What Milgard Vinyl Window Colors are Available?

What Milgard Vinyl Window Colors are Available?

Variety of Vinyl Window Colors Available for Milgard Tuscany Windows

Windows are a huge part of the appearance of a home. Whether they’re damaged, leaking due to age, or need to be replaced for any other reason, choosing the right replacement is crucial. If you’re considering new vinyl windows for your home, make sure you consider your vinyl window colors carefully. Below are some of the frequently asked questions homeowners have when they’re interested in choosing colors for Milgard Vinyl Windows.  

Why Choose Vinyl Window Colors?

Standard exterior colors include white, tan and clay. However, there are now 8 other options for colors to choose from. Choosing the right colors brings out the beauty of the window and the home. The right color can blend into the surrounding wall color to create a contemporary look or provide a pop of color for a bolder look for your home. When you choose one of the new exterior colors for your vinyl windows, you’ll be able to make sure you get the exact look you want for your home, whether it’s a traditional look or you want something a little more modern.  

What are the Options for Vinyl Window Colors?

All windows have a white interior, but there are options for the exterior. Standard exterior colors are still available, but 8 new colors are available for all windows with Milgard Premium Exterior Vinyl Finishes. The colors available today are white, tan, clay, bronze, espresso, classic brown, tweed, silver, sand, fog, and ivory. All of these are neutral colors that might look great on your home. It’s important to choose the colors carefully to get the look you want.  

Will the Grids and Screens Match the Window Frame Color?

The window grids are white on the inside, just like the vinyl frame. On the outside, they’re painted to match the color chosen for the vinyl frame. This helps to enhance the beauty of the windows and is intended to make the windows look fantastic once they’re installed. Screens are also created to complement the colors that are chosen. All screens are resistant to wear and tear so they continue to look fantastic, just like the windows.  

How Long Do Vinyl Window Colors Last?

Many people are concerned that the colors will fade over time, detracting from the appearance of the home. In the past, that may have been a valid concern. However, with proper care, the new colors for vinyl windows can last longer. Today, new technology has led to a paint that allows UV rays to reflect away from the home, preserving the color and finish on the windows so they continue to look fantastic. This means you don’t have to worry about the color fading over time and can continue to love how great your new windows look for many years.  

What is the Warranty for the Vinyl Windows?

Milgard offers the best warranty for their vinyl windows. Today, they offer a full lifetime warranty on their premium vinyl finish for windows, and they offer the warranty in any market. The commercial warranty is limited to 10 years. This can help give you the confidence needed to order the windows as you won’t have to worry about the colors fading. Proper care for the windows allows you to use the warranty if it’s ever needed.  

Why Choose Neutral Vinyl Window Colors for Your Windows?

All of the color options from Milgard are neutral colors. The main reason for this is because the vinyl windows cannot be painted after they’re installed. Painting them will void the warranty. Plus, it’s more likely you’ll paint the exterior of the home, not the window frames, if you want to change the look of the home. When you use a natural color for your window frames, you can easily choose another wall color that’s going to look fantastic with your vinyl windows. You won’t be limited to a small assortment of colors because the neutral colors work well with just about any other color you might want for your walls.  

How Can Colors Help the Windows Stand Out?

Some homeowners will want to let their new windows stand out to add to the view of their home. This is done by choosing a color that contrasts the color outside of the home, but that’s a bold color. If the exterior of the home is a lighter color, choosing a darker color will really stand out. Darker colors available today include tweed, classic brown, espresso, and bronze. Silver, sand, fog, and ivory can be chosen for a darker colored home to make the windows stand out a bit more.  

Can Colored Windows Blend with the Home?

Choosing colors that are close to the home’s exterior color can help them blend in a bit more. This is perfect for homes that already have an eye-catching element or for homeowners who prefer a more subdued look for their home. Choose silver, sand, fog or ivory to complement lighter colored homes or bronze, espresso, classic brown and tweed to complement darker exteriors. A color that’s as close as possible to the color used for the exterior of the home will really help the windows blend in with the surrounding walls.  

Can the Local Climate Impact Color Choice?

The local climate can have a huge impact on the colors you might be considering. If you’re in a hotter climate, it’s better to choose a lighter color. Lighter colors will not absorb heat the way darker colors might, helping the colors last as long as possible. Additionally, if you live in a dusty area or an area where you’re likely to have issues with dirt and dust accumulating on your windows, you’ll want to avoid very light or very dark colors. These colors tend to show off the dust and dirt more, meaning they’ll look dirty faster than mid-tone colors.  

Can Window Frames be Painted by the Homeowner?

Once you’ve had your windows for a while, you might think about changing the exterior of your home to get a new look. In most cases, it’s going to be better for you to just change the exterior wall color and to leave the vinyl window frames alone. While they can be painted, the paint is not going to last as long as the ones used by Milgard. Plus, the warranty will be void if you alter the frames by changing the paint color. If you choose a neutral color from the beginning, you can change the exterior wall color and leave the window frames the same to get a fantastic new look for your home.  

How Should Vinyl Frames be Cared For?

Proper care of vinyl frames is crucial. Washing with the right materials can help make sure the frames last as long as possible and help minimize the possibility of the colors fading. When the windows need to be washed, use a soft-bristled brush to remove any large particles from the frames. Then, use soap and water to clean the frames. It’s best to use a nonabrasive soap to ensure the finish isn’t scratched. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry when finished. Doing this seasonally will help keep your windows in great shape and ensure they always look fantastic.