Questions and Answers About the Locks and Handles for Milgard Tuscany Doors

Questions and Answers About the Locks and Handles for Milgard Tuscany Doors

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Today, security may be even more important than ever before. New technology has helped create innovative locks that keep your home more secure whether you’re home or away. Locks are also more rigorously designed to make sure they’re going to be as likely as possible to stop a forced entry. When you’re looking at new doors for your home, make sure you consider the locks as well. Below are some of the questions you might have as you consider your options.

What Door Locks are Available?

SmartTouch hardware is offered on the Tuscany doors by Milgard. This hardware is designed to make it easier for you to lock and unlock your doors and windows but does exceed California’s strict forced-entry requirements. This means it’s as secure as possible to help prevent any break-ins and is designed to make sure your home is accessible for you and all of your family members. Added security features are available as well. Check out the SmartTouch Bolt for patio doors and the SecurityMax package to keep your home as secure as possible.

What Should be Considered Before Purchasing Door Locks?

If you’re considering new doors, make sure you check out the available hardware carefully. You’ll want to look at the lock, the handle, and the hardware finish. Make sure the locks are as secure as possible, while still being easy for you to use. They should also compliment the other hardware in your home for a seamless look. Inspecting all details helps ensure you find the right locks for your windows and doors.

Are There Various Finishes for Door Locks?

Yes. The hardware for Tuscany Doors comes in various finishes to ensure you can find the right finish for your home. Choose a finish that will stand out for a bold look or choose a finish that matches other hardware in your home for a seamless look. With multiple options available, you’re sure to find exactly what you want for your home.

What is the SmartTouch Door Handle?

The SmartTouch door handle is an ergonomic handle that includes a hidden lock mechanism. This makes it possible for you to unlock, open and close the door with a one-touch motion and means it’s usable for just about anyone. It’s designed to exceed the forced-entry requirements for California. This is available for all of the Tuscany patio doors and is available in a variety of different finishes, depending on what you need for your home.

What are the Advantages of the SmartTouch Bolt?

Another locking option, the SmartTouch Bolt, is a steel bolt designed to secure the sliding patio door to the top frame. It works by simply flipping a lever and can be secured in a vented position if you’d like to let in fresh air. Doors are generally weaker near the top because the standard lock is lower down on the door. With a secured lock at the top of the door, it’s much harder for a burglar to get the door open. It’s also another lock that needs to be broken for the door to be opened, meaning it’s far more secure compared to just the standard lock.

Is the SecurityMax Package the Best Option for Sliding Glass Doors?

If you’re worried about the security of your home, you’ll definitely want to look into this package. The SecurityMax Package, exclusively offered by Milgard, is a multi-point locking system and includes the SmartTouch Bolt. The multi-point locking system allows you to lock four points of the door, which secures it at the top frame, bottom track, and the handle, with one motion. Combined with the SmartTouch Bolt, it provides five points of security for the door. This offers the most security for your door and can help you keep your home as safe as possible.

What is the Lock Snib and Can it be Replaced?

The snib is the piece inside the door that moves to lock and unlock the door. If this becomes damaged or stops working properly, it can be replaced. It is typically easy to remove the lock snib on your own as there are only a few steps. Remove the mounting plate for the handle, slide out the handle, and remove the old snib. Then, insert the new snib, place the handles back on, and secure it in place. Check the operation of the new snib to make sure it’s working properly and adjust if needed. This should allow the door to lock properly again as long as everything lines up properly. If it doesn’t, make sure the snib is seated properly or check the strike plate to make sure that doesn’t need to be adjusted.

Can a Sliding Glass Door Lock be Adjusted?

If the lock on a sliding glass door doesn’t seem to be locking securely, it may need to be adjusted. This is typically simple to do and is done by adjusting the strike plate to the proper position. Start by checking the strike plate to ensure it does not move. It may move slightly if an adjustment is needed. Test the strike plate with the snib, the part that locks the door, to make sure the snib is even with the logo. If it is not even with the logo, remove the strike plate and then adjust the screws beneath it until everything lines up properly. Once done, the door should lock properly and securely.

The security of your home is important. You should feel like your home is secure whether you’re there or away. If you’re interested in getting new doors for your home, check out the Tuscany doors and the various lock options available to you today. The SmartTouch handle makes it easy for you to lock and unlock your door, while the SmartTouch Bolt and SecurityMax system are designed to add further protection to your home. Take a look at all of the options today to learn more about what’s available for your home.