How to Operate a Double Hung Window

A Double hung window is a valuable asset to anyone’s home. It has many features that will enhance your house’s view to the outside and ventilation of air into the home. This article will guide you on how to operate a double hung window including how to properly open, close, and lock it. (Please make sure to read our FAQs disclaimer before reviewing or enacting any FAQ content/recommendations.)

The first process is how to open the window. One way to open it is to disengage the lock and slide the bottom sash open. You can, also, tilt the sashes of the double hung window inward. To do that, first, locate the two sash tilt buttons on the lower sash. Then, press them and tilt the sash in your direction. Finally, rotate the sash until it sits on the lower sill.

Next, you are going to lower the upper sash. However, remember when lowering the upper sash, keep it at least six inches above the lower sash. To lower the upper sash, first, locate the tilt latches on it. Then, press them while turning the sash inward.

When you are ready to close the upper sash, you need to rotate it back until it is set into the jamb. Then, push it up until it is fully closed in the head of the window. Finally, you need to replace the lower sash.  Rotate it until it is entirely placed into the jamb. Once set, push down and inward on it at the same time until fully closed. Once fully closed, the double hung window locking system will be appropriately engaged.

That concludes a brief overview of how to operate a  double hung window.

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