How to choose the best replacement windows

How To Measure Replacement Windows

Windows may be replaced because they’re too old or drafty, because there’s damage to the window, or because the window doesn’t open and you prefer one that opens. Regardless of the reasoning, if you want to purchase new windows, you are going to need to make sure you measure replacement windows properly. Failing to do this could cause you to waste money as custom windows cannot be returned.  

Measure Every Window 

Sometimes, you may want to replace two or three windows in the same room. In these cases, you need to make sure you measure every window. Even if they all look the same, there could be small differences in the measurements and this will impact the fit of the new windows. You won’t want to measure one and then find out that one or two of the windows you ordered as a replacement will not fit into the opening. Both too large and too small windows will not fit properly and will cause issues trying to get them to fit into the opening.  

Measure the Rough Opening 

You will likely need to remove some of the trim around the window to measure properly. You’ll want to measure the rough opening for the window, which is not the size of the window pane and is not the size of the window plus the trim. It’s the opening in your wall where the new window will fit. This is the crucial measurement that enables you to make sure the new windows are going to fit in the space the old windows were in.  

Don’t Measure Just One Spot 

It’s important to make sure the windows fit properly, which means they need to be square. This doesn’t mean that the windows have the same height and width; it means the corners of the windows are exactly 90 degrees. One way to do this is to take multiple measurements and make sure everything is the same.  

Measure the left, middle, and the right when you’re measuring the height of the window. Measure the top, middle, and bottom when you’re measuring the width of the window. All three measurements should be the same. If they aren’t, repairs may be needed before you can install the new windows so you can make sure they won’t be drafty once installed.  

Measure the Depth of the Window Too 

The depth is another important measurement to take to ensure the new window is going to fit properly. If the window opens, this is typically easy to measure as you can open the window and measure the full depth at once. If the window does not open, you’ll need to know how thick the window pane is, measure both sides of the window pane, then add all three numbers together to get the depth of the window.  

Why Use a Professional to Measure Windows? 

If you’re planning on installing the new windows on your own, why should you bother having a professional measure the windows for you? Isn’t that a waste of money? Not at all. You’ll likely want professional assistance measuring your windows.  

There are no standard sizes for windows. Even if you have three windows in a room that all look to be the same size, there may be minor differences in exactly how big they are. Custom windows are built to any size you want, even if you’re simply replacing the windows in your home. When you measure, you need to make sure your measurements are perfectly accurate before you order the windows because you need to order custom sizes. 

If your measurements are off even 1/4 of an inch, it means the replacement windows are not going to fit properly. If your measurements are too big, the window will be too small and will be drafty once it’s installed. If your measurements are too small, the new window will not fit into the space the old window was in. Instead, a professional can make sure the measurements are accurate so the new windows will fit perfectly, even if you’re installing them on your own.  

If you want to replace the windows on your home, whether you’re ready to replace all of them or you just want one new one, contact a Certified Milgard Dealer to make sure your windows are properly measured and ordered to fit. We can help you with the measurements whether we’re going to help with the installation or you’re going to do the installation on your own to help you ensure the replacement windows are going to be easier to install properly.