How to Replace a Vinyl Awning Window Operator

If you ever need a replacement operator for your Milgard vinyl awning window, this article will guide you through how to replace a vinyl awning window operator.(Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

The materials required for this procedure are a Phillips Screw Driver, a flat head screwdriver or a putty knife and a new operator for your Milgard vinyl awning window operator.

The first step is to open your awning window about three-quarters of the way. Then you need to locate the two arm clips at the base of the sash. Then you need to remove the clips from the track guide by pulling them in the direction of the operator. Next you need to extend the operator arms entirely; however, if you have nesting hardware, you need to remove the handle and cover before extending the arms. Next, using your Phillips Head screwdriver, you need to remove the operator screws. Then, pull the operator towards you to remove it.

Now it is the time to install the new operator. However, before starting, you have fully extended both arms. Then, fit the new operator into the window frame by fastening the screws into the frame with your Phillips screwdriver. Make sure that you do not over torque the screws. Doing so might strip out the vinyl of your window. Finally, finish by connecting the two operator arm clips to the track guides at the bottom of the vent sash.

Now your vinyl awning window operator is successfully installed.

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