What Should I Expect in a Replacement Window Warranty?

What Should I Expect in a Replacement Window Warranty?

July 31, 2020
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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Because of windows, we appreciate views of cozy gardens, impressive skylines, and sun-drenched beaches. They bring the outdoors inside. Windows give us light and lift our moods. They protect us from bad weather and provide privacy and security.

Windows perform their function day in and day out. For many of us, they’re simply part of the house. We forget that windows age, break and become damaged. They need to be repaired or replaced.

Windows are more than a part of our daily life. They are an investment in our property. Like any investment, they have value. Consideration of that value extends far past the moment of installation. Beautiful windows can greatly increase a home’s resale value, energy-efficiency, curb appeal, and the overall build quality and design of any Southern California home.

While a manufacturer’s warranty protects the window as a purchased product, a contractor’s warranty covers the installation process. Depending on the contractor, it may cover labor and parts for a specific period after the initial work is completed. There may be extra charges for shipping new parts, or for after-hours labor.

California homeowners often take a manufacturer’s warranty for granted and forget that it covers their new windows. Many windows have such a warranty. However, the terms of the warranty can vary from one company to another and from contractor to contractor.

For every window project, there are two types of warranties to consider: manufacturer’s warranty and contractor’s warranty. Ideally, these warranties work in tandem to cover your project from the point of sale to installation.

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US Window & Door offers homeowners a third type of replacement window protection. On each installation of Milgard window products, US Window & Door provides a lifetime limited warranty. A lifetime limited warranty protects the long-term value of your investment by:

√ Assuring that any defect of the window product is spotted before the installation. This saves time and money.

√ Ensuring that only trained, experienced builders are assigned to install the windows. US Window & Door technicians are knowledgeable about Milgard products and specifications. This minimizes future issues stemming from incorrect installation.

√ Giving home buyers and owners peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected from normal wear and tear now and in the future.

This warranty coverage is a unique partnership between Milgard and US Window & Door. Together, we guarantee a superb level of customer service and satisfaction for residential replacement windows in the San Diego and Orange County areas.

What is Covered

It’s important to differentiate between the three kinds of warranties. Understanding any gaps or exceptions before a purchase will help decide on the best products and installers for a specific project. It can help forecast any future needs, too.

A manufacturer’s warranty will cover defects and damages on the product before installation. For example, if a window assembly gets unpacked and a portion of the sill is warped, or the glass is cracked, then the manufacturer will need to replace the broken parts.

After installation, a product-based warranty may last one year or more. The length depends on the maker.

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This type of warranty may not include the cost of labor to repair within the coverage period. Repair work may be restricted to a small number of contractors.

Milgard and US Window & Door’s lifetime limited replacement warranty is very specific on coverage. Window products and installation coverage specifies that:

♦ All warranty-related work will be completed by competent technicians and builders from Milgard-approved contracting companies.

♦  The homeowner will not incur costs for parts, labor, or shipping when warranty work is performed.

♦  Registering a warranty will be fast and complete. All paperwork is registered through Milgard and shared with approved contractors. There is no worrying over lost paperwork or confusion about installation details.

♦ Extensive glass breakage coverage is available for Milgard products from the Ultra, Tuscany, and Woodclad series.

♦ Arranging for a service call is effortless. Customers can use the Milgard website or call 1-800-MILGARD to initiate a service request. Customers must have valid warranty information on file to avail of this service.

♦ Replacement parts will be available. Milgard serves the Western USA and Canada. US Window & Door is an established dealer of Milgard replacement windows in San Diego and Southern California.

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♦ Milgard products have been proven fit for purpose after testing and verification by the American Architecture Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

♦ US Window & Door will take reasonable precautions to shield customers’ homes from the impact of construction. Safety and cleanliness are a priority on site.

There are as many contractor warranties as there are contractors.

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These kinds of warranties are concerned with issues related to the quality of the installation.

• How long is the warranty period?

• Are there charges for service calls after the initial installation? What is the cost of labor?

When evaluating warranties, some questions to ask are:

• Are there charges for necessary parts outside of the product?

• Can the warranty be customized to meet special requirements?

• Does this cover general maintenance like caulking?

• What about misplaced warranty papers?

• What happens if the home gets sold?

How Long Is the Coverage?

Both US Window & Door and Milgard provide their valued customers with lifetime warranties. In this case, “lifetime” really does mean a lifetime. Milgard has been producing windows for 50 years, and they stand by their warranty terms. Milgard doors and windows are covered for as long as the homeowner resides in their home, whether it’s one year or 30 years.

In partnership with Milgard, US Window & Door will repair or replace defective Milgard products and installation materials discovered before the installation and will perform service work without charge on said products as long as the customer owns the property.

It’s essential to note that this replacement window warranty is not limited or conditional. It is not confined to three, five, or ten years. The specific areas covered do not change from year to year, decade to decade. The customer is not charged for parts and labor as their window installations age and wear down. The whole product is covered from day one.

This lifetime limited warranty includes provisions for a transfer of ownership. Should the homeowner wish to sell their property, the warranty transfers to the new owner up to 10 years. For example, if the home or unit is sold three years after installation, the new owner will receive seven years of warranty protection.

