Should You Replace Your Windows Before Selling Your Home?

Should You Replace Your Windows Before Selling Your Home?

January 23, 2023
Martin Whitmore, President of US Window & Door
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Selling your house is a big decision; if done correctly, it will bring you a fantastic return on your initial investment, and if done wrong, it will make you lose thousands of dollars. That’s why you should cautiously plan before selling your house; it is not something to do in haste. 

 It’s easy to know it’s time to replace your windows if they are broken, damaged, or outdated. But, should you replace your windows in San Diego before selling your home? In general, replacing your windows before selling your home is a good idea, but there are some things to consider. Here’s what to consider when you are determining whether you need a window replacement before putting your home on the market:

What Is Your Windows’ Current Condition?

One of the biggest considerations is the condition of your current home's windows. Are they outdated? Is there damage? Will the existing windows cause problems with the inspection? Will the current windows turn off potential buyers? These are all good reasons to replace your windows.

Before considering how much value windows add, think about how much value they might detract from. If your windows are in rough shape, buyers see immediate repairs and are likely to put in an offer under the asking price or ask you to repair or replace the windows before signing on the dotted line.

Old and broken windows can be a detriment to your sale:

  • Broken windows: Replace windows with broken or cracked glass, missing or broken locks, or windows that won’t open. Inoperable windows can even cause your home to fail inspection.
  • Old windows: Old windows with single-pane glass or worn seals are less energy efficient, allowing in more cold air during winter and more hot air in summer. This can increase energy costs over time that new buyers may not wish to inherit.

If you have outdated or damaged windows, it’s a good idea to replace them before selling your home. This is even more important if the state of your windows would be a red flag for potential buyers, lower your home’s value, or cause it to fail a home inspection.

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If your windows are in great shape or you’ve recently replaced them, you shouldn’t need to replace them again before putting your home on the market. Instead, you can save that budget for other necessary home improvements for your current home before it hits the market or for improvements to your new home.

Adding Value to Your Home

Most home buyers are willing to pay more for homes that have more energy-efficient features or enhance the design of the home. 

Depending on the quality and age of the windows on your property, it is possible that you may be having difficulties opening or closing your windows. This can prove to be a real pain in the neck when you want to clean them. With replacement windows, this will not be a problem anymore.

The old track systems are replaced by more easy-to-use options for effortless opening, not to mention the effortless use of latches that secure the windows when closed or opened. All these features promise to simplify the operation of your windows and generally improve your ease of life.

Stunning fiberglass windows from US Window and Door can drastically improve your home’s curb appeal, making a good impression on potential buyers as they approach the front door. fiberglass windows also offer a warm, appealing addition to the interior.

Aesthetic improvements may not directly add monetary value to your home, but they appeal to potential buyers and could act as the tipping point for your home to win favor over a similar house for sale in your neighborhood.

Focusing on Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a complex equation. Everything from the glass to the frames affects thermal performance. And the window itself must be expertly installed for it to reach peak efficiency.

Window labels and ratings offer up the information you need for comparing products. But there are certain window features that impact energy efficiency that aren’t easily explained on a sticker.

Fixed picture windows don’t offer any functionality. But when it comes to energy efficiency, that’s actually a good thing! Since you can’t open a picture window, you never break its airtight seal. No other window style can make that claim. 

Fixed windows are a great solution for parts of your home where you don’t need ventilation. Or in window combinations and a wall of windows where the airtight design can help keep large expanses of glass from feeling drafty.

While every window is clearly labeled with energy performance ratings based on National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) testing, only the most energy-efficient windows earn the coveted blue sticker from ENERGY STAR. ENERGY STAR windows are certified by the government and are based on performance ratings similar to NFRC. So if you see an ENERGY STAR logo, you know it’s a higher efficiency window than one without the star. 

Manufacturers found that adding another pane of glass provides extra insulation. In NFRC energy efficiency terms, it lowers both the U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SGHC). Today, insulated windows don’t just have extra panes of glass. Each window pane is separated by insulating gas, too. So triple-pane windows actually offer a total of five layers of insulation — two more than dual-pane windows and four more than single-pane windows — helping you eke even more energy efficiency out of your windows.

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Depending on the condition of your current windows and the efficiency rating of the replacements, you can save a good amount on your heating and cooling bills. This fact is very appealing to potential buyers who are interested in finding a home that will cost less to operate in the coming years.

Milgard is one manufacturer emphasizing efficiency to lower utility costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Many Weather Shield windows meet or exceed Energy Star standards for highly efficient windows.

Design Options

Replacement windows tend to improve the general appearance of your property greatly. Normally, freshly fitted windows have a cleaner glass with no stains, paint, or watermarks. No more having to worry about those ugly storm windows when guests drop by to say hi!

