Time for New Patio Doors? Here’s What to Look for When Buying a New Set of Milgard Doors

Time for New Patio Doors? Here’s What to Look for When Buying a New Set of Milgard Doors

February 5, 2019
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door

Many homeowners are choosing now as the time to upgrade and improve their homes. $340 billion was spent on remodeling in 2018. Exterior improvements like doors and windows add value to your home at resale, as well as improve energy efficiency, increase security and comfort for home residents.

Choose a high-quality patio door to make the most of your indoor and outdoor space. For all your exterior doors, consider security, size, style, climate, and exposure to sun and salt. San Diego’s mild year-round climate invites you to make the most of your outdoor space, so choose doors that make the transition from outside to inside with style.

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Milgard Doors for Your Exterior

There are several factors to consider when you choose to replace your exterior doors. Your home’s exterior doors say a lot about your family and lifestyle. They add to the beauty and design of your home.

Of course, doors serve practical purposes daily, letting in light, air, and visitors.  With all of these challenges in mind, you want doors that suit the architectural look of your home and your personal style.  Beyond that, you want your exterior doors to be secure.

Patio doors, especially older sliders are often difficult to secure. In fact, some doors open with a quick screwdriver to the latch or track.

Why take a chance with your home security? Keep your family home safe from burglary and intrusion. A high-quality Milgard door with solid materials and reinforced glass poses a challenge to criminals looking to get in.

Size Matters

For some homeowners, the very best exterior door is the one you can’t see. Wide open expanses of glass that slide away to combine indoor and outdoor space are ideal. A Moving Glass Wall System combines large spaces with ease.

Depending on your home’s architectural style, you may select patio sliders with nearly invisible aluminum framing or more traditionally styled fiberglass or vinyl french doors. No matter what size door, you can find a style that meets your needs.

Think about what needs to fit through the door too. Oftentimes, large or bulky appliances or furniture needs to move in or out of the house, and the front door won’t accommodate it. A ground level French door is a great alternative.

Sun, Sand and Sea Paradise for People, Not for Doors

San Diego is rightfully famous for lacking the weather extremes found in the rest of the country. However, just because cold weather is rare, don’t make the mistake that any patio door will do. Your patio doors must withstand San Diego’s heat, intense sun, and corrosive sea air.

A high-quality door is made to withstand the heat and humidity changes of the beach and inland desert weather. Milgard doors are solid and energy efficient. They insulate your home from drying Santa Ana winds, limit thermal transference, and limit the effects of weather on your power bill.

In San Diego, your material choices include cost-effective vinyl, sleek aluminum, and ultra-strong fiberglass. The materials used for your patio doors greatly affect their cost. All Milgard doors are durable, but the difference in lifespan between materials can be as much as 10 years.

Patio Door Materials Made to Last

Older patio sliders were often aluminum, which discolored and corroded over time. The metal scratched, discolored and peeled. The glass offered no thermal resistance and caused the house to overheat. There are several choices to replace them.

French doors have double-paned glass and an insulating air layer within the door. They limit the amount of heat transmission. Additionally, the resist temperature extremes.

Fiberglass can stand up to humidity, salt air, and sun. It can be painted or stained.  It has the longest lifetime warranty of all of the choices. Modern aluminum doors offer lightweight strength and clean lines.

New techniques ensure a long life for aluminum finishes. Aluminum doors have improved heat resistance in comparison to the past, but are not as energy efficient as insulated vinyl doors.

Less expensive than fiberglass, but still durable are vinyl patio doors. Vinyl patio doors do not peel, flake or corrode. It takes many years of intense sunlight to change their color or cause cracking. Vinyl never needs painting.

Choose Your Style

Milgard doors are available in contemporary and classic styles. You can choose replacement doors to harmonize with your windows. All styles offer your choice of neutral finishes. Depending on the material, painting or staining may be an option.

You have your choice of glass panels. You can choose double, triple or even quad paned glass for energy efficiency. Milgard offers several choices for tinting against solar gain and for privacy.

Exterior door replacement choices include sliders, French doors, whole wall systems from Milgard. There are options to suit the amount of light and air you want in your rooms.

Ask the Experts

US Window & Door is a Milgard Certified Dealer with decades of local experience. We offer some of the best Milgard doors at a competitive price. Our doors are backed by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty as well as your lifetime labor warranty.

We offer a free initial consultation to estimate the scope of the work and cost. This quote is always no-obligation. Our experts will provide education on the types of material available and guide you through the decision-making process to find your perfect solution.

Our installation team will work to make sure that all of your measurements are absolutely correct and that your doors and all supplies arrive on time. The installation techs will work cleanly and quickly to install your new doors.

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