Common Problems with Vinyl Windows

Common Problems with Vinyl Windows

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Homeowners who are in the market for replacement windows might find that vinyl windows are the right choice for them. Vinyl is a popular material for window replacement because of its price, durability, and ease of installation. Much like other materials used for windows, vinyl has specific issues that homeowners should be prepared to deal with. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to handle any of the problems that vinyl windows might have.

Does Replacing Wooden Windows With Vinyl Have To Reduce Your View?

When homeowners replace their windows, they sometimes find that they lose their unobstructed view. There can be a loss of glass area with some replacement windows. This can happen when full-frame replacement isn’t used to replace the window. With normal replacement, the vinyl window is just inserted into the old frame. Full-frame replacement will replace everything and allows for no loss of glass area.

There are a few benefits to using full-frame replacement for new vinyl windows. The materials that are used to replace the wood won’t require nearly as much maintenance. Wood is prone to rot and warping. Another benefit is that the new windows can be properly insulated. That helps with energy savings. Also, in some cases, glass area might even be increased. That means a homeowner can have an even better view than they did before replacing their windows.

What About Vinyl Window Quality?

The problem that some people face with vinyl windows is that they bought cheap vinyl replacements. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Why buy cheap windows that will have to be replaced in a few years? If the installation isn’t good, that only leads to more problems. Quality vinyl windows can last for decades if they are well taken care of by homeowners.

When looking at vinyl windows, it’s important to touch the material. Does the material fell cheap or flimsy? If so, it’s not a quality window. Buying vinyl windows without examining them first is just asking for trouble. If a person wants a quality window, they will purchase from a manufacturer that offers a solid warranty for their windows. Some window sellers will offer lifetime warranties.

What About Issues With Warping Vinyl Windows?

Certain materials are more prone to warping than others. Materials like wood and vinyl can expand and contract during temperature extremes. For the most part, vinyl windows can withstand warping for 10 years or so. After that, it might be a problem. When windows warp, they can be much harder to open and close. Warping with vinyl is usually a quality issue. The better quality vinyl windows are much better at dealing with temperature extremes. Any concerns that a homeowner has with warping can be brought up while they are buying their windows.

How Good Are Vinyl Windows At Preventing Drafts?

Drafty windows can be a serious problem. When it’s cold outside, they make it much harder for a room to remain warm. During the summer months, a room with drafty windows won’t retain air from any cooling efforts. Having a professional do the replacement is one of the best ways to avoid drafty windows. They will make sure that the window fits perfectly into place. Weather-stripping is something that can cause drafts, but it’s very easy to replace. The old weather-stripping can be pried off with a simple tool. In some cases, older windows might need to be caulked in order to fix drafts.

How Can Vinyl Window Cranks Be Protected?

It’s possible to strip a window crank by tightening it too much. The problem with cranks happen when a person cranks the window too much as it the glass gets closer to the window frame. Some people mistakenly believe that tightening the crank more will lead to a tighter seal. Unfortunately, that’s not how these cranks work. The crank should only be tightened enough so that the locking mechanism can do its job. The mechanism will take over and make sure that a proper seal is formed as the vinyl window closes.

How Can Condensation Be Dealt With?

Condensation is a problem that usually happens with older windows. If a homeowner notices that their new vinyl window has a condensation issue, they should contact the seller immediately. Windows that are new should have the problem covered under a warranty for both parts and labor. Condensation issues can happen when windows seals fail. If the window is very old, it might be best to just replace the window with a new and more energy-efficient model.

What About A Combination of Vinyl with Other Materials?

Some manufacturers offer windows that are a combination of fiberglass and vinyl. Vinyl windows that have been reinforced with fiberglass tend to be sturdier than regular vinyl windows. These windows are less prone to warping. Homeowners who have any concerns about regular vinyl windows might find that vinyl windows that are reinforced with fiberglass are just what they need.

Vinyl windows are a great option for window replacement. Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to stay in good shape. The fact that maintenance isn’t an issue makes vinyl very attractive to the modern homeowner. If a quality window is chosen and it is properly cared for, a homeowner might expect their vinyl windows to last 20 or more years.