Milgard Windows & Doors - Essence Series Wood Windows

Does Anyone Make Replacement Windows That Look Like Wood

Wood windows look gorgeous and have been the main option for windows for a number of years. Despite offering a stunning look to the home, they’re difficult to maintain and require a lot of upkeep. Today, more options are available than ever before. If you want a wood window but prefer something that’s easier to maintain, it might be worth looking into windows that look like wood from Milgard. The Essence Series windows give you the look of wood with the maintenance of fiberglass.

The Advantages of Wooden Windows

Wood windows have long been a common choice for homes. They’re easy to paint or stain to compliment the rest of the home, they can be stained and sealed to show off a beautiful wood grain, and they can be used to enhance the style of the home. Wood is also often chosen because it’s easy to work with and because it naturally provides insulation for the home.

The Downside to Wooden Windows

Though wood has a lot of advantages, its main disadvantage is that it requires more maintenance than other types of material. Vinyl and fiberglass windows, for instance, just need to be cleaned regularly. Wood needs to be sealed regularly and may need to be stained or repainted regularly to make sure it continues to look great. Homeowners may also need to frequently touch up the wood frame, including sanding and refurbishing the wood to protect the wood from damages. Eventually, the wood will start to wear out and the window will need to be replaced.

Combination Windows to Provide Durability

The main issue with wood windows is what happens outside the house. The weather tends to take a toll on the wood from the outside of the home, causing rapid wear and tear to the window. Fiberglass windows do not have this issue, but they also don’t provide the insulation a wood window can provide. Milgard windows contain a product line that combines the best of both worlds, helping homeowners have the look and feel of wood windows on the inside with a more durable fiberglass exterior.

With the Milgard Essence Series, windows have a wood interior to provide the beauty you’re looking for combined with a fiberglass exterior to protect the outside of the window from excessive wear and tear due to the weather. It is available for new construction as well as retrofit remodeling projects and includes an innovative water management system to protect the wood interior from the rain.

The Inside of Essence Series Windows

Custom Essence series windows are available with three basic interior options. You can choose from Douglas fir, natural pine, or a primed pine. You can also seal or stain the natural pine or the Douglas fir to match other wood finishes inside your home or choose the primed pine and paint the interior frame with a color of your choosing. This lets you get the look and customization of wood while ensuring the windows will perfectly complement the interior of your home.

The Outside of Essence Series Windows

The exterior frame for the Essence series windows is made from fiberglass and available in 16 colors to ensure you can match the windows with the exterior of your home. The colors are added with a powder coat finish that uses the latest advancements to make the exterior more durable so it doesn’t fade, chip or scratch. Durability and beauty are the main goals for the exterior of the Essence series windows, and you’ll be able to customize the colors to ensure your new windows blend seamlessly with the exterior of your home.

Benefits of Combination Windows

Combination windows like the Essence series are designed to provide a number of different benefits. With a fiberglass exterior, they’re low-maintenance, provide long-lasting performance, and are resistant to weather conditions, insects, salt air, and UV-rays. These windows are also available with Energy Star energy packages so your windows can help make your home more energy efficient. This could mean a reduction in your energy bills as the windows are designed to decrease heat or cold loss from your home.

Hardware and Frame Accessories

The Essence series combination windows include different locks depending on the type of window you purchase. They include the option of upgrading to a SmartTouch lock that is incorporated into the window sash for a low-profile design. This allows the window to open or close effortlessly, with a single motion. With the SmartTouch lock, you can see the window is locked as it automatically locks when it’s down. This lock is easier for anyone to use, regardless of age or physical abilities, is built to last using die-cast zinc, and exceeds rigorous forced-entry prevention security codes in California by 25%. This means you don’t have to worry about the security of your windows.

Frame kits are also available for the Essence series windows. The frame kits are made of aluminum for durability and are easy to install. They provide a clean look as there are no visible fastener and are available with a factory finish to match all of the exterior colors. They’re also designed to be virtually maintenance free and are available in a few different styles so you can choose the one you prefer.

Windows Styles Offered in the Essence Series

The Essence series combination windows are available in various window styles to ensure you get what you’re looking for. Possible styles you can choose from include double hung, horizontal slider, casement, awning, picture, radius, and radius casement. Different styles can be combined inside your home to provide more functionality and to ensure more light is able to enter your home.

If you’re ready to purchase new windows and you love the look of wood windows, take the time to look into the combination windows available in the Essence series by Milgard today. These windows provide all of the benefits of wood with the durability and protection of fiberglass for an amazing window that looks great with your home.