how to choose replacement windows

How to Choose Replacement Windows

Most homeowners aren’t always well-versed in the features and benefits of window replacements. Too often their lack of knowledge leads them to the wrong products that just don’t last. Longevity, durability, sustainability, and function are vital when choosing the best replacement windows. Window installation consultants guide homeowners through the complex process and offer custom-built windows for every home. Use our guide as a jumping off point on how to choose replacement windows.

What Happens During the Initial Consultation?

The initial consultation prepares the owner and the installation service for the window replacement project. The consultant reviews the current window design and the space to determine what window options are best suited for the property. The overall goal is to choose a window replacement that adds function, style, and value to the home. The consultation is a walk through used to collect information about the property, the owner’s preferences, and establish what is possible.

Why Should You Choose the Window Style First?

Custom designed windows offer access to any window style. However, it is paramount to choose the style first and determine if additional construction services are needed. The chosen style designates the allotted space needed for the window installation. It also provides a starting point for other selections such as the framing materials, the glass type, and calculations for the total cost

What Framing Materials are Available?

The homeowner chooses any framing style their heart desires with most replacement windows. Here is a list of the best attributes and worst drawbacks of each selection.

  • Wood: Wood is a sustainable choice and is eco-friendly. The initial cost of the frame is lower than average, and it provides the highest insulation. In more humid areas, wood isn’t the best choice as it is predisposed to rot, and its biodegradable properties weaken it over time.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is a great choice as it is cost-effective. The right construction makes it a more practical material as it is energy-efficient. It is an exceptional choice with insulated glass and blocks out air leaks. It is also versatile and comes is a rainbow of colors.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is on the more high-end of the spectrum, but their cost is worth it. The framing material consists of polyester resins and fiberglass. The material is the most energy-efficient and offers reduced thermal conductivity. It is versatile and durable in that it is easy to repaint and repairs require simple refabrication.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is a recyclable material and most practical for humid climates. The framing selection often passes building code requirements in coastal regions that experience high volumes of hurricanes. It is durable and best for property owners with the most modest of budgets.

Does the Architectural Style of the Property Matter?

Yes, it is best to follow the existing architectural style of the home when choosing replacement windows. The wrong selections depreciate the value and cause aesthetic displeasing effects. A window installation consultant offers priceless advice on window selections that match the existing architectural style.

Custom-built replacement windows give homeowners more choices and extraordinary benefits. The services help property owners find the best fit for their home without compromising on style. The products are guaranteed to fit and provide many years of functionality and elegance for the home. Property owners who want to learn more about how to choose replacement windows contact a consultant at Milgard right now.