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Can I Order Replacement Windows Online

When it’s time to do some research, the Internet is one of the most useful tools ever created. With just a few mouse clicks, buyers have access to thousands of informational sources. When considering a substantial purchase, such as replacement windows, online research can help homeowners find the best companies, prices, and products. Therefore, when it’s time to replace the home’s windows, it’s good to learn about them online, but buying them that way may present a few problems. Below are a few considerations if you’re asking yourself “Can I Order Replacement Windows Online”? 

Window Energy Efficiency 

Like everything else in life, with replacement windows, one gets what they pay for. When budgeting for the upgrade, investing in energy-efficient windows will yield long-term savings. New, energy-efficient units from a local window dealer will make the home easier and less expensive to cool and heat. Windows’ U-value, which is a measure of the rate of heat loss, is just one way to determine energy efficiency. The lower the number, the less heat is transferred through the unit.  

Be sure to evaluate replacement windows’ air leakage rating as well. The SHGC, or solar heat gain coefficient, is a measure of how much heat gets through the window. Again, lower numbers are better, because they mean less air and heat gets in or out. While energy-efficient windows are a significant upfront investment, over time, they’ll help homeowners save money. Consult a local window expert to learn how to keep conditioned air in and noise out with new, efficient, low-STC windows. 

Appearance and Design 

When buying windows online, it’s hard to find a set that’s a precise match for the home’s current windows or its style. While the windows themselves may be an efficient upgrade, they might not be a good fit aesthetically speaking. Local window dealers and installers offer a range of styles, colors, materials and designs. Call today to find out about our custom frame and window options to suit any home’s style and homeowner’s budget. 

The Home’s Architecture and Landscaping 

The way heat and light enter the home will determine how much a homeowner will save by upgrading his or her windows. For instance, if there are no trees to provide shade, but there are numerous windows on the home’s south side, energy-efficient units will significantly reduce summer cooling costs.  

If there are windows on the west side, where light will come in at sunset, new windows will make evening meals much more comfortable. By comparison, if the home has a deck or porch with an overhang or patio cover, the upgrade may have less impact. Furthermore, new, UV-blocking windows from a local dealer will keep floors, carpets, upholstery, and artwork from fading in well-lit rooms. 

Convenience and Cost 

When looking for window replacement options, convenience and cost are primary considerations for most homeowners. Before deciding whether to buy windows online or from a dealer, set a budget. Look around the home to see how many windows need to be replaced. Then, compare pricing options. Once a customer has an idea of what is available, budgeting become easier. Although replacing all a home’s windows at the same time comes with a significant upfront cost, it’s less expensive than replacing them one at a time. 

Building Permits and Related Issues 

Whether they’re bought online or from a dealer, replacement windows require an installation permit. If a homeowner installs the windows themselves, they’re responsible for securing the appropriate permits. While it’s relatively easy to contact the local building department to learn about its permitting requirements, hiring a window installation expert makes the process simpler. Call us today to find out how we make permitting easy. 

Questions to Ask When Considering Buying Windows Online 

When buying windows online for DIY or future professional installation, homeowners should ask the following questions. 

  • If professional installation is necessary, can it be scheduled quickly? 
  • Would a local dealer offer customized options as far as frames and glass are concerned? 
  • What sort of warranty coverage is available? 

Buying windows online is somewhat problematic because it’s very difficult to measure properly. Most online sellers won’t accept returns because windows don’t come in standard sizes; everything is custom made, and reselling these units is very difficult. However, we have everything you need, all in a single convenient package. 

In Conclusion 

Many homeowners are tempted to buy windows online because of the perceived cost savings, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Not only are these windows usually not returnable, most buyers don’t know just what they’re looking for. By considering the above factors and counting on the pros for help and advice, any window replacement project will go more smoothly.