Helpful Tips on How to Fix Issues with Sliding Glass Doors

Helpful Tips on How to Fix Issues with Sliding Glass Doors

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Sliding glass doors offer many benefits to a home and go well beyond simply making it aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the type of hardware that is used and the maintenance, these doors can last up to thirty years.

While sliding glass doors have the ability to provide a high level of service, they can begin to experience performance issues over time. Often, homeowners have questions about their sliding glass doors when problems begin to arise.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why is my sliding glass door so resistant to opening and closing?

Over time, dirt and debris can begin to build up on the rollers of a sliding glass door and this dirt and grime can impede its movement. Dirt and grime can also build up inside the tracks and this can make for problems.

To take care of this problem and allow for easy sliding when operating the doors, simply use a soft cloth that is moistened with alcohol to clean the tracks and rollers. This will remove the grease and grime. After the tracks and rollers have been cleaned with alcohol, a silicone spray can be used to help lubricate the rollers and tracks and keep them gliding as they should.

How can I repair a broken roller?

One of the first areas to break down on a sliding glass door is usually the rollers because they bear the brunt of abuse during the opening and closing process. In some areas of the country, high levels of humidity can cause the rollers to corrode and eventually break over a period of years.

The only way to replace broken rollers is to remove the sliding glass door from the track and carry out the repairs. While this is a simple job for the professionals, taking a DIY approach is not the easiest of processes.

What can I do about the crack in my sliding glass door?

When a sliding glass door is opened or closed too forcefully or experiences the impact from an object, cracks can occur. A cracked sliding glass door is not only a safety issue, but it also makes a home more vulnerable to break-ins.

While there are glass repair kits that can be purchased, these do not always offer seamless repairs, especially on large cracks. It is recommended the glass be replaced so the door offers full protection again and is not in danger of completely shattering and causing serious injuries.

Why doesn’t my sliding glass door close properly?

If this issue is occurring, a homeowner needs to first take a look at their track to see if any object has fallen inside and is preventing the sliding glass door from properly moving back and forth. Small toys, crayons, sticks, and even pebbles could block a door from closing.

Outside of a blockage, one of the most common reasons for a sliding glass door not properly closing is due to a bent track. The tracks of the door take on a lot of abuse over the years and being stepped on over and over can cause them to become bent. A bent track can sometimes be repaired, but when one is severely bent, it will need to be replaced.

Why won’t my sliding glass door latch properly?

If the sliding glass doors are closed and do not latch properly or the lock does not work, this means the doors are not offering the right level of security and a home could be vulnerable to break-ins. Sometimes, latches become slightly corroded over time and need to be oiled so they will work again.

If oiling the latch does not work, the entire latch and lock mechanisms may need to be replaced. To ensure these are replaced appropriately, many homeowners choose to hire the professionals to come out and take care of this quick task.

How can I repair my sliding glass door that is off track?

After many years of opening and closing sliding glass doors, the roller wheels can sometimes come out of alignment. When this happens, the glass doors will jump the track and then will become impossible to close.

This issue is often caused by the screws becoming loose where the rollers attach to the door frame. These can easily be tightened with a screwdriver and this should prevent the door from jumping track again. Sometimes, sliding glass doors are difficult to get back on track so a homeowner may need to have a professional come out and carry out a service call to get the doors operating properly again.

What can be done about drafts coming from my sliding glass doors?

Over a period of years, the weather stripping around a sliding glass door can become loose or worn down. When the weather stripping has lost its functionality, drafts may begin to occur and they can increase the energy costs of the home.

Replacing the weather stripping is a fairly easy process and most homeowners can take care of this simple chore themselves. As long as the old weather stripping is properly removed, the new should be easy to install. A homeowner will simply need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Conclusion – Issues with Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors offer increased light, beautiful views, and security. When these doors are not operating properly, they can be a pain to deal with and can become a dangerous risk. Homeowners should not take a DIY approach to repairs unless they feel confident in their ability and have the right tools for safety.

If a sliding glass door is becoming too problematic, it may be wise for a homeowner to consider having their doors replaced. Milgard sliding glass doors offer premium performance and the beautiful designs homeowners expect. These doors are meant to stand up to years of abuse and stay looking exquisite.

If your sliding glass doors are not working correctly, use the above tips to help restore their functionality. Should you be in the market to replace your old doors, research Milgard sliding glass doors so you can fully understand the benefits they can offer a home.