A Guide to French Doors

A Guide to French Doors

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A Guide to French Doors

French doors are commonly used for patio entries and as a way to separate interior spaces. They’re a popular choice among homeowners because they allow privacy without cutting the connection between rooms. When used on a patio, a French door may open to a deck or the back yard. Interior French doors are typically found between dining rooms and kitchens or living rooms. While these doors allow plenty of light and air to flow between spaces, blinds and curtains may be installed for additional privacy. Read further to learn more about French doors.

Guidelines for Installation

Today, French doors are available in out- and in-swing fittings. When choosing a door for an exterior or interior opening, it’s important to leave enough space for the door to swing. Unlike sliding and pocket doors, French doors need more space for smooth operation. By considering the door’s width and other factors, an installer can help a homeowner choose the right French door for the space.

The Design of French Doors: Homeowners Have Options

Homeowners have numerous design options where French doors are concerned. While most manufacturers offer styles and sizes that fit standardized door openings, many also have custom options for older and more unique spaces. Doors may come with a flat pane of glass, or, as in the case of an interior French door, they may be solid.  

Installing a French Door

The most crucial part of French door installation is measuring the swing radius. Homeowners should ensure that no furnishings are within the swing path. Another important consideration is the door opening’s jamb depth, as that measurement will affect purchase options. Those with newer homes can find an easy fit with French doors in standard sizes, while owners of older homes may need to change the door jamb to accommodate the doors they want. A local door and window company can offer recommendations and installation advice.

Considerations for Patio French Doors

If a homeowner plans to install a French door to replace a sliding door for patio or deck access, they’ll need an entry door. Some patio doors come with an inactive side, which means both door panels look the same, but one side doesn’t open or close. These doors typically come in aluminum, steel, or wood, and they have the same maintenance requirements as home windows.

For the sake of security, homeowners should choose patio French doors with three-point locking systems. With this setup, the door is locked to the sill and the head jamb, rather than having each side locked to the other. The process of hanging a patio door is like that used for entry doors, and local installers make the entire job quick and easy.

Find Out More About French Doors Today

French doors offer timeless styling and classic appeal, and they’re a great way to let light and air into the home without sacrificing privacy. For more information on Milgard French doors, visit us online or call US Window and Door to schedule a consultation and estimate.