awards the company has won in recent years. They have been named the Best of Houzz Design four years in a row and number one for both fiberglass and vinyl windows in 2016 by BUILDER Magazine in their brand survey for the Western U.S. These are only a few of the numerous awards earned by the company since 2011. Customers feel confident knowing leaders in the industry respect this company and trust its products for use in their structures.

Environmentally Friendly

When the question, “Which replacement windows are best?” arises, people need to consider more than just the windows. They need to take into account the company behind the windows and what it is doing to make the world a better place. Replacement windows of any type tend to be better for the environment because they help to insulate a home and reduce the homeowner’s energy usage. What other sustainability factors should a homeowner consider when making this purchase?

Milgard doesn’t simply throw away scrap resulting from the vinyl manufacturing process. In fact, 97 percent of this scrap is sent to a clean waste stream so that it may be recycled for use in new window frames. The remaining three percent isn’t disposed of either, as it is used in other products, such as garden hoses found in many households. Purchasers are doing more than getting great new windows. They are also doing their part to protect the planet they live on. Furthermore, this is only one of the many things Milgard does to make use of post-consumer and pre-consumer content in an environmentally friendly way.

Commercial Products in Residences

Many products made by Milgard are rated as commercial windows. However, they are used in residential installations to provide consumers with the best products available. They are rated at commercial levels thanks to the manufacturing process used to create these products. This process makes the windows more durable than those sold by competitors.

Milgard Windows and Doors is a company any consumer can feel confident doing business with for the above reasons and many more. Learn more about this company and all it has to offer before buying windows for the home. Individuals who do so are more satisfied when they do purchase as they know they made the right choice for their needs.