When to Replace a Sliding Glass Door

how to measure a sliding glass door

Sliding glass or patio doors are a fine addition to any home. They’re easy to open and close, and they lend an elegant, beautiful look while letting in plenty of warmth and sunlight. With patio doors, it’s easy to look into the backyard and enjoy the view. However, like all other things in the home, they’ll wear out eventually. Below are a few ways to tell when it’s time to replace a sliding glass door, as well as a few basic tips on DIY maintenance and repairs. 

Unexpected Drafts and Escaping Air 

While sliding doors are meant to let natural light in, they’re not supposed to let breezes in when closed. Look out for gaps in the home’s current doors, as they may be a sign of escaping heated or cooled air. Even a small gap can let air out, bringing higher utility costs each month. Although it’s possible to mend some damage with weatherstripping, if that’s not enough, dramatic changes may be necessary. When the home’s sliding doors are drafty, call a sliding door repair specialist for advice and help. 

Becoming More Difficult to Operate 

Sliding patio doors are commonplace partly because they’re easy to operate. Homeowners should continually ensure that these doors slide open with little resistance. If sliding doors do not open properly, they may put the family in danger in the event of an emergency. Sliding doors move easily because they’re mounted on tracks, and it’s easy to tell when the door has come off its track. Even if it has not, the wheels may become damaged by poor weather or substandard installation. If this applies, a DIY repair may be insufficient, and the homeowner will need professional help. 

Bent Tracks 

Bent tracks can also cause damage to sliding doors. A bend can be outward or inward, preventing the door from going through its full range of motion. Slight inward or outward bends can be repaired with simple household tools, but if the bend is severe, it’s best to leave the fix to a sliding door expert. 

Built-Up Condensation Inside Double-Paned Doors 

Another potential cause of issues with a patio or sliding glass door is excessive condensation. While condensation’s effects on windows are well-known, it can just as quickly cause problems with sliding glass doors. These glass panes are typically insulated against the damage condensation causes, and there are usually two glass sheets for every sliding door. If there’s condensation in between the panes, the seal has been broken, and the homeowner will need to call a professional for advice. 

Discernable Damage 

A basic visual inspection may reveal problems with a home’s patio doors. Take a close look at the doors’ overall condition; if there are signs of decay such as severe rot or broken glass, it’s time to call an installer for new doors. Storms and heat waves are seasonal hazards that may compromise the integrity of a home’s sliding glass doors, and constant vigilance will help homeowners keep those doors in the best shape possible.  

The Door’s Safety 

Gaps between sliding doors and frames mean a great deal of wasted money and energy, but they pose serious safety risks as well. If the patio doors are older and the homeowner uses a wood stick in the track for additional security, this simply isn’t enough. With newly installed sliding doors, homeowners can toss that broomstick back in the closet and enjoy the protection the new door provides. 

Broken Glass 

Because of poor weather, broken seals, burglary attempts, and pest infestations, sliding doors are often broken. Replacing a single pane in a patio door may be difficult because it requires the breaking of the seal, removal of the old glass, and installation of the new pane. This effort is quite time-consuming, and it may lead to injury and additional door issues if it’s not done properly. When the glass in a sliding door is shattered, it’s best to replace the entire door with the help of a local professional. 

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