how to install replacement windows

How to Install Replacement Windows

For Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts, a simple window replacement project is a fun adventure. It gives them memories of working together with their family to improve their home and reap the rewards of their hard work. However, some replacement windows are complex and require trained professionals to complete the project flawlessly. When in doubt, it is best to hire a professional to complete the project for you. But if you want to learn how to install replacement windows on your own, make sure to understand the key points of this not so do it yourself project.

Why Do You Measure for Fit?

The installation requires the new replacement windows to fit properly in the opening. It must line up perfectly to avoid air leaks and cracks. Record the width, length, and height of the window opening. The window manufacturer needs precise measurements to avoid common issues. Provide all measurements to your contractor when ordering your replacement windows.

What are the Necessary Safety Precautions?

Before lifting or installing the window, use thick painter’s tape and tape an “X” across the window glass. Complete the pattern on each side of the glass to secure it properly. The purpose of the tape is to prevent large shards of glass from cutting you if the glass breaks at any time during the installation. Safety glasses are also vital for protecting your eyes from debris.

How Do You Achieve a Waterproof Fit for the Window?

The easiest option for producing a waterproof fit is latex-based caulking compound. You will create a beaded line around the entire window frame with the caulking. After it dries it seals the window framing tightly. Air and water won’t enter any portion of the framing with the waterproof seal, and the window installation lasts longer.

How Do You Align the Window Properly?

For best practices, you need an assistant on the exterior of the window opening. As you lift up on the window, your assistant grabs the opposite side from the property’s exterior. Together you guide the window into place properly. Review all sides of the window and ensure that it is level and fits properly inside the space.

Next, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for all hardware used to hold the window into place. It is best if your assistant holds the window in place as you install the screws and other hardware. The screws must fit properly into place, and you shouldn’t overtighten them. Cover all nails with wood putty and create a smooth surface.

Why Should You Paint or Stain the Trim Before Installing It?

The paint or stain must dry completely before you install the trim. If it is installed first, the results are aesthetically displeasing and damage may occur. It is also important to cover the wood putty

with the matching paint or stain to achieve a perfect match. Install the trim as directed in the manufacturer’s instructions.

What are the Final Steps of the Installation?

Test the installation and determine if the window opens and closes freely. Remove the painter’s tape from the window glass and clean it with a mild glass cleaning product of your choice on each side.

When replacing single pane replacement windows, homeowners follow simple steps to complete their project. The experience offers a few hours of handy work and a creative way to spend time with their family. Homeowners who want to install double or triple pane windows need a contractor to install their replacement windows. The final product provides them with elegant window designs, a sound construction, and a flawless installation. Homeowners who want to learn more about installing replacement windows contact the professionals at Milgard today and ask how to install replacement windows.