Who Installs New Windows

Who Installs New Windows

installing new windows

Looking for window renovations? Asking yourself who installs new windows in my area? A homeowner’s decision to replace their windows is usually an easy one but finding the right dealer or contractor to install them may be difficult. According to a 2014 survey done by Angie’s List, almost half of all customers were dissatisfied with their window contractors. In this guide, homeowners will get some valuable tips to help them choose the right window installer.

Ask for Proof of Licensing, Bonding, or Insurance

This is perhaps the most important tip on the list. When trusting a contractor to work on something as important as the home’s windows, it’s important to make sure the property and all work is covered in the event of an accident. Bonded and licensed professionals, like those at US Window and Door, help homeowners feel more at ease while giving them more options if things go wrong. The state of California requires window builders and installers to hold a C-17 glazing license, and it’s easy to verify whether a contractor holds the right credentials. Simply visit http://www.cslb.ca.gov/, and under the Consumers tab, there’s an option to check a contractor’s license.

Consider the Project’s Schedule

It’s relatively obvious, but homeowners should have an idea of how long the installation project will take and the amount of disruption it will entail. A knowledgeable window installer should be able to provide an explanation of what they’re planning to do and approximately how long it will take.

Ask Who Will Do the Work

When hiring a window installation contractor, customers should find out who will be doing the work. Ask the company whether they plan to hire subcontractors; if so, ask who they are and which credentials they hold. Follow up by asking for references and reading online reviews from other customers.  

Fixed Quote vs. Estimate

Estimates are exactly that, and they don’t guarantee the project’s price. Any quoted price should be confirmed in a written contract. Depending on the customer’s choice, pricing may come in the form of a fixed proposal or one for labor, time, and materials. Some installers, such as the team at US Window and Door, prefer to work with certain window manufacturers so every job meets exacting quality standards.

Find Out About Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

A significant part of any home renovation project is ensuring that contractors comply with all appropriate state regulations and codes. Navigating the permitting process is typically difficult for homeowners, but a window installation professional can help by pulling permits on the customer’s behalf.

Inquire About Completion Paperwork

Whether it concerns warranty coverage, liens, or a checklist of completed work, it is important to know which papers will be provided upon project completion. Such documents are vital because they’re a record of what has (and hasn’t) been done.

Being a homeowner comes with its share of responsibilities, one of which is ensuring that the home’s windows stay in decent shape. By following the tips in this guide, customers will find it easier to choose the right installer and enjoy a stress-free window replacement project.