When it comes to a new look for windows, the outer framing can be covered with an aluminum coil that matches the color required by the buyer on the windows.

Aesthetically speaking, these windows also come in an array of fine colors. You even have the luxury of requesting color customization to blend the windows into the general home décor, enabling you to add a touch of interior design creativity. Keep in mind that home buyers are looking to buy a complete house that is ready to move in to avoid the hassle of hiring contractors to handle the finishing touches.

You’ll be glad to know that new windows, single and double glazed, come in a range of stylish designs that will make a great addition to your property. Whether you are considering wood, vinyl, or composite framework for your windows, there’s always a perfect option for you.

There are also many more modern styles that will give your home a contemporary feel or a conservative style for a more rustic touch. Depending on your taste and preferences, rest assured there is a new single or double-glazed window for all types of people.


The style and type of glazed windows can help ensure that less sound gets to penetrate from the outside to the inside, improving your peace and quiet inside your own home.

Any form of noise pollution can be reduced. Surely this will help if there is some ongoing construction project across the road from your property or your neighbors are having a party. New triple pane windows will give you an easy time to focus inside your home office or enjoy a calm siesta in the afternoon, free of any troublesome noises from outside.

Newer windows can help block out noise, depending on the type of windows you choose. If you live near a train, an airport, or a busy street, replacing windows with laminated glass, double-pane, or triple-pane windows can ease buyers’ worries.

Requires Less Maintenance 

Compared to the traditional design of windows, double-glazed options require fewer maintenance activities. The windows are made of high-quality glass that is high impact resistance and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

The frames are, therefore, less likely to warp, break, or develop mold. Not even termites stand a chance with some designs. This ensures that you won’t have to worry about constant fixes or replacements, keeping your maintenance costs at a minimum.

Improves Insulation 

The design of double-glazed windows comprises two glass panes that are spaced a few millimeters apart. A thin layer of air or special gas is blown into the existing vacuum between the panes to keep away moisture before being sealed.

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This trapped air acts as a great insulating barrier that regulates the temperature of your home’s interior. Hot weather remains outside during the summers, whereas cold weather is restricted to the outside during the winters.

This insulation is only possible if the space between the two window panes is completely moisture free. That’s why a special form of drying agent is applied when these windows are being produced.

What’s on the outside of the window pane matters, too. Low emissivity coating on the panes, often described as Low-E glass, helps boost thermal performance. Low-E glass helps block both ultraviolet and infrared light but lets in the visible light.

Infrared light is associated with heat energy. By blocking it out, Low-E windows help keep the heat from the sun from entering your home. There’s an obvious benefit to keeping the sun and heat out in the summer, but Low-E glass works the opposite way as well. In colder temps, it can actually reflect heat back into your home to help reduce heat loss and maintain efficiency.

Boosts Security 

Double-glazed windows also serve to boost the security of your home. Remember that thieves and intruders thrive in poorly secured homes with easy access points such as the traditional single-paned windows. Replacement windows are made of two panes made of strong and high-impact resistant glass that won’t easily break.

This is reinforced by advanced multi-point locking systems that can’t be routinely penetrated. All these security features ensure that your household is fully guarded when everybody is asleep or when the house is left unoccupied.

Protects Upholstery and Furniture 

The surface of window panes in these double-glazed designs is treated to keep off harmful UV rays. These rays tend to damage furniture, carpets, and any type of upholstery inside the house when allowed into the house. Double-glazed windows will ensure that the furnishings last you a lifetime and save you the cost of having to replace them due to color discoloration.

Choose US Window & Door for Window Replacement 

As an informed consumer, you will likely choose the most energy-efficient window options on the market that fit your budget. However, without proper installation, you might be throwing your money away. Proper installation of your windows will ensure that you get the most value and energy efficiency from your purchase.

If you decide to replace your windows before selling your home, it’s important to choose the best replacement window company. Milgard windows are unlike other vinyl replacement windows due to their superior structure and durability, which means they last longer than traditional vinyl windows. Unlike many window companies, Milgard windows are custom designed and custom made in the company’s own manufacturing facility. 

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If you’re ready to take advantage of the increased home value that comes from installing new windows, let US Window & Door take care of your window replacement needs. We carry products from a large selection of window manufacturers, including Weather Shield.

During the window selection process, we educate you on all your options to ensure you choose the best product for increasing home value. Once you’ve made your selection, we perform a professional installation to help your investment last for decades to come.

US Window and Door can supply you with options to meet all ENERGY STAR requirements and block UV rays more effectively than other glass. Windows that meet all ENERGY STAR requirements are appealing to potential home buyers and could be a deciding factor when buying. As the number one rated seller for Milgard windows, we can help you find the windows needed to improve your San Diego home’s value. 

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