How to Remove a Window Screen

There are different scenarios for needing to remove your window screen. The summer is ending, and winter is coming. All the reasons for having your window screen during the hot, humid summer months are slowly fading away, and a whole new rationale for removing your window screen during winter is becoming more evident. Some of these reasons include letting more natural light in during a bleak winter, less snow on your exterior Milgard window and allowing more natural heat to enter into your home. If it is not the time to remove your window screen for seasonal basis, it might be time for routine window maintenance, or you just need to clean it. All of these are proper justifications for removing your window screen. This guide will tell you how to remove a window screen from your Milgard window.(Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

As always when doing any operation on your Milgard window, it is necessary for you to wear gloves and safety glasses. There are no other tools needed for this procedure.

The first thing you will notice when trying to remove your window screen is that the screen will be tightly fit into the frame. To remove it from the frame, then, you will, first, press up on the top of the window screen. While pressing up on the screen, you need to lift up on the screen tabs. Now, the screen will be free for you to take it out of the frame. (Notice, that there are four different parts to the Milgard window screen: Compression Spring, Frame, Mesh and Screen Tabs.)

When winter ends or your screen is clean and dry, and it is time to replace your window screen, the process is just as simple as removing it. Take your window screen and slide it into the groove on the window frame. Then, you need to lift up the screen tabs while pushing the top of the screen into the frame. Now, your window screen should be firmly back in place.

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