how wide is a sliding glass door

How Wide is a Sliding Glass Door

Property owners install sliding glass doors nearby pools and patio areas for their ease of use, convenience, and elegance. The key benefits of the doors from Milgard are the custom design for the living space, low maintenance, and premium exterior finishes. Each of the products comes with a lifetime warranty and adds sophistication to the property. Milgard contractors help property owners choose the best width and design for their replacement door home improvement project.

Is There a Standard Size for Sliding Glass Doors?

Gone are the days of one size fits all for sliding glass doors installed into residential properties. Milgard consultants and contractors measure the space in which the doors are installed carefully. They assess the chosen space and determine if it is necessary to resize the walls to accommodate the owner’s preferred sliding glass door design. The services help homeowners get the most out of their living spaces by going beyond the standard and achieving the extraordinary.

Does Milgard Provide Construction Services Beyond Door Installations?

Yes, the contractors reconstruct walls and provide all the finishing touches on the sliding glass door installations. The contractors install sheetrock and molding to complete any walls that were resized during the door installation process. Painting and decorative services are completed for the existing structures surrounding the doors. All services are professional and achieve high-quality results.

What Materials are Available for the Sliding Glass Doors?

The type of materials used to construct the door play a role in choosing the right size for the property. The following is a list of materials offered by Milgard for their elegant sliding glass door designs.

  • Vinyl: Vinyl sliding doors are custom-built and provide many years of use. The products withstand adverse weather conditions and are sealed to prevent related property damage. The sliding glass doors are more affordable for homeowners with a tight budget. They also provide improved energy efficiency and come in a full spectrum of colors. The Montecito Series offered by Milgard is a popular choice for vinyl sliding glass doors.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass sliding doors have all the benefits of Vinyl doors but with additional durability and often additional high-end features. While slightly more expensive, fiberglass can last longer and maintain the aspects you like longer.
  • Wood: Wood sliding glass doors from Milgard are unique in that they mix all wood interior with a fiberglass exterior. That means you get the beauty and luxury of a wood window with the strength and durability of a fiberglass exterior protecting your wood for the long term.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum sliding glass doors are best known for their light weight and durability. The products are more cost-effective and aren’t compromised easily. The key benefits of Milgard aluminum sliding glass doors are their narrow sight lines, longevity, and light styles. The products offer smooth textures that compliment the living space effectively.

Do the Tracks Affect the Width and Size of the Door?

Yes, the contractor determines the exact measurements for the tracks after the door materials are selected. Milgard offers custom-built sliding glass doors and makes adjustments when the tracks are installed. The tracks must support the door and allow it to open and close with ease. Proper alignment is vital to maintaining the door as well. The contractor explains the effects of all measurements to the homeowner when all selections are finalized.

Property owners who want to install sliding glass doors hire professionals to complete their home improvement projects. A professional installer provides high-quality installations with no errors or issues. They also guarantee their work and provide the homeowner with a lifetime warranty on their door products. Property owners who want to install a new sliding glass door contact Milgard right now for an appointment.