How Is It Different From a Manufacturer Warranty?

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A manufacturer’s warranty starts and stops at the product. In most cases, replacement parts are covered for a stated period. This period is usually the expected lifespan a window is designed to be fully functional. This can be anywhere from two to ten years.

A product warranty will not cover the area of installation. It will not guarantee a replacement of the product unless it is proven that the product was originally defective. It may or may not replace a product damaged while in everyday use.

A manufacturer’s warranty can be declared void or non-applicable if unqualified persons install the product. Windows are not a DIY weekend project. Vintage homes and homes requiring custom measurements are best left to insured and vendor-trained contractors. Poorly fitting windows can lead to damaged interior and exterior walls. Visitors and prospective homebuyers can easily notice all of these things.

Manufacturer’s warranties are also said to be implied warranties. This means that the assumption is that the product is free of defects and will be used for its intended purpose. It is not a guarantee of a problem-free product. It can be vague on details like costs for parts and labor.

Milgard’s award-winning products have been vetted by designers and experts. In 2016, Milgard’s Essence radius casement window won the Window & Door Crystal Achievement Award for innovation. The Milgard and US Window & Door lifetime limited warranty implies only quality, reliability, and total protection.

ince 1987, US Window & Door have managed and installed projects big and small. For residential projects, US Window & Door’s window replacement warranty includes:

√ The accurate measurement of every window and location.

√ The complete explanation of potential obstacles, complications, or necessary changes to the homeowners.

√ The coverage of all parts and labor for issues resulting from faulty measurements of custom-fit windows.

√ The repair and replacement of defective product parts or damaged installation materials at no cost to the homeowner.

√ A full inspection of the work itself and the general work area before declaring the project completed.

√ Prompt attention given to service calls of all customers.

√ The care and protection of the customer’s home during all visits and service appointments.

√ The lifetime window replacement warranty offered by Milgard and US Window & Door exceeds the terms of any single manufacturer or contractor warranty.

√ This warranty guarantees the product’s quality, the completeness of the installation, and the sustainability of the investment

Is There Any Fine Print?

Warranties are complex documents filling several pages. It’s best to be fully informed of what is and isn’t covered by the manufacturer or the contractor. If warranty terms are unclear, consult with the product manufacturer or the installer before installation starts.

The lifetime limited warranty from Milgard and US Window & Door has the following exceptions:

♦ The lifetime limited replacement window warranty fully covers residential work. For commercial buildings, multi-family homes, and other business structures, the warranty period is ten years. US Window & Door are fully compliant with building codes and requirements for Southern California.

♦ Milgard’s Style product line has separate and optional coverage for glass breakage. Moving glass walls have their own warranty documentation for the product and installation.

♦ This lifetime limited warranty does not cover accidents, vandalism, arson, or acts of nature. Consult the appropriate homeowners or property insurance policies to fill gaps in coverage. This warranty does cover damage from normal use and defects in workmanship during the installation and any subsequent service calls. Service and parts are provided free of charge to the homeowner.

♦ The warranty applies to home products installed after 1/1/2012 in the United States. In Canada, Milgard residential products installed after 1/1/2011 are covered.

♦ To achieve the full potential and value, any project must include high-quality products, professional installation, and comprehensive warranty policy. Without these three key elements, your new home or remodeling project may not be assessed as highly as it could be. Be mindful of the details to maximize your return on investment.

Milgard window products are durable, secure, and energy-efficient. High-quality windows help balance interior temperatures against extremes of heat and cold outside. They are designed to complement your home’s architecture and personal decor. From lead windows to double-paned, gas-filled windows, research continues to develop environmentally-friendly and aesthetically pleasing designs.

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US Window & Door have decades of skill and experience in window replacement projects. We can help customers acquire building permits, visualize the perfect window design, and purchase the most suitable Milgard product. Whether it be a single window or a whole house, installation is efficient, accurate, and up to code.

The lifetime limited replacement window warranty is not optional. It comes with every Milgard window and US Window & Door installation. US Window & Door can answer all warranty questions before the sale and review the warranty with homeowners after installation.

Every year, your investment is secure and growing in value. Our products are not just windows, they’re assets to be enjoyed and maintained with ease. US Window & Door is here to help fix a broken lock or hinge. We can replace the damaged seal on your Milgard windows in San Diego County. Our technicians can advise you with the best tips to keep your window beautiful all-year-round in all kinds of weather.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering a window replacement project, shop for the right replacement, and keep an eye on the different warranty types and conditions. Having a seasoned team to answer questions can make the fine print less confusing. Using a product that is recognized as exceptional in the industry means years of satisfying usage, enjoyment, and comfort. A great product installed by professionals renders a job done on time and on budget.

Contact US Window & Door to learn more about our Milgard and installation warranty. Get the full details of this warranty straight from our Milgard-certified technicians, and get inspired by our gallery of completed projects. Whether you’re remodeling or building your dream home, US Window & Door can turn all your ideas to reality with home improvement solutions that will last for decades.