Can You Paint Replacement Windows

Can You Paint Replacement Windows

Windows are a feature present in homes across America. However, the time may come when a property owner wishes to update the appearance of his or her residence. During the process of doing so, an individual may decide the windows no longer blend in with the updates or the house lacks curb appeal. One way to improve the appearance of a residence is to paint it, but homeowners should be aware of the parts of the home which are paintable and which need to be left alone. Windows are an excellent example of this. A homeowner may not be aware of whether the house has vinyl windows or fiberglass ones and this information must be obtained first. The reason for this research on “Can You Paint Replacement Windows” is to learn that specific windows cannot be painted without impacting their structural integrity and more.

Can Vinyl Windows Be Painted?

Some people like to change their home regularly. They repaint the exterior, upgrade the shutters, and redo the landscaping. As part of this process, the homeowner may wish to paint his or her vinyl windows. However, doing so could be a mistake.

What many homeowners fail to realize is painting the vinyl windows can interfere with their ability to function as intended. The windows are ‘painted’ as part of the extrusion process. If they are repainted after they are installed, this may reduce the energy efficiency of the windows. Furthermore, the paint may result in the frame not operating as intended, and this is primarily dependent on whether or not the color absorbs heat.

Before painting any window, it is best to learn what the manufacturer recommends. Furthermore, individuals need to read the warranty that came with the windows. For example, as the Milgard website explains, painting vinyl replacement windows alters the vinyl finish and, as a result, the warranty then becomes void. As the warranty does cover the life of the windows as long as the purchaser remains in the home, no homeowner wants to make this mistake.

What Are the Risks Associated with Painting Vinyl Windows?

First and foremost, homeowners need to be aware that any paint applied to vinyl windows will flake and peel in very little time. The solution to this, according to specific individuals, is to make use of a primer before applying the paint. Window manufacturers, however, point out that primers contain chemicals which may soften the vinyl resulting in a reduction in the window’s structural integrity.

Furthermore, dark colors retain more heat which often leads to the glass within the windows breaking. It could also result in the frames warping, which may lead to a whole new set of issues, as the homeowner has voided his or her warranty with Milgard and will be responsible for any repairs or the cost of replacing the window.

Can Fiberglass Windows Be Painted?

Fortunately, individuals who do like to update their home regularly can now purchase fiberglass windows from Milgard and retain this option. While there is no need to paint the windows to maintain them, homeowners can repaint the frames if a new color is desired. Furthermore, fiberglass tends to be very easy to paint, and little prep work is required before the process begins. If a darker color is the original selection, painting over it may be difficult. However, dark colors do tend to fade with time. A homeowner who can hold off will find it becomes easier to paint over a dark color if he or she waits for nature to take its course.

What Are the Risks Associated with Painting Fiberglass Windows?

One problem reported with fiberglass windows is the paint will likely need to be touched up regularly. If a homeowner plans on changing the paint color frequently, this becomes less of an issue. However, it is one every homeowner need to understand.
Furthermore, a person cannot simply walk out and put a new coat of paint on fiberglass windows. Steps should be taken to ensure the paint adheres properly. If it does not, the window will have to be repainted soon. Be sure to read any information that came with the products, so no step is overlooked.

Vinyl windows come with a lower initial cost, and many homeowners base their decision on which type to buy using this factor alone. However, replacing all the windows in the home is costly. If you are the type who likes to change the look of your home regularly, opt for the fiberglass windows. Doing so allows you to paint them without any worry of voiding the warranty or creating issues with the windows themselves. We hope this guide helped answer your question, “Can You Paint Replacement Windows”. Contact us for a quote on your next replacements today.